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New Crafting change idea.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by eolsunder, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    Ok since I was bored I decided to repost my idea of making crafting alot more fun, detailed and with more features like creating your own weapons and armor. Now take this with a grain of salt, I haven't did much update on it since I did it origionally, but most of the ideas are still there. Many are in similiar games where crafting items are detailed and extremely fun.

    Creating weapons and armor

    This is the major new work, the ability to crate weapons and armor that you want, for a price. In order to create items, you must have ingredients that are used to produce special abilities. Creating is 100%, you don't have a chance to fail making an item, but the quality of the item is based on your crafting level and the price.


    This is general layout of the crafting menu. A new button on your gump opens up the crafting table. The table consists of 100 spaces (10x10). As you drag and drop items onto the table, they take up slots. You can pick the type of weapon you want to craft. As items are added to the table, the costs goes up depending on the amount of items, and abilities go up depending on the rarity of the ingredients. Basic items take up more slots and produce lesser effects, while rare items are needed for the truely great items. A weapon or armor can have 6 properties maximum.

    The number of table slots you can fill depends on your crafting level. For smithing and tailoring its max skill -20. Thus at 50 crafting you have 30 slots open and at 120 you have all 100 table slots open. For other skills that have 100 max skill, its equal to the skill level. (fletching, carpentry,etc). The next picture shows a table for a GM smith. Notice that 20 spaces are blacked out since you don't have the level to use them.


    Now. The more items you place on the table, the more expensive the item will become. The general idea of the crating system is to have a 5 property item, with abilities that take up about 20 spaces each. Highest quality of course.

    So, lets take a weapon you want to have

    A pvp warfork

    30 ssi
    40 di
    50 hit lightning
    50 hit lower defense
    50 hit stamina leech

    Hey, the ultimate pvp fork! So, figuring this, we need to figure out what the BEST ingredients would produce.

    Hit lighting 50. Takes 20 spaces, thus each space is about 2.5 hit lightning. So lets figure a rare ingredient, say a taint, takes up 1 space and provides 2 hith lightning. Dropping 20 taints onto the table will take up 20 spaces and provide 40 hit lighting for your weapon. If you want, you can drop 40 taints and take up 40 spaces, giving your weapon 80 hit lighting. Or go for the gold with 100 hit lightning for 50 spaces (though thats half your table).

    You will have items through out the land which provide varying levels for each ability. Some easy to get items will give minimal bonus, rare items giving higher. You can even make unique or super rare items giving great benefits. Heck, maybe dropping a +20 magery PS on the table might add something nice to that armor suit <grin>.


    You can see here, you decide to drop a helmet onto the table. Different ones would give different benefits. A basic storebought helm wouldn't do alot, but dropping a samurai helm might add in better benefits. Opens up a whole world of fun stuff you can create. A even nicer idea would be to create unique items when combinations of items are put on the table. Maybe dropping 10 windsong bows on the table would let you create a new, stronger windsong bow. We know many artifacts and minors are pretty much useless with their power, this way ones you actually use can be made.

    As for pricing, thats something I still have to find the forumla. I made up a basic formula but havent' found it yet. I know generally that cost depends mainly on the amount of squares you fill. In general..

    1-10 squares 500 gold each
    11-20 1k each
    21-30 2k each
    31-40 5k each
    41-50 10k each
    51-60 25k each
    61-70 75k each
    71-80 150k each
    81-90 250k each
    91-100 500k each

    These are adjusted based on the size of the ingredient. larger basic ingredients lower the price, while rare one space ingredients would keep it equal, or even raise it.

    So, let say you want to make a viking sword with 30 ssi and 40 di. With great ingredients this takes up 40 spaces (20 for 30ssi, 20 for 40di). Cost not including ingredients 85k. Now, you want to add in Dragonslayer property (20 spaces). Cost rises to about 435k. So you now have a 30 ssi/40 di dragonslayer viking sword that costs 435,000 to make not including getting the ingredients.

    You want to upgrade it to a reptile slayer (takes 40 spaces instead of 20 for a regular slayer). thats 80 spaces to make the weapon (requiring 100+ smithing skill). Cost is now about 2.7 mil for your 30 ssi/40 di reptile slayer viking sword. But wait, you want to go for the big money. You have 20 free spaces. You can boost ssi another 30 points, di another 40 points, or throw in 40 mana leech. So paying out about 10 million gold, you now have..

    Reptile slayer viking sword. 60 ssi, 40 di.
    or 30 ssi, 40 di, and 40 mana leech.

    You get the idea. Just something to think about. Note this would be using rare ingredients to make, which would actually make the cost more.
  2. Harlequin

    Harlequin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hey, cool idea! Very well thought out too.

    I would suggest that it instead of relying on just skill, have runics add a certain amount of base slots too. And extra bonus for elder/lengendary crafters.

    Needs a deeper look into balance though, or there's gonna be some cries of it be overpowered and accessible for the uber rich. But I really have a problem with a 100 luck coming up on a non-spined/gold item. I mean if I were gunning for luck, I would really want that 100 luck on a spined/gold item...
  3. Hunters Moon

    Hunters Moon Guest

    I am loving this idea. UO has always been about customization,so why not allow crafters to make armor and weapons that are just as good or even better than most arties? Balance? Loot spawn farmers get has always been better than what my crafter could make(cookie-cutter weapons and armor). Isn't it our turn to be in the spotlight,even if it has a high price tag?
  4. eolsunder

    eolsunder Guest

    Well the high priced weapons have to be for the rich, you don't want to hand out 5 high property weapons like candy. As you can see a high 5 mod weapon will run you easily 15+ mil or so.

    I wouldn't change runic stuff because that way of making items is ok. No need to take out the current crafting stuff for this, this is just an add-on. The extra "bonus" for elder/lengendary crafters is the ability to add more stuff to weapons. A Gm smith could have max 4 properties, while you'd need a legendary smith for 5.

    Plus you could tailor your weapons anyway you want. It might be cheaper to get a weapon thats "ok" for your character, but getting exactly what weapon you want should cost money (or armor of course).

    Some other features could be..

    1) Changing armor into other armor. wouldn't change the armor properties and would keep abilties, so that if you have a good suit, you could tailor that suit into a outfit you really like but keep the same mods. Have a norse helm with great mods? just recraft it into a regular helmet, or a plate helm.

    This would be nice because you could spread ingredients about to many monsters, and give people incentive to hunt ones that normally aren't hunted at all. Plus many items that are pretty much junk and never touched could be used. Coil fangs.. yep, they can add in hit poison area on crafted weapons. Or you can throw in poison potions for low level hit poison area, and maybe that Purifier evil green demon jolly green giant might carry a rare hit-poison-area ingredient.
  5. mmmbeer

    mmmbeer Guest

    not so new....

    its called targeted crafting...no matter what the implementation

  6. I don't like your idea, but I do like that line.