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~ NEW FAQ Builder Thread ~

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's time /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Some of you have already forwarded info to me - and I appreciate it very much! That info should be making an appearence here in just the next few days.

    I invite everyone to post here any info you may have or ideas and suggestions for content.

    As info gets posted here, I will rework it into a final FAQ thread.

    Some ideas for content that have been presented:
    <ul>[*]PvM and PvP Template threads - I am working on this now, and also would like to get some Doom templates posted.[*]UO Assist macros - Share yours![*]Stat/Skill gain info - I have some...more would be appreciated[*]Weapon/Armor guides - I have links I will post to a few that I think are useful[/list]

    In case it is needed, here is a link to the old FAQ Builder Thread.

    Again, please post any other 'stuffs' you all may have!! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Below is a guide to gaining skill in archery, fencing, mace fighting, swordsmanship, tactics, and wrestling. This guide was created for those of you that wish to gain in one of those listed skills at a fast pace. In order to use this guide successfully you must first understand it. So, here’s how it works:
    <ul>[*]The first number listed is the skill level at which you should start fighting the listed creatures. [*]The second number is the skill level at which you will normally stop getting fast gains. [/list] As you can see each skill level range starts somewhere in-between the skill level range above it.

    (For example: the first line "30.0 - 50.4" and the second line "36.7 - 55.9").

    The reason why this is done that way is because you should <font color=red>always</font color=red> move to the next line as soon as you can. This will provide the fastest gains possible. Yet, if you are having trouble you can always move back to a skill level range that your skill level fits in.

    Weapons are also a huge factor in training your skill. When training you do not want to use any weapon that does any extra damage. Your best bet is to buy your weapons from NPCs in town. You also want to use a weapon that hits fast - the faster you hit the faster you gain. Below I have listed the best weapons you should use for the weapon skills. Also, if you can find one of these weapons with Swing Speed Increase you should use it.

    Archery:<font color=8B1A1A> Repeating Crossbow</font color=8B1A1A>
    Fencing:<font color=8B1A1A> Dagger</font color=8B1A1A>
    Mace Fighting:<font color=8B1A1A> Quarterstaff</font color=8B1A1A> -
    (if you need a one-handed weapon use a Club)
    Swordsmanship:<font color=8B1A1A> Butcher knife, Skinning Knife</font color=8B1A1A> -
    (if you need an axe use a Hatchet)[/b]

    It is easier for a warrior to train on creatures that do not use poisoning attacks, some special attacks, ranged attacks, cast magic, are only found in Felucca, and/or can be found only by specific means (as in using a gargoyle pick axe to get elementals, or casting spells to get summons). So, if a creature has/does any of those things it was not listed. I also did not list negative karma creatures.

    <font color=8B1A1A>30.0 - 46.9</font color=8B1A1A> - Headless One, Horde Minion
    <font color=8B1A1A>35.0 - 53.6</font color=8B1A1A> - Deathwatch Beetle Hatchling
    <font color=8B1A1A>36.7 - 55.9</font color=8B1A1A> - Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Giant Rat, Mountain Goat
    <font color=8B1A1A>38.7 - 58.6</font color=8B1A1A> - Great Hart
    <font color=8B1A1A>40.1 - 60.5</font color=8B1A1A> - Ridgeback, Savage Ridgeback
    <font color=8B1A1A>42.6 - 63.8</font color=8B1A1A> - Mummy, Vampire Bat, Zombie
    <font color=8B1A1A>45.1 - 67.2</font color=8B1A1A> - Snow Leopard, Terathan Drone
    <font color=8B1A1A>46.7 - 69.3</font color=8B1A1A> - Ice Snake
    <font color=8B1A1A>48.8 - 72.1</font color=8B1A1A> - Bull
    <font color=8B1A1A>50.0 - 73.7</font color=8B1A1A> - Plague Spawn
    <font color=8B1A1A>50.1 - 73.9</font color=8B1A1A> - Alligator, Black Bear, Bogling, Brown Bear, Bullfrog, Giant Toad, Ghoul, Skeleton, Skittering Hopper, Timber Wolf
    <font color=8B1A1A>52.6 - 77.2</font color=8B1A1A> - Corpser, Cougar, Grey Wolf, White Wolf
    <font color=8B1A1A>55.1 - 80.6</font color=8B1A1A> - Ettin, Gaman
    <font color=8B1A1A>57.6 - 83.9</font color=8B1A1A> - Frost Spider, Grizzly Bear, Panther, Polar Bear
    <font color=8B1A1A>60.0 - 87.1</font color=8B1A1A> - Red Solen Worker
    <font color=8B1A1A>60.1 - 87.3</font color=8B1A1A> - Enslaved Gargoyle, Lizardman, Orc, Troll,
    <font color=8B1A1A>62.6 - 90.6</font color=8B1A1A> - Ratman
    <font color=8B1A1A>65.1 - 94.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Bogling
    <font color=8B1A1A>70.0 - 100.5</font color=8B1A1A> - Gazer Larva
    <font color=8B1A1A>70.1 - 100.7</font color=8B1A1A> - Dire Wolf, Giant Ice Serpent, Lava Lizard
    <font color=8B1A1A>72.6 - 104.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Orc Chopper, Orcish Lord, Swamp Tentacle
    <font color=8B1A1A>75.1 - 107.4</font color=8B1A1A> - Harpy, Ogre
    <font color=8B1A1A>80.0 - 113.9</font color=8B1A1A> - Black Solen Infiltrator (Warrior)
    <font color=8B1A1A>80.1 - 114.1</font color=8B1A1A> - Dull Copper Elemental, Earth Elemental, Stone Gargoyle
    <font color=8B1A1A>85.1 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Cyclopian Warrior, Doppleganger, Juka Warrior, Stone Harpy, Terathan Warrior
    <font color=8B1A1A>86.7 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Frenzied Ostard
    <font color=8B1A1A>90.0 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Black Solen Infiltrator (Queen)
    <font color=8B1A1A>90.1 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Bone Knight, Frost Troll, Skeletal Knight
    <font color=8B1A1A>95.1 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Artic Ogre Lord, Ogre Lord
    <font color=8B1A1A>100.0 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - Giant Beetle, Fire Beetle, Plague Beast Lord[/b]
    <font color=8B1A1A>110.0 - 120.0 </font color=8B1A1A> - Hiryu, Lesser Hiryu

    There are also other ways to gain skill. If you prefer a safer way (although much slower) I would recommend hiring and fighting the NPCs in the Jhelom Pit. Best things about this method is you can raise healing along with it by healing your NPC, can keep them alive longer by healing them, and can make them stop by switching out of war mode and saying "all guard me" a few times. Just follow the chart below using the same rules as on the above chart.

    <font color=8B1A1A>30.0 - 60.0</font color=8B1A1A> - 6gp Wrestlers
    <font color=8B1A1A>60.0 - 85.0</font color=8B1A1A> - 8gp Wrestlers
    <font color=8B1A1A>70.0 - 100.0</font color=8B1A1A> - 7gp Fighters
    <font color=8B1A1A>85.0 - 120.0</font color=8B1A1A> - 8gp Fighters

    Good luck!

    * Thanks goes to EliteXGamer for this guide.
    <ul> The previous version of this guide can be found here.
  3. Dra'nath

    Dra'nath Guest

    Use greater agility pots and, if you're a paladin, the divine fury spell as much as possible. They will boost your swing rate/chance of hitting and hence gain rate. I carry a whole keg around with me when training and am constantly at +20 dexterity, with divine fury constantly going. It helps a lot.
  4. exwhyze

    exwhyze Guest

    For Mace Fighters with the Samurai Empire expansion, use Tessens (fans) for your training. Storebought Tessens are faster, more durable, and less damaging than quarterstaffs.
  5. bbr

    bbr Guest

  6. Parry Gain Log (110-120)

    I've seen posts about gaining parry at Jhelom farm. That didn't work well for me, here's what did. Character also had 100 Bushido, and 100 Dex.

    500 Bandaids
    Bag full of Armor (high physical resist stuff... anytype, self repair preferred)
    2 Shields
    2 low end weps (off-skill... e.g. butcher knife if macer)
    Swamp Dragon with Barding Deed
    Spare Barding deeds

    What to do
    Go to Covetus Level 1
    Equip Shield
    Attack 8 harpies... or as many as you can stand
    Heal... heal... heal
    Swap out armor as it nears 0/0
    Replace barding deed on swampy as necessary

    This method took me less than 2 hours. It's basically the same way we used to gain Parry many moons ago... still works well. Once I got to 119, I used the off-skill weps (because of the bushido). I didn't use the weps much because I didn't want to kill the harpies... cycle through your targets to not kill them.

    Happy hunting!
  7. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    30.0 - 60.0 - 6gp Wrestlers
    60.0 - 85.0 - 8gp Wrestlers
    70.0 - 100.0 - 7gp Fighters
    85.0 - 120.0 - 8gp Fighters

    [/ QUOTE ]

    that is good, except for the high end.
    it WILL get you to 120, but its slow slow SLOW.

    what you should do at about 95 - 100 is switch over to the paladins that you can hire in trinsic.
    they are the exact same as the fighters but they have higher skill so you can gain faster at higher levels off them.
    ive done it with both 8 gold fighters and paladins and paladins will get you to 110 and 120 about 4X as fast.

    thought id pass that along for the FAQ.

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We need the swing speed charts here.
  9. the problem in skilling a warrior is just above 100 skill... i suggest another type of monster that could be the best: Yomotsu warrior (south-west of hom. gate in tokuno, near the mines). It has 98-108 of wrestling and good resists (like a punching bag) you can raise all the skills together to 120 if you arrive around 100 with all of them.
  10. other quick tips for warrior trainers:
    - always use fast weapon the faster is the better is, 1,25 delay the best
    - always have 45% Hit chance so you can hit more often and gains are on hits
    - use 0 defence chance suit when skilling Parryng for inverse reasons
    - watch out for the durability of your equipment, don't use your best suit because reapiring it often it lose durability
    - don't raise a skill before than another, the gains are the same, you waste time and, because the monster have balanced skills (little difference between skills) you risk to go search weaker monsters to skill tactics if you have raise sword before (for ex.)
    - always have high stamina use divine fury, stamina regeneration or potions

    ps: NEVER attack an Hiryu unless you have at least 115 weap skill and a very good suit: it can kill you in 1-2 shoots. Lesser Hiryu are very useful, instead, but they are difficult to find alone... i think Yomotsu warrior are really the best to train between 95 and 115 of skill