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New Guild- Xshard to Legends

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Rooster^^, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Rooster^^

    Rooster^^ Guest

    Hello again Napa Valley

    A new guild is forming on Napa Valley for an upcomming shard tour, probably starting with Legends.

    Im posting here because many of you remember myself, Aia, Avatar of Woe and RudeX from forming our guild, [email protected], on Napa a few years ago.

    For those of you interested in leaving your current guilds, and shard, for an opportunity to play with some of the most organized and seasoned PK's in the game then think seriously about purchasing an xfer token or two.

    I have been to many different shards and fought with many of you reading this, and all I can do is tell you that I have never enjoyed the game more than when I found myself on a new shard, playing against new faces and learning that while you may easily be hot **** on your server, its quite possible that you are just another meat sheild on someone elses server, and I encourage all of you who are willing to meet the following criteria to find out how you stack up....
    Mages preffered
    Only looking for RED characters- The only blues in the guild will be for dropping champs.
    All members must wear the same clothing and color.
    Must be satisfactory in a Duel AND on the Field.
    No archers, and ONLY recruiting dexxers that are capable of rezzing and some type of area effect damage.
    MUST have runes to and working knowledge of ALL spawns
    Team speak is required. (We WILL NOT be using Vent)
    UOAM Required
    2 Bonded swampys or bonded hyrus, no etheys,no horses,no llamas etc
    Active for power hour

    I will not provide Xfer tokens, however all stats and scrolls will be rolled for. No DKP systems.

    PMs or post.
  2. Rooster^^

    Rooster^^ Guest

    Just wanted to thank those of you who have inquired so far for doing so, I've recieved alot of responses from alot of veterans ive known for years-

    Im waiting to get some sort of leadership in place before I reactivate and begin recruiting but I just wanted to thank you all for your overwhelming PM response =o)
  3. Vision

    Vision Guest

    Let me know how it's going. I'm sure there are a few people in NNUC along with myself that wouldn't mind taking chars over there for a scenery change.