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New Haven [RBGH] Information and FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Corvak, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Corvak

    Corvak Guest

    (In the OOC forum since i'm going to talk about some game mechanics. I was going to drop this, but have been encouraged to continue on with it.)

    Why create another Haven RBG? Isn't it in the faction guild?
    With the current split among the community as to the effectiveness and validity of factions in an RP setting, I have decided to create a Non-Faction Haven regiment, to allow anyone to join.

    Members of the community, and our EM team have expressed concern regarding factions, and that they may exclude some, and I feel this is one way to solve that problem.

    How does interaction with Haven work, if it's members are split across two guilds?
    When In-Character, members within factions who are in the Haven regiment are treated the same as those not in factions. In non-PvP RP, the guild tag is essentially ignored.

    I understand that this may cause RP-PvP conflicts when it comes to the highlight system - that you must highlight two guilds, but I do not wish to alienate anyone from joining Haven, including those who are members in the faction guild.

    How do I join?
    Post here, on the Catskills board, or find me ingame. If you wish to do it IC, for example, make an IC post wherein you send me a letter, or just hang around haven until you see one of us.

    Are there any rules?

    - Keep it civil and respectful. Bringing OOC drama in here is an absolute no. If you're the alt of someone, and you start fights with the alt of someone you don't like, i'll kick you both. RBG is about shard unity, not petty infighting.

    - Clean language. Open to everyone means open to younger players as well.

    - No OOC killing. You may spar or duel, but only if it's a result of an RP interaction, or you agree to it first.

    - Felucca: Let the game mechanics be your guide. Fel is a PvP area, know that before you enter.

    I want a highlight. What are your Rules of Engagement?
    I haven't written any at this time. I daresay they will be in-line with the majority of the shard's RP guilds. I am of course open to advice regarding RoEs.