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New Hunter with ?'s

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Guest, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am new to WoW. My first character is a Hunter (Night Elf)
    What type of pet is desirable for her class/race ?
  2. Your pet has allmost nothing to do with your race. Picking a pet is based on what you want to do.

    1. PvE Starting Out: Get a boar. They are well rounded as to armor and damage output.

    2. PvE Level 40+: It's about time to get rid of that boar and get a tanking pet. Most people get a bear but they are massive and just get in the way in instances. A better choice is the crabs just east of Booty Bay. They are just as good of tanks as bears but are smaller and low to the ground makeing it easy to see and target near them unlike bears.

    3. PvP: For Player Vs. Player you want a fast high damage pet and cat type pets fit this.

    At the lower levels, Warsong level 10-19, The Rake is the best choice. The Rake was nerfed on damage but still has a fast attack speed usefull for interrupting spell casters. The Rake is something like level 12 and is found northeast of Thunder Bluff. It will be hard for a low level alliance to make to his spawning ground but worth it if your going to spend a lot of time in the level 10-19 warsong.

    Im no Hunter expert so im sure others will have "uber" pets they think is best but this should get you started.
  3. Sabryn

    Sabryn Guest

    I am a newbie Hunter, only level 22... And I have read everywhere that your pet type doesn't matter, then I am reading here that it does? Some tank better than others and some are more dps? I currently have a cat as a pet, I don't solo very much, mostly duo with a druid.

    Also, I come from EQ, what should I be looking for when it comes to gear what stats?