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New Improved (Hopefully)8x8-How to do it Post

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Scar Tissue, Sep 20, 2000.

  1. Scar Tissue

    Scar Tissue Guest

    So, here's how i get 8x8 to work. Please Kofu can you add this to the FAQ as it is certainly a Frequently asked question!

    OK, Some starting points on various things that may not be known.

    1:) Power hour is the 1st hour a Character (not an account, it is per character) logs on AFTER midnight LOCAL server time. e.g, i play AOL legends, it is hosted in NY state so Midnight EST is the power hour reset time.

    2:) UO-Automap is a FREE download from Stratics reached from here: http://uo.stratics.com/uoam/index.html

    4:) The Red grid squares shown on the above web page are NOT in the downloaded program, all grid lines are WHITE, the red lines are used to emphasise the grids as an example on the web page.

    5:) You can cast on yourself (and take damage obviously), the Tillerman or a Crystal ball. Tillerman and Crystal Ball casting does not show a graphic for a successfully cast spell, but mana is used up. Any casting attempt uses up regs, success or fizzle.

    OK, now on to what you'll need to have before a new days power hour:

    Regs, and lots of them. (types detailed later)
    A Boat. (it DOES work on land, but is far easier at sea)
    A spellbook with at least Energy Bolt, Flamestrike and, ideally, Earthquake. The more other spells the better.
    A copy of UOAutomap with the 8x8 Resource squares shown

    Armed with the above you are ready to commence.

    I find Moonglow is the best place to start, go to the SE corner and get in the boat. Raise the anchor and set a Macro to Say "Forward One" and another to say "Left One". Face the boat South and centre yourself in the resource square that is best viewed in UOAM at 2x Zoom.

    At 50-63ish skill (magery) cast Energy Bolts on either the Tillerman, yourself or even a friend. You'll need around 300 each of Black Pearl and Nightshade for this.

    You will fizzle as your magery is low, but cast up to 3 times and see if you get a gain. If not, go "Left One" 8 times. UOAM will confirm you are centered in the next resource square, but if you haven't got it just make sure you use the macro with a short delay to make sure each move is registered by the tillerman.

    Alternatively you can "Drift" left/East and have "Stop" pretyped for when you get a gain. This is easier to do, but you can miss a gain run due to being out of mana as you pass over it.

    Cast again up to 3 times. Any gain? If not, repeat until you get a gain by continuing Left (West to East) until you do. Again, if "drift"ing then you don't have to stop in each square and cast 3 times, but be poised to stop when you do gain. Some prefer casting just once per square before moving on. How you do it doesn't really matter as you're after the 1st gain spot. Use whatever works for you.

    When you do gain then go "Forward One" 8 times to go to the resource Square to the South of the original Gain spot. Cast again up to 3 times and you should gain. If you fail to gain then go "Back One" 16 times. In other words, to the resource square that is North of the Original Gain spot and try there. You WILL gain at either the North or South resource square from the original spot.

    At lower magery levels you will always fizzle and will gain skill during power hour from this. Once you start a run and find which way the run is going (North-South or South-North) then just follow the same direction casting up to 3 times in each resource square, basically cast until you gain or have cast 3 successful spells.

    A run can keep you going all power hour (very unlikely at over 75 skill though), but may occasionally skip a resource square or double back. If you cast a max of 3 times per square you should always gain, but if not, go 1 resource square further on and try there, if nothing, go back to the last gain square and then ANOTHER square back in the direction you came from. Some of the time the "run" has changed direction or skipped a square rather than just run dry...

    If done correctly you should get to maybe 65 Magery from 50 in the 1st power hour and will find the 1st gain spot very fast as you are at low magery. I would guess around 300-400 of Black Pearl and Nightshade would be sufficient to achieve this. If a run does end, then recommence the "left one"/"Drift left" method to find a new run.

    When you have finished for the 1st power hour, i advise swapping to Flamestrikes as you'll probably be at around the 65 Skill mark and will be succeeding with Energy Bolts and using up Mana. Flamestrikes require Sulphurus Ash and Spidersilk to cast and i advise 300-400 of each for the next Power hour.

    Next power hour do the same method with Flamestrikes and you should go to anywhere around 75-80 skill providing the run is a good one. After around the 72-73 skill mark you'll start to slow down as FS will be casting occasionally. If you have Earthquake then swap to that as you can gain off of fizzles until around 81 skill from that. It is possible to GM off of FS, but it will take longer as the mana needs to be regened which takes time (but builds Meditation skill).

    If you use earthquakes (not sure of regs off hand) then continue with them until GM in the 3rd power hour, but once you go over 85 Skill the casting success gets better and you'll have to stop and regen mana pretty often. This slows it down a lot.

    If done correctly then it is possible to GM in 4 power hours, but requires the regs to be pre-bought. Logging out at Moonglow SE corner with Regs and Boat is probably a good plan to maximise the Power hour usage.

    This 8x8 Method will work for Eval Int, Meditation (passive med is best and a "slow forward" command whilst casting to keep mana used up is VERY fast for GM'ing, maybe even possible to get GM in 1 hour!), Resist (hard to be sure on this, but i think it works, but hard if casting on yourself), Healing (again, hard to get, especially at higher skill (78 )), Musicianship based skills, Hiding, Maybe Stealth (not personally tested yet) and pretty much any other skill subject to the Anti Macro Codes that isn't Target based.

    If it doesn't work for you at High skill levels then do not assume it has been "nerfed" by OSI. The resource squares are tied to the Anti Macro coding and cannot be changed without a patch. IF, and i say IF, it is nerfed, expect ALL skills to become REALLY hard to gain.

    Any time you spend a power hour trying it and it fails then you've just been unlucky (or are doing it wrong). The gains are not guaranteed, but experience tells me it works well 90 % of the time. Simply wait a day or 2 and try again after doing other things. Finding the 1st gain is the key at higher levels and often takes 30 mins plus at 95 skill.

    Note that skills are harder to gain if everyone else has them so a packed Shard will be harder to GM on than a quieter one.

    If you are lucky you'll get a run that gives gains in multiple skills. I often got Eval Int, Magery and resist when i was using it, but the resist obviously requires a successfully cast spell on you to gain.

    For resist concious mages try casting Energy Bolt until 75 magery and swapping to FS after that. Always cast on yourself and use healing to bandage yourself if you haven't a healer friend to do it for you. Wasting regs on Magery Heals is unwise as it uses up mana and costs a lot more.

    I think that covers it, but let me know if i missed anything. Also note that this is what *I* do to get it working and on my sparsely populated Shard it works wonders.

    According to OSI this is NOT an exploit or Bug. It is "using the games mechanics to maximise skill gains" and is not really liked by GM's, but they can't do anything about it. Before Anti macro Coding was introduced we had unnattended Macro'ers gaining Magery etc, now we have 8x8...OSI don't seem to bright to me, but at least we Mage's can, if we choose to, gain skills as fast as the poxy dexers!

    Last note, it is NOT much fun, it IS antisocial (unless you have mates along for the ride), but it does the job damn fast! I reckon 2K of BP, NS, SA and SS would allow you to GM. If you use Earthquake then reduce SA and SS regs and add 2K of each of the EQ regs. This is actually a conservative estimate, so maybe you can do it with less...I'd be surprised if it took more, but on full shards it may do.

    Anyone who is unclear or can't get it to work then please Re-Read the post and try again. If you still get no joy then send me a Private and i will try and help you.

    Scar Tissue

    Are Avengers hard? <**Whack**> "You begin to spasm uncontrollably" Ahh...<swigs Cure potion> "the potion has not cured the poison"
    OooO ooO<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by Kofu on 11/23/00 10:04 AM.</FONT></P>
  2. noto

    noto Guest

    hmm, lets keep it on top then

    *Sometimes its best to leave sleeping dragons lay*
  3. but this'll have to do.

    *hands scar the well written post merit badge*

    [​IMG]The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
  4. Balrog

    Balrog Guest

    [nt] = No Text

  5. I never thought I would say this, but I might try it.

    *frustrated with 0,1 gains/hour casting ele's*

    *you start taming a drake*
    You seem to anger the beast

    <font color=blue>Saint-Germain</font color=blue>, Warlock of the Lost Order
    <font color=green>Karach Dalan'Hal</font color=green>, Lousy Fencer
  6. OK this is very good...no BLOODY good.

    47.2 to 65.1 in a power hour using your 8x8 method. Jesus it took me shed loads of regs to get to this level before. I hope the run continues over the next few days.

    Thx! *bows in honour*

    <font color=red> ...The Ice Fear is cold, Luxor is slightly afraid... <font color=red>
  7. Vespy

    Vespy Guest

    One of the clearest 8*8 methods I have seen.
    I would like to add that you do not need a "resourse square map" or whatever it is.. If you simply sail as you would if you had a map, and when you gain, use the automaps "drop/pickup marker feature" and simply make sure that you are some increment of 8. it also helps you to document run lengths if you are interested in doing so. ( i have plotted several maps of all kinds of gain )

    And just a tip, although the wrong forum, if you want heal, res people in the 8*8. I have GM'd heal with and without anatomy ressing a Low str ghost using the 8*8. (although the non-anats have never actually succeeded in ressing)
  8. Beouvle

    Beouvle Guest

    It took me a while, but I GMed medit with your advice =)

    now to work on Eval =(

    My opinions are not encumbered by silly things like the "Thought Process"
  9. Merlin [TOR]

    Merlin [TOR] Guest

    I have done EVERYTHING exactly how you have said, I even went to moonglow to do this. I don't gain ANYTHING in magery and my skill is about 95.8.... I dont even gain resist when I cast Energy bolts on myself. What could be wrong!?
  10. Vesuvius GL

    Vesuvius GL Guest

    hate to say it but...do you have any skill arrows turned down by any chance? Might wanna check it I think all of us have done that a time or two before :)

    *you start to tame a dragon*....*you anger the beast*...."woah big fella, I was just kidding about all that will you be my friend stuff"......ROAR POOF...."oOOooOO OOooOO!!"
  11. Thunder5

    Thunder5 Guest

    Hey scar, thanks for your post!

    I have one question about 8*8.

    In your post you say that the runs run from North to South. Meaning that you find one by going East then, once found, you gain on the run that lays out on the map North-South.

    My question, do runs run East and West at all?
  12. Merlin [TOR]

    Merlin [TOR] Guest

    Nopers, magery and eval and all the skills i want are up, and all the skills i dont need are down. Doesn't make sense, when im on with my fisher i gain like MAD! any other ideas man?
  13. Kofu

    Kofu Guest

    well did you check if the skills that you dont need have "real" skillpoints left? they can be set to down but be at 0 real skill and still display some "shown" skill.

    if want to test this just put 1 skjill to up that is 0 and use it if it gives gain you know you got your skills set right if it doesn't get up you have to recheck all your skills.

    <center><font color=red>King Kofu - FounderOrder of the Ebon Hand Europa</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Miss Steel - </font color=blue>Owner of the Pot Shop (Vesper)Felucca /forum_images/uo/icons/biggrin.gif
  14. Scar Tissue

    Scar Tissue Guest

    All run's are North/South or South/North. At low skill you may get a East-west run, but this will be down to the lucky occasion you get 2 North/South runs next to each other.

    Scar Tissue

    Are Avengers hard? &lt;**Whack**&gt; "You begin to spasm uncontrollably" Ahh...&lt;swigs Cure potion&gt; "the potion has not cured the poison"
    OooO ooO
  15. Merlin [TOR]

    Merlin [TOR] Guest

    yup yup i got tons of skills left cuz i been gaining evaluate when im out hunting.... is there any other solution?
  16. Kofu

    Kofu Guest

    mmh just die once :) and see if it helps, else you are just unlucky just cast EQ or any other lvl 8 spell during phour you should gain

    <center><font color=red>King Kofu - FounderOrder of the Ebon Hand Europa</font color=red>
    <font color=blue>Miss Steel - </font color=blue>Owner of the Pot Shop (Vesper)Felucca /forum_images/uo/icons/biggrin.gif
  17. Ixxy

    Ixxy Guest

    Merlin you said you cast Energie Bolt? Personally when I was at 95 I didn't gain from a lower spell like energie bolt. Just do eartquake, best spell to use for high magery 8x8. :)

    Life is as long as you play it
  18. First time I went from 86.5 to 87.6, far better than any other increase I've had at this level. But second time I tried I found resource squares and only my med and ei increased, except for one time I got a .1 increase. I locked med and ei and got no increases until I unlocked med and ei then I only got the med and ei increases like before, ei is 50.3 and med is 80.1. Anyone experience this phenomenon?
  19. Merlin [TOR]

    Merlin [TOR] Guest

    Actually i gained a .1 every PHour, so where I gained,, then did forward one eight times, that is where i stopped gaining... So i gained, forward one eight times, no gain, went left eight, and kept doing it like that. BUT! What I have found to work GREAT for me was, gain, forward eight and keep doing that, no matter if I don't gain within two resource tiles. Now when I dont gain for more then two tiles I then go right two tiles, forward until I am lined up two tiles away from my 1st gain, then go left eight, no gain, left eight, no gain left eight onto my first gain spot. At that point I start gaining like mad and its awesome. Maybe Scar could add that to his 8x8 =) ThX FoR AlL the HeLp!
  20. Merlin [TOR]

    Merlin [TOR] Guest

    LOL no no I only casted EB to gain a resist point... =) other than that i do FS, EV, EQ and all summon spells
  21. Well I guess I was just unlucky the last time I did 8x8, cause when I did it this Morning I went up to 89.1, nearly a 2 point increase, and i gained ei also every single time, i just worked the same resource colum north and south and my column never ran out, I just had to quit to go to work... so for those of you who havent had 8x8 be real sucessful, dont give up. it does work.
    now i gotta work on resist. does casting on yerself only work on felucia these days?
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    man i still have a prob im 97 magery and cant find a spot to save my mana?hehe pls help!

    Krypt III
    GrandMaster Smith UBB
  23. ffmaniac

    ffmaniac Guest

    What is this 8x8 thing i've been hearing alot about?im at 90.9 magery and want to gm it quickly im getting tired of playing 4 hours a night and only gaining .2 sometimes not even that.

    tank mage
  24. SnotSlinger

    SnotSlinger Guest

    Don't shoot the msger.
    I have been pondering this for a while..
    OSI put the antimacroing code in for a reason.
    What I am hearing now are ways around it. If this is the case it would indeed be an exploit.
    Hell, if it was up to me I would put back in macroing rather than this power hrs BS. I know I was able to play more when macroing was in place. Now I spend the limited play time I have massing around with skills and stats.
  25. Bidwell

    Bidwell Guest

    Ok I just read on the UO forums that 8 x 8 had been fixed.... personally I have to wonder because I am t 99 magery and haven'y gained anything with it in the last three power hours. The first time I tried near moonglow in that section of the water casting FS nothing. The second time I tried it on the far right side of the map cast earthquake nothing. The third time I treid in the moonglow section again casting FS first Earthquake second summon Water Elemental third nothing. Mbye it's because I was trying it during the actual power hour 11;00pm atl. I guess I'll try again in the mornings when the server comes up.
  26. Nefarius

    Nefarius Guest

    this has helped me enourmously... there is nothing more embarressing than being head of your guild's tactical [mage] division and having your lower heirachical members be better at magery than you....

    "private, gate me please....." =]

    Johnlouis Tarraz (mage-scribe)
    Home office, scribe naked =]
    Killed by kralina in 2 hits
    Oozaprat, ORK I=&lt;]
  27. TiMofTK

    TiMofTK Guest

    this is nice but i still perfer conventional gaining......more of an intense beat to it.....IF i just wanted to gain skill the gmae would bore me to death.... :p

    TiM of XM Guild on GL
    Grandmaster Smith/Miner/Warrior
    Grandmaster Warrior/Swordsman/Armsman/Shieldsfighter/Healer
    Expert Mage/Scholar/Stoic
    Expert Cartographer
    Journyman Fisher/Tailor
  28. krafter

    krafter Guest

    Questions and comments:

    1) This post has helped me quite a bit. Now up to 91.7. Thank you ST!

    2) I have noticed that occasionally I can get two gains from a single square (on two different casts) ... very unpredictable though. It's as if a shorter run is sometimes superimposed on top of a longer one.

    3) If the spell succeeds without a gain, should you still try to cast in that square 3 times, or move to another square right away?

    4) Does it matter that you cast high lvl spells when skill level gets high? If not, it would be quicker to cast lower lever spells, since at 90+% you succeed so often anyway. At least with a lower level spell, less mana is used, so the next spell can be cast quicker.

    Hemingray, AhPuch, and Krafter of GL
  29. Dimitrios

    Dimitrios Guest

    Man, you guys have done so good. Now how about you reach GM like the real mages who put dedication in to becoming one.

    8x8 is OSI's biggest screw up
    Dimitrios of GL
  30. Chandalir

    Chandalir Guest

    Do you get anymore dedicated to becoming GM mage than using 8x8? You literally focus all your game time on becoming one. Tell me how you intend on doing it more dedicated?
  31. Nissa

    Nissa Guest

    I go out in my boat and find a sweet spot. Will that spot be there tomorrow? Can I to the same exact spot?


  32. they seem to randomly move about. I've never really tried to track them though.

  33. Silmakhor

    Silmakhor Guest

    I've been doing this fpor the past three mornings exactly as directed.

    First morning, went fom 79.4 to 84. Pretty sweet.
    Second morning, Made it to 89.0 Cool!

    Today - made it to 90.5. Slowing down a bit,m but still nice.

    What happens for me is that I can usually find the first run within about ten minutes... that run last a fair while.. but peters out. So I find a secondary run.. which yields about half as much gain. After that one peters out, my gains follow no particular pattern. This is all within the space of an hour. The last twenty minutes, I spend a zilllion regs with .2 to show for it. Is this usual?

    &lt;I&gt;The only reagent you really need is the mushroom&lt;/I&gt;
  34. WuTang

    WuTang Guest

    Scar my new freind. :]

    If your on europa shard ill buy you a drink mate at the angry mongbat. Ive just come and re-read your post on 8x8 and its finally sunk in in i htought the runs were only lasting for .3 - .4 skill increases but no now that ive re-read it i find it lasts a lot longer........

    Many Thanks scar
    BTW do you work OSI :] LOL
  35. Toffy

    Toffy Guest

    I try to download the 8x8 grid but I don't get a download window...I waited for the window for 10mins and got nothing...any suggestions?
  36. Silmakhor

    Silmakhor Guest

    Can you get a bonus "power hour" after a shard goes down and comes back up? Last night I was making easy cash escorting NPC's around. The server goes down, so I log, and when I come bback, my first two gates yield .2 magery plus eval. So I figured, what the heck. I grab all my regs and go boating, and qet another .3 or .4 before it slows down. Was this just dumb luck or did I get a mini Phour?

    Anybody else have this happen?

    Also, what's a reasonable increase if one's magery is 92? I got about.7 today, which is a far cry from some of the wondrous tales I've heard here.

    &lt;I&gt;The only reagent you really need is the mushroom&lt;/I&gt;
  37. Sir Lloyd

    Sir Lloyd Guest

    i'm at 97.2 magery and i've tried this 8x8 stuff and it works for about 4 gains and then just stops... like after going through the 3rd recourse square it just stops gaining totally
  38. Druss

    Druss Guest

    ok yes a great post and thx ST, i tried this with my char North wind on drachenfels, i was hanging around 73 magery then started this, after about 6 power hours i'm now at 90.9 magery :) great stuff but one thing is bugging me, i've tried now for 5 different power hours and have had no gain whatsoever, is this normal? i got a boat and have gone right out into the deep water, but im getting nothing. this is really annoying coz im using up god knows how many regs, all i cast is EQ and its geeting boring doing this for nothing, what makes it really strange is ill open a gate and get a 0.1 increase in magery lol
    anyone else with this same problem?
  39. YFB

    YFB Guest


    I have a question about 8x8

    I don't recall anyone asking this, so it may be ignorant hehe

    but, when you figure out your gains north-south or south-north and say, your going north-south. wouldn't you eventually run into land, while in your boat? what happens then, do you just back track?
  40. Silmakhor

    Silmakhor Guest

    LOL No offense, but at levels where you actually need to use 8x8, the runs don't last for more than 10 squares on a good day. And that's a very good day.

    It seems that most ppl gain real quick until about 90 or so. After that, the lucky few keep saying "It works, It Works," but the rest of us can't get Sh!te. Being as slow to learn as I am, I'll probably try it again and again until something actually happens.

    &lt;I&gt;The only reagent you really need is the mushroom&lt;/I&gt;
  41. Fate

    Fate Guest

    That was an awesome post Scar. I went from 98 to GM real quick using your tips. I had been doing 8x8 in the 90's to try and gain and was having little success. With your tips I was able to finish up nicely. I am now GM med and magery :eek:) Only thing I need to know now is how to gain in EI now that the other two are GM. What spells are good to cast for gains. I have gained on everything from teleport to hide on PH just fighting stuff. Unfornately gains are upredictable and hard to replicate. Anyone got any tips? Once again great post.
  42. kaizer soze

    kaizer soze Guest

    the link to the grid thats on this post doesnt seem to work. well it takes me to a page with two links to click to download it. one of em does not exist and the other one sends me a damaged file! does anyone know where to get it other than those links?

    If Elvis isnt dead, lets kill 'im.
  43. Ok, iv been using 8x8 trick the last few days from 68 skill.
    Its been working great, untill now at 88.2%. The only gain i got to day was a run for .4%. Whats the problem?
    I sail around fire island(not crossing any server lines)
    Skills were turned down for skill gain
    I was centered in each resource square, so that wasnt the problem
    I use earthquake(is their another spell im suppose to use?)
    If anyone has any inpute it would be appretated

  44. Dudicas

    Dudicas Guest

    It's only a theory, I have no hard evidence to prove it, but I think when you get stuck you have to get killed. Everytime I got stuck, I would go to the dungeons to pull some more funding for my training. Inevitably I would die at some point or another. When I went back, I would start gaining again.

    I want to take the opportunity to thank Scar, Kofu, and everyone else that explained how to do this heartily. No need to start a new thread on this, but guys you really and truly rock. It's people like you that keep me playing multiplayer games. Hopefully some day I'll be able to buy you all a drink somewhere.

    Grandmaster Mage Dudicas
    Reg Addict, Catskills

    Strange is what the blind call those who can see.
    Those who can not hear the music think the dancer is mad.
  45. TiMofTK

    TiMofTK Guest

    Ill try

    TiM of XM Guild on GL
    GM Smith/Miner/Warrior
    GM Warrior/Swordsman/Armsman/Shieldsfighter/Healer
    Master Mage/Scholar/Stoic
    M Warrior/Archer/Expert Cartographer
    GM Fisher/Journyman Tailor
  46. TiMofTK

    TiMofTK Guest

    Im an admirable master stoic/mage.... i was stuck at 86.5 before....then all of a sudden....boom i die..i come back....try gains......i hit 93 meditation all of a sudden and my magery goes to 90 also

    TiM of XM Guild on GL
    GM Smith/Miner/Warrior
    GM Warrior/Swordsman/Armsman/Shieldsfighter/Healer
    Master Mage/Scholar/Stoic
    M Warrior/Archer/Expert Cartographer
    GM Fisher/Journyman Tailor
  47. Slazenger

    Slazenger Guest

    how long did it take you to figure this method out?
  48. stryder42

    stryder42 Guest

    ok, mages of myth, legend, and story all were typically loners who worked by themselves, usually in a tower (but solo in a boat is fitting too) mastering their trade before they applied it to any sort of RL situation. Realistically the way we are gaining skill is rather fitting to the mage profession as a whole.

    On another note, I took over a friends "house" account and without the ability to make a new character with 50 in 2 skills of my choice, I found this rather informative. My friend told me about this idea and just tonight I went from 0 skill to 56, obviously i paid for the 33 skill, and the rest of the gain only about 15 minutes was PH (massive gains up to.6 or higher) on failing level 4's, and if i actually succeeded I gained a full point or more. The rest of that was non-power hour and I found the gains (while less potent) greatly increased, and without all the confusion and tension of battle to make things worse. It took me many months (after the release of T2A) to get to the same point that I am now.

    I have a little 7 month old boy (that even right now is trying to type for me :) ) that doesnt like me to spend the massive amount of hours that I used to. So I think it is great for people like myself (casual players) to actually be competitive with those whom spend every waking moment in the game (or close to anyways). And I also will be using this same tactic for creating my Scribe (which is a seperate char) as it is much easier for me to attentive macro and take care of a baby, than adventure and take care of him. And the runebooks will make it perfect for him to support his alchemy training.

    WEll time for me to stop rambling, and thanks again on this essay.

    Brock of Pacific, CLD Engineer
  49. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ...you have to be a millionaire to do it...what if you have no boat, and no money??

    Necrosario of Atlantic
  50. Xara

    Xara Guest

    I would just like to say thank you for this post
    I tried it and it worked beautifully
    I GM'ed Med before my magery but all i need now is eval which is coming along nicely
    I also have been getting gains in resist through flamestriking myself....up to about 58 so far and still getting gains
    Thanks again