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new macer help

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by imported_Anvilinous, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. SO im starting out a new character, since mining is starting to wear a bit thin, and id like some combat,

    im going to be a macer/sampire, jsut wondering what are the top macing weapons to use, i plan on fighting dreadhorn (later on, obviously) i know id want a fast mana leeching mace and what not, but just wondering what types you other macers like to use, two handed staffs? war axes? (the 9-iron lookin things, hehe)

    id assume a combination of weapons might work well too? anyway, just lookin at some good useful maces to try and burn my miners runic hammers that he'll be getting soon (i hope) on.

    thats aboot it, thanks.
  2. The selection of maces really is limited, but there are a couple of mace weapons that are worth looking into.

    As far as artifacts go, if you aren't at 160 stamina, you could do a lot worse than wind's edge. If you're in Doom, the exiler is a great weapon to have. The rest of the mace artifact weapons are OK, but there's nothing that stands out.

    For non artifacts, you really need a diamond mace or silver etched mace with swing speed increase. At 150 stamina and 20% SSI, you swing at the maximum rate with a diamond mace. Stamina leech and mana leech are also pretty much mandatory for a sampire of any sort.

    You can also get decent damage output from a black staff, tessen, gnarled staff, shepherds crook or tetsubo, but good versions of any of those are hard to find, the output at max SSI is less than the diamond mace (only things better at high SSI are rune blades and ornate axes, both swords weapons), and most of those weapons are two handed, which means you can't use potions with them. So stick to looking for weapons with great mods or diamond maces with good mods.
  3. farsight, thanks

    yeah i noticed there werent alot of artie maces, i think i can find winds edge at a decent price, and i like two handed weapons for the extra dci, but im giong to look into getting a diamond or silver etched mace made with my smith, i think i need recipes for one of them or both, either way, ill look into that

    thanks for your input,
    so ssi mana and stam leech is what im lookin for

    what do you think of katrinas crook? it is kinda slow, probably too slow now that i think of it....,

    anyway, thanks for the input.
  4. dont overestimate katrina's crook, its a great wep to get you started. decent damage and good liches, it actually works pretty well.

    Lack of pots should be fine, if you're vamp you cant use cure pots anyway so should get used to not relying on them plus you get a 5% parry bonus with 2hers.

    though diamond maces are the usual macer weapon of choice with some SSI, as they are best dps if you can get them swinging fast enough.

    Just don't forget to use a diff wep if you are using a silver etched while fighting humanoid types :)
  5. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    I would take a good look at the Berserkers Maul. I have a friend that uses one and his swingspeed is unbelievable.

    You'll also need a good mace for the disarm special.

    One important thing to remember about mace weapons; they drain stamina at a higher rate then other weapons. What that means is as you hit your opponent his swing speed drops to almost nothing, and he won't be able to run away from you! If you combine macing with wraith form you could be fighting an opponent with very low swing speed and no mana!
  6. so i was able to craft a halfway decent diamond mace, thought id follow up this thread with it

    HML 40%
    HSL 30%
    SSI 25&
    DI 40%

    craftd it out of gold, since then ive gotten the recipe for silver etched maces, i think once i get more hammers, ill see what i can get with the undead slayer mace.
  7. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Looks like your off to a good start.

    You could use hld for those really tuff monsters but that mace is nothing to sneeze at.

    With a 1 handed weapon you lose 5% parry but gain the benefit of pot chugging.