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(RP) New Magincia Under Attack!!!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Aragorn, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Aragorn

    Aragorn Journeyman

    Jan 16, 2013
    Likes Received:
    (Note: this plot is for a up and coming event)

    *Aide de camp Angus Mackenzie comes running into Aragorns office panting and trying to catch his breath before speaking, Aragorn looks up from his economy reports at his ragged looking exhausted Aide de Camp* What's wrong Angus?
    Governor Aragorn! We have a serious problem, Raiders have returned and there are unconfirmed reports that they are massing on the western side of the island preparing to attack our city, my Lord I think they intend to take whats left! There are reports of panic in the streets already people are trying to hoard supplies and what business we have is at a virtual standstill.
    Continuing to look at his aide in shock and disbelief* why after all this time have the Raiders decided to come back and take what we have left? New Magincia has damned little left this is not strategically viable..do they intend to blockade us? What do they intend to take for the love of God?!
    What about the supply convoy that was supposed to leave Trinsic? *Angus turns pale as he speaks* My Lord, the convoy was attacked by pirates shortly after leaving port. The ship commissioned by Governor Aurelius has been pillaged and sunk and there are reports much of the crew have been taken prisoner....The other ships have been damaged and have turned back.
    Oh my God *puts head in his hands* We are indeed in big trouble then, our supplies are approaching zero as it is...Angus summon the Militia and post them on standby, arm them as much as our blacksmiths and Tailors can provide materials for, this is Priority one *scribbles an official memo signs and stamps his seal on it before handing it to his Aide. Take this to them tell them their supplies have been requisitioned, failure to comply will result in Prison. Angus we need to implement Martial Law, no Citizens are to be out after dark any who are will be escorted home under Armed guard.
    HavIng steeled his resolve Aragorn summons his scribe and instructs him to write the following:

    King Blackthorn,
    My Lord New Magincia is in big trouble, our convoy has been raided and Aurelius's ship has been pillaged his crew taken captive and the ship sunk....no further word on what happened with the rest of the ships. Raiders are massing west of the city intending to take whats left assistance is in desperate need. Please send any help, any citizens any help would be greatly appreciated.
    My Lord I know our differences have been great however I humbly appeal to you and to your humanity help us. I implore aid of your citizens to beat back this invasion. I have summoned our Militia and requisitioned all remaining Metal and cloth for weapon and instituted martial law. Help us please I implore you.
    Governor Aragorn
    New Magincia office

    *Takes letter and applies his seal. Summoning his best courier gives him instructions to protect that document with his life and sends him on his way.*
  2. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS

    Jan 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    **Drake identifies himself as Governor and tries to stop messenger but messenger dosn't stop**
    **Drake orders his men to avanze and apprehend the messenger**
    **Kidnaps the messenger but allows him to live, chucks him in a dark cellar for now**

    Drake, known for notably killing the messengers when intercepting other Governors messages, made an exception for this one, at the end of the day it was Aragorn's best courier and Drake was now a Governor, so the shady business had to finish... He was amazed and honoured at the bravery that Aragorn's messenger had by not stopping and risking his life to deliver the message, its must contain very sensible information and Drake was of the curious sort...

    He spoke to the messenger and explained that he was no threat to him or his Master Aragorn but quite the contrary, an ally with a small army but with great might and power. Willing to help his fellow Governors in time of need and danger.
    Drake slowly broke the seal of Magincia, trying not ruin the scroll and read the message and he was horrified to read the contents of the letter.....
    How could such a mighty city be in such need of help? What could Jhelom do to support this cause and help his fellow Magincian's?

    He ordered his men to summon the messenger, but not before he was bathed, dinned and looked after the harem of ladies that Drake carried around with himself to support the morale of his troops. He wanted the messenger to be welcomed and looked after, he wanted to be pardoned by the messenger for his earlier actions, although it really didn't matter as Drake was a Governor and the messenger just a peasant that could be order to death by Drake at any time, but a true Governor has to learn from his mistakes and be graceful and merciful. The messenger was just doing his job and he had kidnapped a fellow Governors mail.

    He made sure the messenger was given the right treatment. Drake ordered his stable-master to prepare the fastest horse he had, and gave it to the messenger and ordered him to gallop and not stop, Drake would also be sending two of his trustees head Paladin knights to accompany the messenger to the capital and to kill all foe that tried t stop them. He knew that the messenger would be reporting to Aragorn, when he got back home, so he sent another letter to Aragorn:

    Dear Friend Aragorn,

    Sorry for kidnapping your messenger, but all ways die hard....
    Please take no insult or offence, for my actions, but I recommend a piece of advise, send your couriers to be trained by me, although the bravery of this one is inmense, he tried to gallop through my forces but was finally halted and dismounted of his horse,
    this is the second one I intercept, this one is still alive, the other, well..... he wasn't that lucky...
    I will be making all arrangement payments to his sorrowing family of the first messenger.
    I ask for forgiveness again my friend.
    I shall be contacting you soon.

    Drake Ironheart
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