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(RP) New Ownership of ye Skeleton Key Shippin Company & Pirate Recruitment OPEN

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Walker D. Plank, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Ahoy! Today be a grand day! Ye Cap’n be losin me marble with me tillerman’s dull stories and his lack of understandin me orders. I be sayin "Tillerman! Head me ship to ye yonder island and ye best be makin haste!" Do ye think me small fellow be followin me orders? Nay! he be lookin at me with de blankest of stares.

    Avast! ye blank stare! ye be headin to de land or I be feedin ye to de fishes! Still nothin... Angry I be getin! Forward! ye best be headin forward. Den me ship be movin. Wait! ye blocked headed.. dim witted...Ye best be headin to de right or we be surly missin de island. No! I be meanin forward right ye sucrvy dog! I not be saying right literally!

    Needin I be sayin more? I be tryin to throw me tillerman overboard fer ten years now! He be stronger den he looks! I never be seein him leave dat spot on me boat!
    Now to me order of business. I be sailin de sea close to ye skeleton cost at de Kijustsu Anei Keys when me boat be attacked by seas serpents! I be dispatchin ye serpents but they keep comin! me boat be damaged in de fight and I be forced to head fer land. To ye Cap'n surprise, I be findin a port and small outpost. I docked me ship and a shady fellow be appearin out of nowhere! Orin be his name. He be tellin me about his company de Skeleton Key Shippin Company and de millions his front... or um what I be meanin to say "establishment" be bringin in. Ye Cap'n be impressed. He den be askin me if I be havin any types of rare or valuable items fer trade like he already be knownin I did. Ye Cap'n, not wantin to miss me opportunity to make a little coin, showed me shady bucko de plunder I recently be acquirin legally mind ye.

    His mouth be dropin over one particular item dat be appearin as junk to ye Cap'n. I hear him sayin somethin about a Void Crystal Fragment. Now ye Cap'n be experienced in de worlds exotic magic's from me past adventures but I never be hearin about dis trinket.

    Orin glanced up with out hesitation an offered ye Cap'n his Skeleton Key Shippin Company in trade fer dis Crystal. Can ye believe dat? Ye Cap'n becomin ye business type! I be havin a way to hide me... or what I be meanin to say cover up... umm no... dat not be it... Ye Cap'n be operatin a legitimate business. Yes, LIGITIMATE! Aye! dat be de words! So ye Cap'n, bein de smartest business type, be agreein to de offer. If it hadnt been fer ye army of Sea Serpents I never be makin dis deal! It be like faith... or.. er I be meanin fate! Aye! That be what ye landlubbers call it!
    I be needin members to join me new company venture, town and me crew. If ye be in one ye be in de other mind ye. Ye profession be matterin not. Ye willingness to be apart of me crew and me town be what I lookin fer. There be plenty goin on we be creatin events, killin champions, huntin fer treasure and much more!
    If ye be wantin to join me "legitimate" shippin company ICQ 603054416 or PM me.


    I be haven leadership positions open but ye be needin to prove ye worth.

    Oh, and no ye don't have to talk like ye Cap'n! But ye are required to talk like me salty types on Sept 19 (Nation Talk Like a Pirate Day)

    What are ye waitin fer!