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New player looking for some advice on skills and weapons.

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by njmcgee, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. njmcgee

    njmcgee Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm a returning player after roughly 10 years away. I've been enjoying smashing ettins, trolls and ogres in Despise but feel like I've hit a wall and I'm not sure how to keep the improvement coming.

    My skills are at 700 (is that the cap?) and look something like this:

    * Anatomy 70.1
    * Focus 100
    * Parrying 62.8
    * Swordmanship 70.3
    * Tactics 46.5
    * Bushido 76.1
    * Chivalry 41.5
    * Meditation 97.3
    * Necromancy 57.1
    * Resisting 22.4

    I'm not sure which skills to lock, or to lower in order to be able to keep taking on meaner monsters!

    Also happy to hear if maybe my equip is holding me back???? I'm using radiant scimitar with 12 - 14 damage (25% speed increase, 50% damage inc, pysical damage 100%, some leeching too) and some barbed ninja armour.

    Any ideas? Even some good locations to go shopping for some new gear?
  2. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 28, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Well there is a lot going on in your temp. You are at cap for a truly new player. My recommendation is determining what you want to do with this character. If you want to be a melee dexxer then I would say the first conversation you need to have is whether you want to be a sampire or a healing dexxer. Ninja dexxer is also an option. While where to get gear varies from shard to shard, with a few exceptions temps don't vary that much. If you tell us what shard you on we can probably help you find where to get some gear. If you are trying to decide on what temp to run just tell us what you want to do with it and how you so far like playing. It would also help if we know how many other games you have played, if you have played any at all.
  3. njmcgee

    njmcgee Guest


    Thanks for the reply!

    To answer your easiest question, I'm on Great Lakes.

    How many other games?
    You mean other mmorpgs? Dabbled with WOW and Everquest over the years. But not much.
    Or other characters? None. Not since over ten years ago when I used to run around as an archer getting killed a lot.

    As far as how I'd like to play:

    - Still getting re-familiar with everything so I think I'd like to keep things pretty simple by upping my sword damage, and defence/parrying
    - I think it would awesome to get necro up to 99 and do the vampire thing.

    I have no idea where to cap my focus, meditation, resisting, and spirit speak (forgot to mention below).
  4. Mirt

    Mirt Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 28, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Ok so it sounds like you are interested in running a sampire temp. I think this will be a good one to start with because although the gear is a bit expensive its a very versatile pvm temp. Its of no use in pvp. For that you can actually completely drop meditation and focus. You can make sure you have enough mana and stamina from having leeches on your weapon. A fairly standard build would be along the lines of
    120 swords
    120 tactics
    100 necro
    100 or 120 bushido
    80-85 chiv
    100-80 anatomy
    then people run either
    100 or 120 parry or resist
    running parry or resist will depend on what you are going after. I personally have both and use a soul stone to stone off the skills that I am not using as I have found some places Resist is best but in others parry is key (it depends on how what your going after attacks).
    This is a good over all temp and doesn't require a lot of advanced skills. Gearing up is not too too hard. It will take you a while to get all the weapons that you need but you will be able to farm just about anything. For your suit your DCI and HCI are critical. Any mana you can add do it. You will also need arcane clothing to cast vamp form. I would turn down your med and focus and cast necro spells to gain necro first.