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New player looking for spellcaster advice (Necro/Magery/Weaver template)

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Zerendal, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Zerendal

    Zerendal Guest

    Hi there,

    I have been looking through a few forum sites, and found myself interested in the Magery/Necro/Weaver builds as they seem to have a nice mix of what I would like in a caster, both in a gameplay form and a little in the RP flavour to boot.

    Sadly for me, all the discussions I have managed to find assume the player can afford the 6 x 120 points templates and of course with being on a new account that is currently not in my reach just yet.

    So I have been considering a few builds to work with while I aim for the final Necro/Mage/Weaver template.

    For starters, going as a Magery/Necromancy to begin with, this is all base without any sort of boosts from gear but at least getting the powerscrolls to bring them over 100:

    Magery 120
    Eval Int 120
    Meditation 120
    Necromancy 120
    Spirit Speak 120
    Placeholder for Spellweaving -

    Resists (untill I get some gear with resists)
    Wrestling (untill I find a mage weapon)

    - as the placeholders untill I get the quest done. And then finally, replacing said placeholder with 100 Spellweaving.

    So, my questions are simply, is this even a good idea, is it safe to go with as a first character and is there any specific way I should/could be distributing my skill points in the before and after spellweaving templates with the limit I have on the new account. Ie, should i have more than 100 in Spellweaving, and if so, which skills would I best be reducing from 120.

    Thank you for any advice you folks can give.
  2. Nitewalkr

    Nitewalkr Guest

    Forget focus unless your making a mystic.

    Med is key in PvM so keep that for mana regain. In my opinion just 100 Med would be sufficient.

    I would definitely work in spellweaving in the future but I would hold its place with wrestling until you are ready. Spellweaving is a harder skill to raise and can take a while (depending on your resources). When you are ready for spellweaving you should have a decent suit so you can stone wrestling and run that way (with the option of protection). Of course if that isn't working, swap out wrestling for med (hopefully your suit is high in MR) and see if that better fits your play style.

    Also for Necro, you only need 105 for no fail strangle. Again based on your play style not sure what spells you will be using. Keep that in mind when forming strategy for combat. Fail will only happen with Vengeful Spirit, Vampiric Embrace, Lich form, and Exorcism.

    As for ressist, its nice but I haven't found much need in PvM. I have it stoned with 120 for when running around in Fel and champs or other. I swap it out for my Med or spellweaving when needed.

    What server are you on?
  3. Zerendal

    Zerendal Guest

    Thanks for the reply, very informative and direct. Think I will go with Wrestling then, and pop on a mage weapon when I switch over to Spellweaving.

    As for server, currently I am playing on Atlantic.
  4. Nitewalkr

    Nitewalkr Guest

    Awesome. How long have you been back? Have you played in the past? I would love to meet up in game.
  5. DJAd

    DJAd Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I was going to go Necro mage, then decided upon:

    120 mage
    120 mystic
    120 focus
    120 med
    120 eval intel
    100 scribe/archery/resist spells - I swap around with soulstone.
  6. Zerendal

    Zerendal Guest

    Not been back too long, about two or three days. I used to play just befrore and around Age of Shadows era, but never got too far into the game outside my axe swinging warrior character and a crafter.

    Playing a mage called Deisa, I'm doing stuff around New Haven so might be able to spot me there. :)

    Planing to make a Mystic at some point too, probably be a gargoyal though as my mage is human and heard the summon spell at the end used 5 follower slots. D:
  7. DJAd

    DJAd Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Yeah uses 5 slots for a RC. Awesome summon though!
  8. Dashiel

    Dashiel Guest

    My template for a PVM necro Mage is as follows:

    Necro: 105
    Spirit Speak: 120
    Magery: 115
    Eval: 120
    Meditation: 120
    Resist: 115
    Tracking: remaining pts

    This is a great template for spawns, peerless, mini champs, etc. The resist is important when working champs, and something I would not suggest swapping out. The last thing you want is to get hammered in the middle of a spawn. Some people like to run without meditation, but even in wraith form you will eventually run into issues if you don't have it.

    With lower level mobs (champs spawns) you can do huge damage by popping into wraith and withering away. If you drop EVs and use invisible wisely you can get out of even the most dire situations. When higher level mobs pop you should be using corpse skin, evil omen, and flame strike/meteor swarm/chain lightning. Poison strike and pain spike can also be impactful if used properly. When mana gets low you can either actively meditate, or take advantage of leeching and med rates while firing quick fireballsat targets. Vengeful spirit can be huge for getting enemy bosses to divert their attacks from you to a summon.