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New Player Saying Thanks!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by The Big Bang, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. The Big Bang

    The Big Bang Guest

    Well, I am a bit late to the Ultima Online bandwagon, but I have had friends playing this game since 1997(8). They all left the game, but for some reason I started playing, and I wish I had sooner!

    I started by making my first character, a Blacksmith template. I had a bunch of newbie questions when I arrived at New Haven Bank, but everyone answered them as fast as I asked them!

    Then the luckiest thing happened, a guy decided to drop a 1 million gold check on the ground. I picked it up, and he said welcome to UO! I can now train my skills and buy the little things that make playing a bit easier.

    I just wanted to show my appreciation to all the great people that play this wonderful game!

    Btw, I'd still love the game even without the 1mil gold :love:
  2. Escobar_TDT

    Escobar_TDT Guest

    There's many nice people in the game. But for every nice person there are 2 *******s. Just watch your back and do not trust anybody, try not to get scammed.
  3. "My amazing two assed monkey?"

  4. I believe in Karma. I always try to help out noobs. I have given out a lot of gold and items. Of course it takes them a bit to convince me they are really new. I don't really trust anyone so those people get a pretty good test to see if they are really new. But like I said I believe in Karma. Helping them out now may help me out somwhere later. Maybe it won't. Either way I still do it.
  5. The Big Bang

    The Big Bang Guest

    well i'm definatly new, but i saw my friends play a bit, but this was back when you could get killed pretty much anywhere (glad that isn't the same, lol)

    i'm looking to make some friends ingame, and possibly join a guild, if anyone wouldnt mind having a newbie asking questions :)
  6. Ravahan

    Ravahan Guest

    You should look out for anyone in any of the britanian coalition guilds (RBG, ODE, and many more). The alliance is always active at almost any hour and full of friendly folk. I'm sure Tazar could point you in the right direction

    If you want something a bit smaller, I'm also in a guild called "We Die a Lot" [#[email protected]]. The guild's there to help out returning vets and new players. Look for Escalla, Krellian, Endrya or Blue Collar in New Haven if you're interested.
  7. Cear Dallben Dragon

    Cear Dallben Dragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 17, 2005
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