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New Player to UO and Atlantic

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by JackRabbit Slim, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I just started playing UO 2 days ago, and so far I like it very much. I've decide to shoot for a Necromage character and am enjoying it so far, i just have a few questions for you experienced players.

    Is there a way to tell what chance I have of defeating a certain enemy?
    When should I start thinking about mounts and houses and that sort of thing?
    Is there a good way to make some money? It seems I spend all the little money that I do make killing monsters on spell reagents.
    Are there quests for armor and such or is pretty much everything bought from other players who crafted items?

    Any other helpful hints or advice is entirely welcome as well.

    Thanks a lot everyone, I look forward to learning and becoming a part of this great game.

  2. Cear Dallben Dragon

    Cear Dallben Dragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 17, 2005
    Likes Received:
    My advice is just turn off the lights, sit down a soda. Grab a torch and hit up a grave yard. loot everything you get, sell it to NPC.

    If you think youd enjoy roleplaying go here
    Tons of like minded guilds, player events, lore, knowledge, help

    For answering questions you might develope as you play, go here

    Dont live to fast!
  3. staereo

    staereo Guest

    Send me a PM, let me know when you're around. I will come show you the ropes, and get you going.
  4. Thanks, I'll be on later tonight, I'll send you a pm then.
  5. SLACK

    SLACK Guest

    Also if you aren't too proud to beg you can announce at Luna bank you are new to the shard and all kinds of nice folks will help you with equipment and gold. I did this and was outfitted in a 100% Lower Reg Suit and a check for a million (yes MILLION) gold very quickly.
    I tried to turn it down but they were adamant.
    Very nice people here for the most part from waht I've seen. :thumbsup:
  6. Wow, well I'll think about doing this.
  7. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yup apparently I seen often people go around dropping 1 million checks on the ground. There has been many reports of duping still going around, so people buy themselves reputations and favors by giving it out. I'd think twice about who you accept it from, if my logic is sound.