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New Player

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Newb E, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Newb E

    Newb E Guest

    So I stopped playing uo right after Samurai expansion came out and started playing again just a few days ago and it seems like everything is different. Back in the day I used to pvp on a fencer/mage and when i went to yew I learned you now need tactics to preform specs and everyone seems to have an incredible "imbued" suit. So I gotta few questions:

    1. Since it seems the dexer mage has been changed up what are the fun templates to play now (dont tell me archer cuz i know it effective but im looking for a temps that ivolve more than 3 macros).

    2.Can one compete without a fully imbued suit? If not how much does a decent dexer and mage suit cost (Id rather not spends weeks collecting materials and raising boring blacksmith or imbuing skills).

    3.I havent had time to explore all of the new lands. Did they added any fun pvm/gauntlet like bosses? Have any fel areas or spawns been added or expanded? (I saw theres a new bridge in despise).

    PS: I have like 10-15m on the shard if anyone would make me a suit, or two, for around that price please post or pm.

  2. GalenKnighthawke

    GalenKnighthawke Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm only a part-time PvPer but no one else has replied to yet, so here goes.

    Welcome back.

    And yep, lots is different.

    But look at it this way: At least you aren't returning now after having only played before Age of Shadows.....That would be a shock to the system for sure.

    Lots of mage-type templates out there. Mage mystic (Mysticism is a few skill obtainable from the Gargoyles of Ter Mur) seems popular. There's still some nox dexers I think. I'm actually pretty sure you could still be a mage-warrior, it'd just be harder.

    And lots of mages use mage weapons (Imbued plane swords are popular) to do extra damage and to have defense. Thus approximating some of the functionality of a mage-warrior while having only mage skills.

    Probably. Imbuing just lets you get a suit that's fully customized to your needs, with the price that Imbued equipment can't be fortified (can be repaired but not fortified). So it will eventually wear out; if you're smart enough it'll take a long while.

    Nothing (nothing I can think of anyway) is available through Imbuing that isn't available otherwise and most equipment properties are still capped. It just means that if you always dreamed of a certain suit but couldn't quite pull it together? Now you can.

    And, as you already very much know I'm sure, in PvP there's less room for error than in PvM, if only because players move faster than monsters. So I'd guess you can still compete, but there'd be even less room for error than normal. And Great Lakes in particular has some gifted fighters.

    So if you can get an Imbued suit designed to suit your exact needs? Major advantage.

    I'm sure GL has pre-made suits for sale...But I haven't seen them. So I've got only the most general idea on the cost of a pre-made suit. (See below.)

    There's a lot of money to be made in pre-made suits, I think, for all you Imbuers out there.

    We also have Global Chat now, so you can ask in Global Chat, or at the Luna Bank or Brit Bank or something, to hire an Imbuer, then negotiate with him or her on price and turnaround time and ingredient gathering and the like.


    Since Samurai Empire?

    Oh dear, yes they added a lot. Best to look here at Stratics or at UOGUIDE.com and go expansion by expansion.

    The Mondain's Legacy expansion added numerous dungeons and areas, some Trammel only some in both. ML also added a new equipment slot: The Talisman. It's only been very recently though that Talismans were added that are of particular use to mages; most of the better ones hitherto have been warrior-oriented.

    The most recent expansion, Stygian Abyss, added multiple large Trammel rules dungeons and one Trammel rules land mass, and two large Felucca rules champ spawn areas.

    And, ironically, ML and SA both added one item each to the apron equipment slot. Having 1 of those items is basically critical to PvP. ML added the Crimson Cincture, and SA added Tangler. The former is more geared towards warriors, the latter more towards mages, both are potentially useful for either.

    Being a mage-warrior I can't guess which you'd find more useful.

    I think it likely that you should be able to do pretty well with that amount of money in terms of getting a couple of suits, and having some spending money left over.

    In terms of looking for separate pieces, there's Luna (of course), there's the GTO Gear Shack/Isuel's Shop (several screens southwest, left, of the Yew Moongate in Trammel), there's the Yew Militia's shop (right near the Yew Moongate in Trammel), and there's various non-Luna shops that leave runes about.

    And finally....Certain Artifacts are now available for being in Factions. You purchase them in the Stronghold, with Silver, from a chest. Most PvPers these days are in Factions so they can benefit from these Artifacts. I'm one of the few in Factions who doesn't use them. And being in Factions no longer subjects you to being unable to be healed anywhere; just can't be healed in Felucca. Most of the best Faction Artifacts require high rank to obtain, and points are really screwed up, but some decent ones can be obtained just by being in a Faction at all, even if you have no points.

    Stratics or UOGUIDE.com are great resources.

    Good luck.

    -Galen's player