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new post... Verum

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_mathias, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. alright dog.... i havent logged into stratics in a LONG time...... but i hear they need us here.... ok yall got the dismount tamer gank thing goin... good for yall... and i got a lot of love for yall and what ya do... but.... but..... there comes a point..... i CANNOT let you continue to pick on my guild like yall do.... fine the line between tamers and dismounters.... and lets play there... and KOC... dear lord... OF COURSE WE ARE GONNA FIGHT YA!!!! thats the best thing anyone in TNA/TNT/AO/Myth could ever dream of..... a fight with the luna alliance and KOC....

    ANYHOW!!!!!! the tamer gank is pretty [email protected] lame so why dont we knock that SH*it out.... thats why i challenge you VERUM..... me an you...

    VERUM VS TIDE..... holy crap..... fight for the ages right? we can negotiate the potions bandies later but a fair no dismount tamer fight.... for like an hour... or however long it takes... for real... itll be a long one..... whoever crashes first basicllly... NO PACKET PUSHING!!!!.... hit me back...
    im not defending my allaince right now cause i know things are bad... but just this once... lets throw down.... no stealthers no dismounters no tamers... me and you... we can work the rest of the details out... but ill tell yall... hugi wishes he was part of this battle.... this is for....... dam i dont know what this is for but its for somethin....

    if you think that you can challenge me or verum for the title in anything... please post and we will be sure to beat that arse promptly....... g'day folks.... TIDE
  2. Verum Julos

    Verum Julos Visitor

    Nov 15, 2007
    Likes Received:
    meet me in the morning at the alliance head quarters in luna and we can duel on the roof for as long as you like no worries man anytime you wana duel me just ask bro no need to post on the boards lol .. as if i care what any of these people here think what i did was to acomplish a goal it has been accomplished i need talk no more [censored] you know what i was doing .. and as for the tamer gank well we fought koc without any tamers tonight to show them and well they rolled 3 tamers in on us with beetles but it was a fun fight non the less and they are all factions now so damn im good got room for all my people to get in and fight and i just had to ruffle a few feathers . well anyways tide just come to the house in the morning say around 1pm eastern ill duel ya all ya want should have a resser there every twenty minutes rofl [​IMG]
  3. BABY THAT IS THE SHOW DOWN! i aint never really had a problem with you..HOWEVER!!!!! liddell vs silva... st.pierre vs hughes.... this is a big one man.... lets throw it down proper ya know! god bless ya man.. glad you answered... we can set rules manana.... 1pm sounds good central time.. we knock out the rest of the details then... ive been waitin for this for awhile... i think you have too...... and again.... ANYONE WHO FEELS THAT A FIGHT WITH TIDE AND VERUM IS LEAVING ANYONE OUT PLEASE CONTACT ANYONE OF US AND WE WILL BEAT THAT [email protected]@ AND YOU CAN ENJOY THE SHOW....
  4. dear lord... i actually havent logged into these forsaken boards in awhile man and i just now got to readin up on the CRAP that goin on here man.... this post really wasnt meant to trash talk ya but realistically do the thing.... but WOW have you taken the time to read this crap.. i hope not... its OUTRAGEOUS.... im just goin off of the fights we had lately but this is just ********.... anyhow.... i feel like an ass now... anyhow, point still stands.. me&u dodge city style... and anyone who cares to challenge it. we can smote those [email protected]@clowns i really dont see anybody postin here who can hang with it..... YA I SAID IT!