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New Role Play Characters for Sonoma

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by EMAmairgen, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. EMAmairgen

    EMAmairgen Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 27, 2010
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    Hello Sonoma,

    I am EM Amairgen and for your reading enjoyment I present to you SOME of the “known” role play characters that you may encounter on the Sonoma shard in the future. Below are their names and some of what is known of them from past legends and encounters long ago.

    I will be posting this information on our official EM Sonoma website, once we have it up and running and update it from time to time, with new characters and certain “status reports” relating to the already listed characters (e.g. deaths, etc..).


    New Role Play Characters for Sonoma:

    1 Tapio Greenleaf

    2 Widukund (aka “the Madman of Minoc”)

    3 Mendax the Merciless

    4 Khelek the Magi (aka "The Seer")

    5 Algenon the Alchemist

    6 Zargrus Durnar (“Dark-fire”)

    Role Play Character: 1

    Name: Tapio Greenleaf

    Description: (Actual in game appearance is that of a Treefellow)

    Clad in moss and growing a fur-like beard, Tapio Greenleaf stands over eleven feet tall, his rough knot marked green skin looks and feels like tree bark; he so closely resembles an oak tree, should he not move any passersby would not recognize his true nature. His hefty arms are great in length and resemble the branches of a tree, stretching down far enough for his fingers to touch the ground. Thick legs support a robust trunk, ending in two massive “feet”, each with a set of “roots” that serve as stubby toes. One would need to peer closely to make out the features of his face, as his eyes and large mouth are nearly invisible when closed, appearing to be mere creases in his thick bark-skin.


    Hailing from an ancient line of “Treefellow” forest wardens, Tapio Greenleaf is one of the few of his kind to have dealings with the other races known to inhabit the realms. It has been said that he befriended an aged druid who was wandering about the deep forest wherein he dwelt; the druid who was attempting to free an ensnared hind and was himself caught up within the trap. Tapio Greenleaf, saw the struggling man and chose to reveal himself to him, as a reward for his gesture of kindness to the ensnared hind. After freeing the aged man, Tapio Greenleaf was not able to communicate with him through his words, as neither spoke the others language. Being a patient minded pair, both the druid and Tapio Greenleaf, struck up a conversation as best they could, initially using hand gestures and drawings to communicate their thoughts. In time, both taught the other his language and a strong friendship emerged out of this unique encounter.

    Over the long years of the druid’s life, he taught Tapio Greenleaf the various ways of “mankind” and in return Tapio Greenleaf taught the druid the secrets of the forest spirits and creatures. Tapio Greenleaf was quite familiar with Elves, specifically “Wood Elves” who dwelt within the sylvan glades he cared for. Though he rarely appeared to them, preferring the company of his own kind and isolation, he was well aware of their ways and secret domains. Tapio Greenleaf, took the teachings he had learned of mankind and imparted them to the Elves of the great forest near Yew. At first these Elves where quite afraid of Tapio Greenleaf, not knowing what his intent was, yet after several years they agreed to reveal themselves to the druid that had befriended him and allowed both of them to enter their sylvan domain as friends and allies.

    Tapio Greenleaf, is highly regarded by the Elves and his own kind, for his trusting ways and work to inspire a harmony between the differing inhabitants of the realms. Though he is rarely seen nowadays, some rangers and foresters have reported encounters with a strange “green tree-man”, who spoke to them as if human and was wise in the ways of the forests.

    Role Play Character: 2

    Name: Widukund (aka “the Madman of Minoc”)

    Description: (Unknown)


    Years ago, high in the mountains near to the town of Minoc, three miners vanished, seemingly without a trace. A search was mounted by the local folk, resulting in a ghastly discovery. Cresting over a wooded ridge, the exhausted party of searchers, found the bloody remains of one of the missing miners. His body had been torn apart, as if attacked and partially eaten by some wild beast. This news was relayed to the town officials and spread fear among the local residents; rumors began to circulate that it was the work of an unnatural and evil creature lurking in the hills and forests. Armed patrols of rangers and local militia sought for this mysterious monster for several weeks but found no trace of it or its lair.

    Soon afterwards, a local forest warden known as Widukund, burst into a frenzied rage at a local tavern. He savagely attacked the folk within the establishment, reportedly biting and rending them with his clawed hands. Wounding several people, he was eventually doused with whisky, set aflame and driven from the village into the night. On the following morning, the entire community turned out to track the crazed madman and arrest or slay him. The local militia captain, having been a ranger and possessing great tracking skills, was confounded by Widukund’s trail. The tracks seemed to resemble that of a wolf, yet with the appearance of a humans stride.

    Following the footprints for two days, deep into the forest, the party eventually lost the madman’s trail in a rocky area of foothills. Never glimpsing their intended prey, the locals returned home, confident that Widukund has been cursed by some unknown woe and that it was likely he who had slain the miners. None can be sure if Widukund “the Madman of Minoc” is to blame, but there have been other reports of a wandering beast-man, who has attacked villagers and peasants in other regions.

    Role Play Character: 3

    Name: Mendax the Merciless

    Description: (Actual in game appearance is that of a dark robed “undead” human/lich)


    Mendax the Merciless was once a powerful wizard and member of an ancient and secretive society of mages known as the “Futhorc Magi”, more commonly referred to as the “Runic Mages”; a group dedicated to developing means of travel between the planes of existence. It is said that they developed the first “runes of relocation”, allowing for magical travel through the use of the “recall incantation” and “gate spell”. As an elder member of this mysterious mages circle, Mendax was consumed by the pursuit of arcane power and magical knowledge, as a way to extend his own life and as such he fell out of favor with its members.

    Plotting to obtain the orders storehouse of tomes and magical artifacts, he secretly undertook the study of the dark art of necromancy and lured into his service evil demons and malevolent spirits from the lower planes. During one of the orders “experiments”, an attempt to open a magical portal to an unknown plane of existence, he betrayed his fellow mages and caused the misdirection of the portals intended destination. In doing so, he created a doorway from which he could summon forth his vile minions, whom he set upon his stunned colleagues. All of the mages where slain by his betrayal, save one, the elfin scholar Khelek, who escaped into a hastily conjured portal, fleeing forth into the safety of a sylvan glade.

    Decades passed, as Mendax strove to obtain a state of true immortality but his efforts where in vain and as time withered his body, he grew desperate to cling on to life in any form. Knowing that Khelek may have escaped with the ancient artifact known as the “Runic Amulet”, he swore to find it and use its arcane power to enhance his incantations. Yet before he could continue his quest, he was gravely wounded in battle and forced to transform himself into a ghastly undead lich; thus extending his life and allowing him to continue his quest for the Runic Amulet.

    He now wanders the realms and planes, slaying any mages, sorcerers or other magi he encounters, always searching for arcane knowledge and the lost Runic Amulet and perhaps the missing chronicles of the Runic Magi.

    Role Play Character: 4

    Name: Khelek the Magi (aka “The Seer”)

    Description: (Actual in game appearance is that of an often blue robed elf)


    The lone survivor of the “Runic Mages” sect, Khelek the Magi is powerful and wise elfin mage who specialized in “nature magic”, among other arcane arts. It is rumored that he possesses the legendary “Runic Amulet”, a scared relic of his former mages circle, said to enhance the possessor’s life-force and magical powers. Fearing for his own life and desiring to keep the amulet out of the hands of his arch foe, Mendax the Merciless, Khelek fled into hiding amid the vast sylvan forests of his home lands. Rumors persist that he has, on occasion under an assumed identity, aided the various realms of light in their continuing efforts to defeat evil creatures of great power. Adding to his mysterious legend, some few “imposters” have cropped up over the years, claiming to be Khelek the Magi and offering to “sell” the Runic Amulet to nobles and the unwary. On one occasion the subject imposter, was mysteriously slain while departing from the Green Griffin Tavern. It was later revealed that he was in fact, a well known thief and beggar from the outlying region.

    Reported encounters with the true Khelek are rare and even then veiled within a myriad of often grandiose claims. Most worthy scholars discount even the most vivid tales of encounters with this mysterious sage, as few can offer proof of their claimed visitations.

    Role Play Character: 5

    Name: Algenon the Alchemist

    Description: (Actual in game appearance is that of an often robed human)


    Recently encountered, this boastful and often smug alchemist, Algenon, seems to possess a knowledge of potions and magic, which allows him to teleport right through walls. His intentions and goals are as yet, unknown; he was briefly captured and escaped during a fierce battle in a dark and foreboding dungeon. It has also been reported that he was encountered within the city of Umbra, acting as an agent of Mendax the Merciless, in search for the Runic Amulet. None can be sure if the mysterious Algenon is in fact working with Mendax, or merely seeking the amulet on his own accord. Those who encounter this sly fellow are advised to use caution in their dealing with him, as he seems to have many secrets and dealings with shadowy allies.

    Role Play Character: 6

    Name: Zargrus Durnar (“Dark Fire”)

    Description: (Unknown)


    The true origins of this malevolent being, are at best only speculation, some believe that Zargrus Durnar is the offspring of a paring between some sort of demon and a human; others have suggested that he is merely an Arcane Demon of great power and intellect. Still others have surmised that Zargrus Durnar, was himself a “familiar” of Mondain, kept and taught dark magic by his lord and master. He has been referred to in some ancient tomes as the bringer of “Dark Fire”, as it seems he has the ability to conjure a magical fire that can consume the souls of any who touch it.

    What is known, from the written accounts of past encounters with this denizen of darkness, is that he commands a host of hideous and powerful creatures. One account of him, recorded within the chronicles of the “Sagas of the Five Magi”, describes a battle in which he was confronted by a sect of sorcerers and mages. Though the chronicle was damaged and some of its pages where missing, the saga indicates that the Five Magi, in an attempt to drive Zargrus Durnar from the dungeon known as “Wind”, where themselves confronted by a “dark flame” and that “..thus the darkling Zargrus, was smote only at long last and driven back from the brink of victory.”

    Scholars and wise sages have searched for the missing pages to the Saga of the Five Magi for ages, some finding bits and pieces here and there, strewn amid the treasure hoards of liches and within old libraries. It is surmised, that the full chronicle of this saga will relate the full truth behind this mysterious and evil being, perhaps also granting insight into his present doings. A few “Holy Mages”, fear that a dark sect of necromancers and other dark sorcerer-priests may be seeking these lost pages of the saga also, determined to find and commune with this lost fiend of the underworld.

    It has been speculated that Zargrus himself was imprisoned within a “Dark Void” by none other than Mendax the Merciless. In his quest to find the “Runic Amulet”, Mendax the Merciless, confronted Zargrus Durnar and tricked him into being trapped within a void between worlds; so that he might “extort” the location of the amulet from him in return for release from the Dark Void. For this, Zargrus Durnar has sworn vengeance upon Mendax the Merciless and seeks to find a way to release himself from his imprisoned state. Legends say that Zargrus Durnar can be summoned forth and even communicated with from some openings in the Dark Void found about the realms, by the utterance of an unknown dark incantation.