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New Rp town in the making!

Discussion in 'Ethereal Void Imperium' started by Soul Reaver, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Soul Reaver

    Soul Reaver Guest

    Hail all!! The United Sosarian Navy is starting a new player run town, it will be a maritime town with a lot of rp going on ( there is even talk of a new or returning pirate guild to rp war with ) its northwest of Vesper along the many inlets in the area. We are looking for anyone who might wish to join the town. wer are also looking for some people that own some houses up there, to see if they would like to join the town or if not, they might be willing to sell or trade houses. those people are,

    Puck, house Pucks Pad
    Playa, house PKK guild house
    Seth Atin, house, Defenders of Altainia outpost
    Watdog, unnamed house
    Truman Radley, 6 Hickory Hell

    The USN is also recruiting for membership in the guild itself. We hope to hear from anyone interested in this venture. Just an fyi at some point this town will be allied with the RBG and the USA alliance.

    If your interested in this please contact us.

    my icq is 35749000
    and Greyylenes is 174602316

    either of us can answer any questions you might have. Thanks Tiberius