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*NEW*Siege Perilous FAQ/NEW to Siege/Community Testimonies/Who is Who/Quest info...Thread

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Sloan, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    I thought perhaps it was time for a new consolidation sticky thread of stickies.

    <center>Siege Perilous Basics
    By Pornocles</center>

    First, welcome to Siege. 2 weeks here and you will find yourself wondering why you ever played on production shards in the first place.

    Lets get the basic stuff out of the way quick.
    Siege is an all Felucca Ruleset shard, and there is no insurance.
    Each account only is allowed one Character on the shard.
    those who play siege a lot tend to end up getting multiple accounts [​IMG]

    Skils from 0-70 gain using the same GGS system of other shards but we have Rate Over Time(RoT) for skills above 70

    This means that you can only gain the same skill once every specified amount of time.
    Skills between 70.1 and 80 can be gained every 5 minutes with a cap of 3.64per day
    Skills between 80.1 and 98 can be gained every 10 minutes with a cap of 2.1 per day
    Skills between 98.1 and 120 can be gained every 15 minutes with a cap of 2.1 per day

    Now, the cap affects all of your skills that fall into the RoT system so you cannot gain 3.4 in one skill and 2.1 in another in one day.

    <center>The Guide to Siege Character Creation
    By Edmonde/Relvinian</center>

    So you decided to make the move to Siege and are wondering about the best way to go about making a character.

    The first thing that you should do is decide what you want to be when you grow up: mage, knight, thief, paladin? Then think of a name for this person that would encourage people to talk with you, inspire fear, or tell the world of Siege what kind of person that he or she is. You get one chance to make a first impression and it's harder to make that good impression when your name is Pee Stiffy. BTW, I saw that character before along with Poo Stain.

    OK, so you have a good name and you know how you want your character to be when it is finished but how to get there?

    One character per account: Unlike normal shards you only get one character on Siege so don't expect to have a mule unless you have two accounts. Does that mean my character needs a craft skill? Nope, but that brings me to tip number one.

    Tip #1 You can repair leather with a sewing kit, tinker items with a tinker tool, metal weapons and armor with a smith hammer, bows with fletching tools, and staves with carpentry tool and you don't even need high skill for success! My character, Edmonde, has about 20 smith and he carries a smith hammer with him and after use he hits the forge and beats out the dents from his sword and armor.

    How to get your initial equipment? There are any number of ways to get gold for a starting character:

    1.Escort between Skara, Britain, Magencia, and Jhelom.
    2.Walk around the various banks and pick up what people discard.
    3.Sheer sheep. Make a use item type macro for a dagger. In UO macros make an attack last macro. What I did was sheer the sheep, tame it, release it, then kill it. This allowed me to get some skill in weapons, all the cloth I needed, and enough tame for horses. Use item type dagger, tame last target, release, attack last. You can sell cloth for about 200 a bolt to players.
    4.Mine-- cove is good, minoc is good, luna is good, as is Britain. You can sell iron ingots for about 5 each.
    5.Chop wood-- about 5 gold per board.
    6.Beg-- silly skill but one that works inside a town.
    7.Fight monsters-- mongbats, headless, skeletons, zombies, low end monsters that can pay the bills.
    8. From players-- many will help out new players and you can also join the guild NEW.
    9. Hire two sword wielding NPC fighters for 14 gold and use them to farm leather or fight monsters for you-- healing them for skill gain.

    Tip #2 Don't buy from NPC's, buy from player ran vendors whenever possible.

    Skill gain:
    On siege you can't buy skill but you can gain on fails up to 25. Skill gain on siege is just like normal shards until you hit 70 skill then ROT kicks in or Rate Over Time.
    After 70 ROT kicks in and gains look something like this:

    70 - 79.9: 5 minutes between gains 3.6 per day
    80 - 99.0: 10 minutes between gains 2.1 per day
    99.1 - 120: 15 minutes between gains 2.1 per day

    Tip # 3 Practice dummies work up to 25 again on Siege and you can avoid a lot of low end stuff to get your skills up.

    Gaining fighting skills up to 70:

    Get a good strong suit of spined armor with physical defense in 60's range and find some cheap physical resist enhance jewelry on player vendors until your physical defense is 70.

    0-25 use a practice dummy.
    25-33 let it go up as you sheer and kill sheep to make band aids.
    33- 50's Corpsers, hired leather wearing wrestlers, animals.
    50-70 Mix it up-- Vampire bats, solens, trolls, ettins, fighters, bears-- I will say solens and trolls work real well from 60-70 as do skeletons. Low end jhelom cemetery is good.

    Gaining magery skills up to 70:

    0-25 gain on fails-- a scroll will work for this
    25-50 Find a mage weapon, the more it sucks the better you will like it! Beat on things with it like corpsers and sheep and you will gain magery.
    50-70 Find a spell channel mage weapon and cast the spell poison-- one reg per spell, and with the -25 mage weapon equipped it should get u gains still.

    With 45 magery you can use gate scrolls to escort NPC's to gain skill and gold.

    Gaining resist up to 70:

    0-25 gain on fails vs mobs or by casting poison, curse, para on yourself.
    25-60 Cast protection and fight monsters such as reapers, wraiths, etc.
    60-70 Turn protection off and fight reapers, elementals, and evil magicians.

    (revision by Flusoya:theres actually a much much much easier way to train resist up 45-50. You'll need one mage to help you that can cast poison fields, 1 or 2 orange petals, and regs to cast protection, or a couple protection scrolls (anyone even with 0 magery can cast protection from a scroll).

    Go out of the guardzone a bit with your buddy, attack him so your flagged as agressor to them. Have your friend (friend can not be in same guild) cast a poison field on the ground, then eat the orange petal and start walking through the poison field. You wont take any damage at all cuz the orange petal will cure it before you take any damage. Once gains stop, cast protection to drop your resist back down. Then go back to walking through the poison field again. It should be able to get you up to atleast 45 very very fast (less then 5 mins).


    Start with 50 tinker since things break here on Siege, take 50 points in something either expensive or a pain to train-- poison, alchemy, hide.
    There are a number of player vendors that sell tinker items-- right outside of Cove, LDH has a nice vendor which is why i suggested cove as a place to take yourself. Other suggestions are Umbra, to mine inside the walls, Delucia, same thing.

    Taming: Tamingarchive.com is awesome site, tells you what to tame and when. Something I used while working tame was autofollow. Hold down alt and left click target. Then you can follow and just hit your tame last macro. Occlo, near minoc stable, brit woods, vesper, skara hedgemaze, all good spots to train tame.

    The other skills: Hiding, chivalry, necro, spirit speak, and many of the 8X8 skills are best done on a boat. My advice is to start with chivalry if you are planning to be a paladin and to start with necromancy if you plan to be a necro. Horrific beast is a great way to train skills for the necro warrior.

    When considering the skills for your character some things to keep in mind:
    1. You will most likely need a weapon skill or wrestle/anat+eval-- PVP happens on Siege and you can forget Trammel templates with no defense.
    2. 75 resist is about the minimum to shoot for, if you think you can get by without it you are really kidding yourself.
    3. Hide is good.
    4. 20.1 track is good, and the same as GM.

    Tip #4 Start with the skills that will cost the most to train and that you dread training the most-- with Ed I think I started with 50 hide/ 50 heal.

    Tip # 5 This brings me to PVP survival-- don't go places that you shouldn't be, this includes Luna, Moonglow, and large sections of Illshinar. Avoid those places and carry only what you can lose and you should be fine.


    A few more things, Wrestling can very easily be taken to 70 fighting the npcs at the jhelomm pits. should only take a couple hours, use 6gp wrestlers until 50 and 8gp wrestlers will get you to 70
    Other fighting skills, best route from 50-70 would be to fight skeles a while, good place to do this is the yew graveyard. Reason being only skeletons spawn there and the area isn't too populated usually but the occasional PK will show up so don't take anything you can't lose as a new character.

    Then after about 64 or so the harpy nest in Ilsh north of the spirituality gate is good if you just lure one out at a time you should do ok.

    for 8x8able skills there are plenty of places this can be done on land, just find a spot you may think isn't blocked by anything and run north through it. If you have a good amout of space just go back to the beginning and start an 8x8 on foot. each line should get you a few runs in a row before you have to use another spot. Magery can be done from 50-70 pretty quickly this way.

    Try and find a few lrc items for magery if you are low on money for regs, you'd be suprised how much less regs you will use with just a few pieces on.

    NEW forum - http://frejasp.dk/NEW/index.php
    If you are new on siege hook up with them, may keep you from bieng killed or stolen from and you will be given the basic gear you need to get going

    <center>Popular Hang Outs
    By Pornocles</center>

    Started in Brit thinking you would find a ton of people there like other shards? Empty? Thought so, some of the more popular hangouts on siege

    Luna is definately the current most popular town where people can be found almost all the time
    Glow and skara both usually have people around but both can be empty often
    I'm told Occlo has a few people there but none of my Guys can cast Gate now so i can't say for sure
    Wispwood Shire, to get there go to Yew gate and follow the filled barrels of water south
    Iantown - It is located in the west shore of Gravewater lake in malas
    Missing any player towns or spots let me know so i can add them

    Looking for vendor spots on siege

    Luna has a ton of vendor houses but beware that it is also one of the big pvp spots and it can get dangerous if you aren't prepared
    Yew gate area has several vendors within 2 screens of the gate or so
    Glow gate has a few houses around it and on the way into the town
    There is a shop near the bank in Skara
    One or two shops at Trinsic gate
    Several shops are on the roads leading out of Umbra
    There are a few shops in Safe Haven, the player town at the crossroads North of Compassion Desert

    PvP spots on siege are basically Luna, Various other moongates like Yew and Glow and then there are Champ Spawns and harrowers being raided all the time
    Doom can hold some pvp from time to time, most notably when the Lvl 10 stealable arties spawn or 2 opposed groups show up at the Gauntlet at the same time.
  2. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    <center>SCC (Siege Community Council) - Collecting Siege Testimonials
    By Py Lethius</center>

    As per a suggestion from the wise Arch-Druid Donal Mor of LDH, I created a thread to collect the testimonials of Siege players... this will ultimately be included in the new "Siege Perilous Page".

    Tell us why you came to Siege, what your experience was like, and why you stayed.

    It can be in simple words, in the form of a in-character story, whatever floats your boat.

    Here is the thread in the SCC forum:

    SCC Linky

    If you see others posting such, copy and paste it to the thread. I only ask that you give the credit of the name of the poster/their Siege character name.

    Make your mark and tell us of your humble beginnings!

    Click link to read more: SCC (Siege Community Council) - Collecting Siege Testimonials link
  3. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    <center>Guilds of Siege - Who is Who
    By Raven of Pagan</center>

    Lately I have been asked quite a few times - mostly by newer Siege players - about Siege guilds... And while I know a few things about the larger or older guilds I am very sure that some of the information I have (or don't have) is no longer up to date...

    That is how I got the idea that we might be able to gather information about the various Siege guilds and put it together in one thread as some sort of guide for newcomers to our shard...

    I would like to ask the guildmasters or guildmembers of the various guilds to please come forward and post in this thread what their guild is about, e.g. do they roleplay (if yes, light or hardcore roleplaying?), how is their alignment (good, evil, neutral?), do they allow reds in their guild, etc...

    I would also ask everybody to only post about their own guild - should you have issues with other guilds and/or their guildmembers please start either a separate thread or take it to PM, ICQ or smoke signals - thank you!

    Guilds listed:
    The Knights of the Silver Serpent (KSS)
    Iron Claw Empire (ICE)
    Ianstorm Alliance (I^A)
    Followers of the Path of Enlightenment (ZeN)
    The Siege Professionals (SP!)
    Citizens of Wispwood Shire (CWS)
    Delucia Trade Association (DTA)
    VamPiric Embrace (VmP)
    Perilous Adventurer's Guild (PAG)
    Newborn on Siege (NEW)
    Heathens (^H^)
    The House of X (HoX)
    The United Blacksmiths of Britania (UBB)
    Vigilante of Justice (VJ)
    The Blackoak Brigands (TBB)
    Shadowclan Orcs Dub(Orc)
    The 40 Thieves (40)
    The House Lynn'Dannae (LDH)
    Graduates of NEW (GoN)
    Deeply Twisted By Fate (DTF)
    Wakayama Clan (WAKA)
    The Seekers of Righteousness (TSR)
    My Little Pwnies (MLP) and My Little Pwnies! (MLP!)
    Letum Intus Corpus Horrendus (LICH)

    Click link to read more: Guilds of Siege - Who is Who
  4. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    <center>NEW TO SIEGE?
    By Cleopatra</center>

    If you are new to Siege and want to join NEW for a month, icq me at 9-626-593, pm me here, or, leave a message on our board http://www.siegeperilous.net/new/ and I will help you get started on our shard.

    It's a good idea to have UOAM downloaded before I add you to the NEW guild. You can download free at www.uoam.net.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    damn you... give us back or 10,000 stickied threads!!!!!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If New to Siege, Freja's Portal for Young Siege Players will help you get started.

    You will find the portal on the url for the old NEW Forum, http://frejasp.dk/NEW/

    You will find info and guides for Siege together with a story and a resource trading forum.

    The guild NEW. with a dot won't be around in 2006 but Shalimars NEW will still be there.

    See you on the forum and ingame.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just perused a post from someone who came to Siege WBB and found no-one. We can rectify that. No matter where you find yourself when you arrive on Siege, you only have to go to these particular three websites to find a contact who can introduce you to our community. Check the leader and supporter contact information on these sites.

    www.siegeperilous.net/new home of NEW
    www.siegeperilous.net (and) /LICH or DARK
    www.frejasp.dk/NEW home of NEW.
    www.shadowclan.org/siegeperilous if you want to RP an Orc, please visit this site first, (before char creation) your character will have to have an orcish name before you will be accepted.

    We may not be fans of spending a lot of time at banks as we're more community minded (player towns), but we will pick you up from wherever you are and help you begin your journey on the shard you will eventually call home.

    If you're a player returning to Siege please feel free to use the above contact info for any help you require, we'll do our best to get you going again.

    I will edit this post if anyone wants to put their contact number here rather than on the sites, so we can keep it brief and all in one place. If you want your contact number here, icq 9-626-593 (Elaine) or pm me here, thanks.
  8. Sloan

    Sloan Guest

    Linky for quest info ---&gt;uostuff
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The link to the CWS forums is changing because our host changed our URL, I will fix errors on our site today and tomorrow

    CWS Forums
  10. LICH is a roleplaying guild that is made up of both humans and undead. We have two major bases of operations, neither of which I am inclined to disclose to the average passerby.. *grins* Our recruitment is pretty straightforward. If you wish to join, contact me via icq (77786049) or stratics PM and we will arrange a meeting. At a minimum, you must be:

    - A decent person. No l33t hzXXorz, this is not the guild for you.
    - Into Roleplaying. If you have never done it, no worries. We will teach anyone genuinely interested in it.
    - Ok with being red.
    - Ok with being in the Minax faction.
    - Interested in fighting, or at least willing to die if not a fighter. Being an all red guild in factions, this should be a given. We do have non-combatant roles as well.

    Our group has no formal rank structure to it, other than recruit, full member, and the Illuminati (elder liches). We believe that people play UO to have fun, and our primary goal is to enjoy our time in Sosaria, while simultaneously trying to extend enjoyment to those we interract with as well. This means that it is not our practice to feel we need to 'punish' anyone, nor is it our practice to smack-talk or dry-loot our fallen foes. If any of this happens, I would appreciate a report of it, post-haste (icq me at 77786049). Certain people/groups are exempt from the no dry-looting rule, but going OOC is not acceptable, even in these cases.


    Q. Does LICH require that my character have necromancy?
    A. No. The only time Necromancy is a requirement is if you wish to be part of the Lich Illuminati, which means you are a full Lich. All others in the guild, with necromancy or not, are some other form of undead, or a mortal in service to Minax/Mondain.

    Q. Do you guys have a Website, UOAM or TeamSpeak server?
    A. We currently have a UOAM and TeamSpeak server. Our website is currently being developed, and will be online within a few weeks.

    Q. I see that LICH is in the Minax faction. How does this affect your RP?
    A. We use the factions to enhance and extend our RP. We primarily serve Minax directly, although some of our humans worship Mondain directly as a deity, with Minax being served indirectly as well. Factions allows us to ride the favored demon steeds of Minax (War Horses) and gives us the opportunity to exert our influence over the major cities of Sosaria.

    Q. Do you guys kill everything that moves?
    A. No. LICH is first and foremost a RP guild. At times we may kill first and ask questions later, but if we are wandering about, we will more than likely wait to see how another party reacts to our presence. Likewise, if we do kill someone and they do not disrespect us (smacktalk, etc..) we will most likely stand guard over the corpse until you return, then speak to you. If we do loot, it will likely be very light, unless you have earned the dry-loot distinction from us.

    Q. Does LICH have any undead allies on Siege?
    A. Not formally at this time. The other undead we have encountered consider us to be something called 'false reds' *shrugs* and attack us on sight. This could be due to jealousy on their part, since we are able to maintain control over ourselves and do not mindlessly attack anything that moves. Perhaps this will change some day, only time will tell.

    Q. How long is the recruitment period, and how does that work?
    A. Those who seek membership in LICH will first join our recruit 'stone', DARK. During this time, the applicant will have several options open to them, based on their RP style and goals/desires within that context and in the guild. The recruitment period is not set in stone, but may range from several weeks to several months. Having at least one full member vouch for you may considerably shorten this time. Applicants that are completely unknown to the guild will need to work very hard to prove their loyalty to Minax and the Illuminati.

    Q. Once I am a full member, what then? How does the lack of a rank system work?
    A. Once you are a full member, you will gain access to the guild resources and will be inducted formally into the LICH guild. At this point you will be expected to act according to our few rules (which is basically - RP comes first). Everyone in the guild is treated as an equal. Liches in the Illuminati are considered as Elder, but this does not mean we are here to order you around. The Illuminati may be the leaders of the guild, but their primary role is to guide and offer aid to the rest of the group. We feel that everyone in LICH is already a veteran in UO, or is at the very least a responsible adult, and we have no desire to order anyone around. You are either a good fit in the group, or you are not. If someone makes it into LICH and we find out later they are not a good fit, we will deal with it and either work to resolve the issue, or force a resolution, which may end up in dismissing someone from the guild.

    If you have any further questions, please contact me in the ways mentioned above and we will arrange a meeting. I prefer to do this in person for a variety of reasons, so please do not ICQ me with a bunch of questions that I would be happy to address in person. Odds are good that I may be involved in a guild function and it would be unfair to both parties if I have to divide my attention in such a manner.

    Death Knight of the LICH Illuminati
  11. Amber Willow

    Amber Willow Guest

    Excellent job! Honorable group indeed. You might want to get in touch with Spyderbyte also. He does guild interviews now on UO Rado. Good opportunity to get your message out to those who don't read the boards and further connect within the community.
  12. ScotREV

    ScotREV Guest

    Still waiting for spyder to interview someone from REV...
  13. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Still waiting for spyder to interview someone from REV...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Guild Interviews are for all shards.. since I interviewed Waka of Siege last, its only fair that I interview a guild from another shard next. There are quite a few Siege guilds I'd like to interview.. REV being one of them. [​IMG]
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *points out that he's been waiting about 6 months for a reply to his offer to interview REV*
    Probably a bit late now...
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="blue"> Siege Perilous Frappr Map </font>

    Wondering if any Siege peeps live near you? Check out our Frappr map and add your listing! [​IMG]
    Siege Perilous Map
  16. unforgivenUO

    unforgivenUO Guest

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    When we first came to Siege we learned about the ruleset, we learned about RoT, we carefully considered all the information we could find.

    But no one mentioned the dark wisps! These were the biggest unannounced surprise on the shard, and totally lethal to a newbie wandering the woods.
  18. <blockquote><hr>

    When we first came to Siege we learned about the ruleset, we learned about RoT, we carefully considered all the information we could find.

    But no one mentioned the dark wisps! These were the biggest unannounced surprise on the shard, and totally lethal to a newbie wandering the woods.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Those things lol...they should have a section of their own.
  19. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I very much enjoy role-play, however, I am repulsed by non-consensual player vs player to death combat.

    Does your Guild have any members who are "servants." Characters who either craft for you, or repair, or gather resources, or scribe your Tomes that tell your stories, or resurrect you and your pets, etc?

    I would prefer to be a captive or minion human, but could also become undead if required.

    Is there a place for a character such as I?

  20. The Holy Empire of Mondain FAQ

    Q: What is The Holy Empire of Mondain?

    A: The Holy Empire of Mondain is an Empire in which the Emperor maintains his authority
    to rule from the High Priest of the Temple of Mondain. According to legend, the High
    Priest (or Pontifex Maximus) obtained this authority to name a successor from Mondain
    himself prior to the treason of Lord British.

    Q: Could you explain the stance of your guild a little better?

    A: Certainly. Our guild believes that Mondain was attempting to bring the gift of immortality
    to all citizens of Britannia, and Lord British became jealous. In an act of treason, Lord
    British sent assassins who slew Wulfgang (father of Mondain) while he thought Mondain was
    out of the realm, and framed Mondain for the act. Lord British, knowing that it was a matter
    of time before the truth came out, quickly used charisma to convince the other kings that a
    war must be waged against Mondain as he was planning to take the throne and destroy all of
    them. Mondain, pushed to desperation and without allies, used the dark arts as a last resort
    to attempt and repel the opposition. Unfortunately, in the end Mondain was slain, but prior
    to his death he gave Sergul'zan, his High Priest, the authority to select his successor in the
    future. Because of his immense power, and the fact that he was tragically killed, Mondain
    became a deity in Britannia. How our guild came out of this history will be revealed via
    fiction on our website.

    Q: What professions can join your guild?

    A: Any profession can join our guild. We plan to have a military, a crafters organization,
    and of course normal citizens. Obviously these are in early stages of development, and
    more information will be available on the website in the future.

    Q: Is the Holy Empire of Mondain a roleplaying guild?

    A: Yes, all citizens (or civis) of the Holy Empire of Mondain are expected to roleplay at
    all times. While we maintain rather loose guidelines on roleplaying (which will be
    posted on the website in the future), we do not allow discussion of real life issues,
    "RoXx0r" talk, Offensive discussion (at the discretion of the Emperor), or profanity.
    For those prospective citizens who wish to roleplay but do not have experience, we will
    certainly be glad to provide guidance.

    Q: Where is the stronghold of the Holy Empire of Mondain?

    A: The stronghold of the Holy Empire of Mondain (and also our capitol realm) is the realm
    of Arx Aeternus (Eternal Stronghold). In this realm are most of our public buildings,
    as well as many private residences. You can find this realm by crossing the bridge on
    the crumbling continent that is guarded by the Turris Cruciatus.

    Q: What is your agression/looting policy?

    A: Our policies vary depending upon the alignment and reputation of our enemies, and of
    course they are always subject to change at the discretion of the Emperor. In general,
    we will kill most anyone we do not have friendly relations with (or try at least [​IMG]),
    and loot solely for the purpose of disarming. Members of the NEW guild will be spared
    if they state "Servo In Nominis Dei!" If a member of NEW is slain for failure to comply
    with this policy, he/she will not be looted, and the citizen responsible for the killing
    will provide resurrection services, as well as provide any requested guidance.

    Q: What is your alliance policy?

    A: In general, the Holy Empire of Mondain allies with those entities that are evil in
    nature, although it must be kept in mind that most evil entities do not consider
    themselves evil. We will also attempt to maintain friendly relations with neighboring
    realms so long as they agree to recognize our Temple. We do not use the built in
    alliance system unless necessary, and instead roleplay our allied relations.

    Q: Where is your website?

    A: Our website is located at http://deusempire.com. It is under construction,
    and sections will be made available as I have time to develop and post them.

    Q: Do you have any faction allegiance?

    A: Our allegiance is to Mondain only, although we can and will participate in the faction
    system on the side of the Shadowlords or Minax. Fiction will provide our reasons for
    being in a faction at any given time. Currently we are dispatching a detachment to the
    Shadowlords for the purpose of updating our combat skills only, and DEUS itself will
    remain independent of faction alignment.

    P.S. I forgot to add that we use latin to name our buildings, and many of our roleplaying war cries etc... are in latin. A list will be provided on the website.
  21. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    Maybe a link to this should be somewhere in here? Lots of folks don't seem to know how to post screen shots and we see a lot of "I would if I knew how" comments.
  22. BajaElladan

    BajaElladan Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    May God bless you Majorwoo.

    Your "Howto" tutorial pertaining to screenshots is for me indeed a Godsend.

    Thank you very, very, much!

    Elladan aka techno-dunce-oh
  23. I heard mention of folks RPing Savages on this shard. This intrigues me mightily, is there any particular guild they're in? I'm really not ready for anything yet, but more info would be dandy.
  24. SavannahSP

    SavannahSP Guest


    I heard mention of folks RPing Savages on this shard. This intrigues me mightily, is there any particular guild they're in? I'm really not ready for anything yet, but more info would be dandy.

    [/ QUOTE ]There are a few around, I don't know them all but here's a couple that I know personally:

    SavageSP (Halex the Savage and Saige the Savage of TnT in-game)

    absimiliard (Lindi of SVG in-game)

    They are both very friendly and nice people.

    Hope that helps. [​IMG]

    There's also the orc thing that is a lot of fun if you want to learn the language *grins*

  25. Jmack1225

    Jmack1225 Guest

    I was wondering what was up with the guild listings myself. I'm really wanting to make "the move" to Siege, and I wanna be an orc. So I do some research and find the Shadowclan Orcs, but apparently they really aren't on Siege anymore. Are the Gouged Eye Orcs affiliated? Do they have the same requirements as in character creation as the Shadowclan Orcs? Maybe that big stinky orc Mo'gluk can help me out.
  26. Trollbane

    Trollbane Guest

    Stupid question probably but couldn't find a mention on the FAQ/Essays on stratics so - is there pet bonding or not?
  27. Agustus

    Agustus Guest

    Yes, pet bonding on Siege Perilous is like pet bonding on the other shards.
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    One last bump!
  29. Feyre

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    I highly doubt that.