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New Spawns...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Zyon Rockler, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    I am not sure if I heard this before or something like it. I probably have and i'm sure alot more have thought about it.

    Remove all of the spawns from T2A Trammel except for spawn that can only be found there. Create new Champ Spawns similar to what we have now but allow them to continually grow and to be much larger in radius.

    For example: Different spawns would be placed in an area. If someone began to kill the spawns, then more would begin to spawn on that spawn area. So, you could walk up, kill 1 spawn in that area and 2 would spawn. If you are able to kill those 2 spawns fast enough then a 3rd would spawn.

    This way the spawn could steady itself depending on how quickly you kill the spawn. So, this would become a kind of tailored hunting spot.

    If 2 people in that area began to kill the spawns then possibly up to 5 or 6 spawns would emerge with possibly 1 being more powerful.

    So, the Champ Spawn grows slowly and could steady itself as a normal spawn spot, like anywhere else in the game.

    If people begin killing another type of spawn close by, they will also begin to increase the spawn but only in their area.

    As the spawns increase in number, the larger the radius and the more types of spawn. If the radius' connect then the spawn enters into a stage that increases the spawn rate x the number of any over-lapping radius.

    So, if you took 4 spawns in 1 area, you could quickly hit a level 4 spawn. Something like 4 to 1 odds. So, you could picture them each being a single deamon spawn that is pushed out to maybe 5 deamons so that each overlaps at 20 deamons for 4 people with possibly 4 paragons.

    Rather than leveling 1 area, the people would control how to focus the spawn or control it. That's what they basically have in The Abyss except they don't overlap but without the beginning number being more than 1 in 1 area.

    So, the spawn grows depending on the speed of how fast you can kill them and the possibility of a paragon depending on how many you can make spawn in that area and paragon death causing mini bosses to appear.

    So, you would focus speed in a small area to work up to the boss but could also affect other spawns by increasing the radius.

    So, something like, maybe pre-historic time with the Myans. Maybe build a couple Temples, create some really cool dinasour spawns like teradactal or large meat eaters and plant eaters.

    Perhaps add some interesting water spawns with huge spawns.

    Possibly add some new dungeons with some deep mysterious secrets that could only be imagined.
  2. phantus

    phantus Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Sounds complicated. The best spawn idea I ever saw was from the version of Warhammer that was put forth by Turbine before Mythic got the deal and destroyed what would have been a great game. Their idea was to have random roaming creatures that, when they met up(randomly mind you), would stop and form a camp. As time progressed the camp would become larger and a leader would eventually emerge. If no adventurers came upon it and destroyed it it would get bigger still until it got to a point it would begin raiding the closest town or settlement. That was ambitious and I have yet to see it's like in any game.
  3. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    It is alittle more complicated because you need a spawn beakon and then a circle around the beakon, being the radius.

    Then you would need to program the beakon to expand depending on how many spawns are spawning or dieing within that range. Then you would need the beakon to know when the 2 areas overlap so that the numbers from the beakon expand and allow for leveling between each other.

    But this beakon could also be placed on a moving target. So, basically you make the beakon a spawn. With this type of system you could create storms. For example: In the area of the beakon you could make it dark and have rain and thunder with some lightning flashes.

    Then you would have puddles similar to slimes of water that you would kill. The beakon could move, moving the entire spawn with it. So, the beakon would have characteristics of a spawn or an NPC, where it would just walk around causing it to move the spawn area. As the water puddles are killed by players the spawn would increase as spawns do now by just a simple leveling system and a boss at the end.

    This could cause storms that overlap to become more powerful but you would have to create the code to do either of these types.

    I also think some work would have to be done on the individual spawn. For example: Some of the types we have now, where you kill the spawn and then it comes back more powerful and then you kill that spawn and it comes back even more powerful.

    Or a spawn that you kill and then 2 spawns are spawned in its' place or a spawn that can summon or call other spawns. So, then you could use these types of spawns in champs.

    For example: A human champ, where maybe you would have Red NPCs, Tamers, Stealthers. You might even allow each of them to heal one another so that the spawn makes a choice. That would make it very interesting and involved.

    So, if you had 2 mages spawn and you were killing one of the mages, the other mage might either attack to do damage to you or heal to keep his counter part alive. So, then you could actually build these NPCs on different levels. For example: Different casting times, resistances. So, it would be real to game timing and damages, nothing that would be over the PvP cap, for example.
  4. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Sounds a bit like rift to me. Uhhg. That game ...well ya im back here because of it!