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New stuff, to me anyway

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Little Sadie, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I just read a few things somewhere else. Maybe someone can confirm.

    You cannot alt F4 out of a VP anymore after getting off the elevator. Doing so will have you staring at your toes in the PG. You can still do it in the elevator supposedly. A lot of SOS shoppers are not happy with that. I use window mode so don't know if that will make a difference.

    Someone reported they went sad during the CFO craning round while trying to AltF4 too.

    Disney has put out info that they are working to restore DXD as soon as possible. Better be soon!

    And my earlier post that they have stopped the transfer of toons for now. I was also told that when they restore that feature you will only be able to transfer toons once. So no switching back and forth.

    I also read that the maze glitch was fixed in the CGCs. I know that isn't true because a toon glitched the maze in a 6 hole yesterday.

    Any other things anyone has noticed since the great new update? LOL!
  2. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    You can bet that a lot of people will be complaining, especially if they are stuck in a CFO with griefers and need to bail out or if they find themselves stuck in VP solo after everyone else bails out at 'just the right time' to make others go sad. If they want to prevent people from shopping with those who aren't there to shop, then they should make it so that everyone has to bail before the fight begins, or those who did bail will go sad. Would require shoppers to be a bit more cautious (making sure everyone runs before the battle starts) but for those who go shopping with unsuspecting victims, it would certainly curb their bad practices some.

    As for windowed -vs- full screen, I can only speculate that it wouldn't make a difference how you exit out. Alt-F4 and 'X' are basically the same thing.

    They need to fully fix it, where you can see what your DXD friends say in the open and such. What's the point of being true "true friends" if you have more problems than benefits?

    I called TT support. There is no set date yet but the toon transfers are temporarily on hold. The person I spoke with said it may be a couple of weeks (but said in such a way that it could definitely be longer) and didn't know of any restrictions that would be in place once transfers are allowed again. I would wager a guess that you could transfer back and forth, just you might have to wait a few days first.
  3. Yeah, i know for a fact they didnt fix the CGC's maze glitch because i did 2 backnine's and toons still do it. That stinks that you cant alt out either. :grrr:
  4. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    I saw that new phrase about the friends list being full. I'm sorry to hear that that's the only new phrase. They could add quite a few if they just thought about it a little. We wouldn't have to buy so many if they added a "Praise" and "Caution" category to put stuff like "Way to Go" and "Bravo" or "You need to heal first" and "Does your mother know you do stuff like that?"

    Just an idea if anyone knows who to talk to about it....
  5. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I'd love to see the phrase Sorry I don't want to leave my district. LOL! On my little toon I have some non sfs that ask to tp to them. They always seem to be in Kooky something or other.
  6. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Nonfriend: "Please be my friend."
    You: "Sorry, I can't."
    You: "You stink!"
    You: "Please don't bother me."

    Could be simplified to...
    Nonfriend: "Please be my friend."
    You: "Sorry, but you're a horrible player, please get lost."

  7. I would pay 1000 jelly beans for that phrase fangs. Forget that I would empty the full jar for it. I don't know how many times I have gone thru a battle with someone that does the exact opposite of everyone else and then has the nerve to say good teamwork, please be my friend? immediately after the fight. I don't think so.

    Whats worse this happened today with a duck that should have known better. He was a 104 and we were in the Dollar mint with some fresh new to the mint toons. Every time I used lure he would use his smallest sound like he wanted everyone to go sad. Thanks to the efforts put fourth by those toons and myself we did complete the run but it was like pulling teeth.

    TT RULES!!:party:
  8. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Oh I could think of a few other choice phrases that people would empty their piggy banks for, just that there's no way Disney would make any of them available (not in this dimension anyway).

    After the first battle, that duck would be on "parole" in my eyes. If they do the same thing during the second battle, then if the others show enough common sense to follow the smart way of doing things, I'd be trying to give "natural selection" a helping hand. Sounds mean but I'm not going to pamper and reward someone who is endangering the team.
  9. Holocog

    Holocog Guest

    Take notice-
    Those are the Poor people who decided to choose trap last, and they are in the mints,pulling out marbles the second someone lures.Id love to have "Does your mother know your doing this?".It would CERTAINLYput some people in thier place.I woundnt mind "Shouldnt you be back in TTC?" for those people 15-50 laff who do front 3's b/c they need to deafeat like 1-15 bossbots.I meant, CMON!Sorry, my list is full tells people you CANT friend them but fangs' phrase acually tells them WHY.I wish I could set ignore to ignore every time someone 40 laff or less asks to be my friend. If anyone decides to do thing like use weakest sound on lured cogs, I will let them use sound all they want on cogs-by themselves. Ill see how they like THAT!

    I also found out that however hard the ceo battle will be is detemined by suit average not suit total.:popcorn:Figures.:stir::stir::stir:
    If you were wondering lolthat was SUPPOSED to be a picture of a holocog, but I got em mixed up.Eh, no huge diffence anyhow.
  10. I didn't mention before because I was trying to be nice. Being new here and all. I am trying to make a half way decent impression. But to tell the truth I kinda forgot I had multi-toon toon up. I only help those toon's that help the TEAM.

    Would have loved to leave him in the middle of the battle but I couldn't subject those other unsuspecting toons. They did nothing wrong. (for the good of the team) And I needed Loan Sharks.:thumbup1:
  11. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Be who you are and forget first impressions. :)

    Ok so then were you only using single-person TU's? Or were you doing group TU's? I got confused by what you said and meant.

    Also, given the choice, I'd rather take my chances without the dummy player because they only increase the odds of the team going sad. With them, cogs always hitting and others always using TU to save each others tails. Without them, can use lure (watch it miss though) and then take out 2 or 3 cogs before lure wears off. By then though, it's under control and if you can get a lure in there while the other 2 use TU, then you're good to go. May take longer than 4 players, but not as long as some idiot sounding all the time even when you lure.
  12. :thumbup:Sorry to confuse. I was only using single toon up on the toons that were wrking towards the common good. The Duck kinda figured it out as did the other 2 toons. Because they were only using the lipstick and sparkle's to toon the Team up. Duckie :gee: almost didnt make it. But thanks to my having more lures then his sound we finished the mint. In the end there was one cog left and he was blinking the nicest shade of red and me being the ever courtious player that I am I gave duckie a boost just before the cog went to the big parts store in the sky. That and I need to build my toon up. I learned the hard way that toon up was important. It was the 2nd to last gag I got after I passed on it in the beginning.

    So any of you who need a toon up buddie lemme know. I have lvl 5 with less then 800 to go for lvl6.
  13. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Did you check the ducks gags? Maybe he realized that he was cooking his own goose and that he'd better behave if he wants to make it to the end.

    I'll do that too. Bad gag choices once in awhile, no biggy. But when it's obvious that they aren't using their brain and refusing to follow the lead, then I only use TU as a reward for when they are good. Teaches them to respect others.
  14. I checked him out before we went into the elevator. He had most lvl 6 gags and a few lvl7's. It was like he just left toontown central and came right into the battle. I have done that before and once realized I let everyone know by saying "sorry" when I threw something dumb.

    Like everyone on TT I have done an oops on occasion. That happends. But usually once maybe twice. I would choose lure, the other 2 would choose either throw, squirt or whatever, and duck would choose squeeky horn sound. I couldnt believe it. Expecially in the Dollar Mint.

    I agree with the toon up for a reward. :thumbup:

    It makes you want to go in and stand there and pass to watch him get sad.

    I don't know how you make it to a 104 laff doing that.

    Unless the Duck is Usually an adult. And I was lucky enough to catch the time that lil timmy decided to use his 'rents toon. Ok now I feel kinda bad:sad2:.
  15. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    Then lil Timmy would need to explain to his parents why he was on their toon.