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New Talent Builds

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by RayneStorm, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    With the new patch out, we have access to the new 51 point talents and a whole slew of changed talents. I've been looking for a good build for my Warlock, but I am coming up empty. I doubt I'm the only one.

    So, let's get some ideas rolling...what is your class, and what build did you choose? Linking a talent calculator would be very helpful too. (While I would suggest the armory, Blizz hasn't exactly updated it yet for the patch. :coco: )

    I'll start...here's my hunter's BM Build:


    With my cat, I can mow down mobs without stopping very long at all. The extra pet talents points are sweet too.

  2. Nevyn

    Nevyn Guest

    Unless you have an exotic pet you're really attached to, I wouldn't take the 51 point BM at the moment. You lose a good bit of dps by not putting at least one point in Go for the Throat. Also, Mortal Shots doesn't benefit white damage anymore so Careful Aim is a bit more useful unless you have extremely low INT. My BM spec. Pretty raid-centric build, probably will be using a wasp for the minor armor debuff. Didn't take my own advice on Careful Aim because my hunter is mostly geared like a rogue, so only ~170 INT.

    My Ret Paladin spec. Pretty cookie-cutter.
  3. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    A good balance between BM and Marksmanship has worked well for me.
  4. wyrmtongue

    wyrmtongue Guest

    I use a insane BM build on my hunter.

    Currently using a core hound and leveling it.

    Tamed the kurken.

    Don't like the shaky shaky ground thing but supposedly blizz is gonna fix that.

    I still do alot of dps. But want to hit 80 so I can put more points into marksmanship.

    The way they changed the BM tree drives me nuts sometimes since I have to waste points in some talents I don't care for to get to the bottom. :sad3:
  5. The new BM talents mixed with the pet talent tree makes hunters unstoppable now. I think it even works really well in pvp scenarios.
  6. Nevyn

    Nevyn Guest

    BM is strong in PvP, and will be moreso when you can get readiness at 80 (back to back Bestial Wraths, sick). People do seem to underestimate Survival, though...the control is great with Wyvern sting and now scattershot.
  7. Yeah, 2 Bestial Wraths in a row? Game over. I never liked Survival much, I always seem to stick with BM. I guess I like my pet to be really strong.