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New template open to critiquing.

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Vittorio Di Riniari, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I was a bit reluctant to divulge my build, but there's simply too much I need to learn before I fully invest in this template. For example, I just learned that it's not possible to ready a special move while a spell is warmed or being cast, so I'm wondering if I'm simply wasting my time at this point.

    The idea with this build was to Curse then Spell Plague to deal some initial damage then Explosion + Spell Plague + Armor Ignore (or Mortal Strike if they have too many HP) + Spell Triggered Boulder to finish. If my Blade of Battle is no longer enchanted, an alternate bloodblade can be used to Spell Plague + Bleed to weaken then Paralyzing Blow, swap to shortblade, Explode + Spell Plague + Armor Ignore to finish.

    Race: Gargoyle

    120 Eval
    120 Myst
    120 Fencing
    100 Focus
    100 Tact
    80 Resist
    80 Magery

    Stats (real): 120 str, 10 dex, 125 int
    Resists: 72/80/71/70/70
    HCI: 45%
    DCI: 60%
    FC/FCR: 2/6
    MR: 22
    HPR: 9
    HP Inc: 25
    Mana Inc: Unknown, but significant.
    Stam Inc: Likely 10-16
    LMC: 40%
    LRC: 100%

    Weapons: Blade of Battle with the Enchant spell cast upon it, along with a backup spell channeling +15% HCI shortblade and bloodblade.

    Talisman: Faction Primer on Arms Damage Removal

    Head: Faction Folded Steel Reading Glasses

    Body: Five imbued leather pieces, splicing in an Infused Void Kilt and/or Lavaliere if I can somehow get them.

    Bracelet: Faction Ornament.

    Ring: Faction Crystalline Ring.

    Shield: Faction Order Shield.

    Robe: Conjurer's Garb.

    Cloak: Quiver of Infinity.

    Sash: Lieutenant's Sash.

    Half-Apron: Faction Crimson Cincture.
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