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[Magery] New template, strictly for fun

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Grimm_of_Oceania, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. So I have my disco tamer, necro mage tamer, sampire, abc archer and a whammy...

    I was looking for something that can do alot and is simply going to be for some fun hunting

    I have a template already made that I am going to use for this char

    100 magery
    115 eval
    100 necro
    120 ss
    120 swords
    100 tacts

    this leaves 55 points, + my 15 I get from the necro tali.

    I use a set of sorcerers armour, crimmy and an orni (ring yet to decide) and travel in wraith mode. I have an sc no -1 scimitar with high mana leech.

    Stats are yet to be finalised but will be something like 80/80/100, subject to how they perform and if I have spare int to put into str

    I was wondering what to do with the extra points, with a cystal ring I can squeeze an extra 90 points onto the template.

    Once a 120 eval scroll turns up on oceania I will raise eval to 120.

    Med is kinda redundant due to my high mana regen and leeching, chiv I could put at 60 (for eoo, df and ca) and the rest into mana, or I could train parry, put it into anat for extra damage or train bushy? I have 115 weaving stoned, I could lower some other skills and have weaving.

    What do you guys think would work with this. Does anyone run with a similar template.
  2. I'd be concerned, even with the regen and the leech, with mana. In PVM you are going to be doing a lot of dumping.

    Also, I've never really considered the tank mage approach to pvm. With pvp you are getting specials out of it and that is really the only benefit aside from a disrupt here or there. in PVM your damage with the weapon is going to be really small, you'd probably want chiv or bushido to get anything out of it. Even then, you don't really want to get so close with a weapon that you can't get spells off.

    I'm not sure if this would work. I'm not saying it couldn't, but I'd at least try and work in a little med and consider what you want to do with the character.

    Trust me, I understand fun. But if you just want a pvm mage that runs around with a weapon, it might be worth considering a mage weapon.
  3. Another thought:

    By using weapons at all on a pvm mage, I'd be worried that you are very much limiting the powerful side of your template.

    If you are holding a weapon that means you are not holding a slayer spellbook, or even a normal spellbook with good sdi type mods.

    Not to mention that if you at all try to use specials, you aren't using that magery and necro.
  4. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I think he intends to play it more for nostalgic purposes. Sadly, the days of a tank mage are outlived.

    No longer can you run around with GM Swords, 80 wrestling, 92 magery, 80 eval, 78 med, 90 tactics, 90 healing, and 90 anatomy.
  5. It is mainly for nostalgia. I remember my first char was a a sword [power] wielding mage.

    All my other mages use either swords of prosperity of staff of the magi's and I dont actually have any slayer spellbooks. I do have a whole lot of various arty spellbooks though.

    I am not really sure what I want ot do with this char. Maybe it's just to have a char that can do most things in the game, yet not be able to get barra up and back down without anyones help. Sounds silly but I already have chars that can do crazy things.

    Mayber archery is the way to go, for at least moderate damage output. I am sure I can find another use for the 120 swords elsewhere. I just put a few bows on my paperdoll and noticed a big jump in dmg output.