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New to Bods kinda...been over a decade question?

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Tye, May 28, 2015.

  1. Tye

    Tye Sage

    May 4, 2015
    Likes Received:
    It seems to do a Large bulk order it would take forever to randomly get the small bulk order needed to put into the large how do people ever finish large bulk orders.....?
  2. Melchiah

    Melchiah Journeyman

    Dec 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Collection, collection, collection...

    Compared to ten years ago, it's much the same - hope the NPC gives you something good each time! Although unlike before, you can queue up to three BODs at a time, or one for every 6 hours of time that has passed, up to three maximum. You can also claim a new one after each turn-in, so make sure you keep and fill the iron weapon BODs and turn them in one-by-one, claiming a new BOD each time. It's also worth finding some helpful smiths on your shard, and trading for the ones you need.

    You can now also bribe the NPC Smith to 'upgrade' a BOD you have - so for example you can change quantity, quality and material - but higher increases cost more!

    Taken from the P74 Patch notes...
    • Bulk Order Caching
      • NPCs will now allow cache up to 3 bulk order deeds for players
      • All BODs are limited to one every six hours; this is no longer dependent on crafting skill level
      • The system will “cache” up to 18 hours worth of BOD give outs
      • Players may claim all 3 deeds in quick succession
      • Turning in a BOD adds a new deed to the cache (up to 3)
      • Example: Log in after 18 hours and receive 3 deeds
      • Example: Receive 3 deeds, then turn in 3 filled deeds, and immediately receive 3 new deeds
    • Bulk Order Bribery
      • Players may now grease the palms of NPCs that give out Bulk Order Deeds
      • The NPC will accept a bribe from the player in order to upgrade a BOD to a better one
        • Upgrades: Quantity, Quality, Material
        • Can only upgrade completely empty deeds
      • NPCs will become more greedy over time and ask for higher bribes
        • Higher level deeds also require higher bribes
      • NPCs who are bribed frequently will come under Guild scrutiny, and stop accepting bribes for a short time
      • To start the process, select the Bribe context menu option on the NPC, and follow the instructions!
  3. Percivalgoh

    Stratics Veteran

    May 7, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Long ago I felt the same way as you. When BODs first came out I didn't have time to collect them and for the work I did, all I cold get was a dull copper runic which at the time made worse weapons than a regular hammer so I quit gathering for a while. My friends encouraged me to restart be cause they had giggled the function of runic s a bit so I restarted but it took me a while to get to that point where I think I have enough BODs .........now I have trouble getting enough metal to fill them. Now for each one you fill and turn in you get another so the supply rapidly increases, you get your 3 a day plus whatever you fill. Soon enough you will need a castle just to store them all :)
  4. Tuan

    Tuan Slightly Crazed

    Nov 2, 2013
    Likes Received:
    FOr smithing, you don't really need to do the LBoDs unless you want to... You can get a hammer up to bronze with smalls, and mostly the shadow (100% elemental dmg) and copper (100% hit leech on 3.0 weapons, 96% on 2.75, 150 luck, clean 10 stam etc) are what gets used these days. Since basically any non-weapon deed can be bribed to give you either a shadow hammer, copper hammer, or a PoF... pretty much every deed can be immediately cycled. I don't even accept the weapon larges, nor ringmail, nor something like 20 verite exceptional shields.

    The gold+ hammers, which require the LBoDs, are very very hard to control what you get when you reforge, so you either need to plan on burning through LOTS of charges, or getting some mods that are sub-optimal. As such, smithy LBoDs don't have a ton of use. If you need a +60 hammer, just buy one for 200k. If you need 120 smith, just buy it.

    Tailor LBoDs I think people find worth doing: the 4 cloth non-exceptional x20 gives you spined kits, which are very useful for getting clean 1 mod stuff. When I get any 4x normal cloth I try to bribe it to 20, if it goes exceptional, I toss it. 4x exceptional and the 5x cloth I normally toss away. The footwear larges I always bribe to be 20 barbed exceptional, because these give horned kits. (and sometimes 120 tailor, which is basically junk... maybe can sell for 100k). The others I always bribe up to get a barbed kit, so always 20 barbed. This way, 100% of the leather smalls I get can be used to fill larges.

    In general then, I just cycle smalls. I have a couple 'extra' chars with 0.1 tailor which I will use to grab 3 cloths a day, and usually just immediately buy stuff to fill them. Then I give them to my 120, and he turns them in to cycle a chance for a large.

    I'm quite certain that this is the most efficient way to use bods if you're trying to maximize the utility. If you want a certain decoration or something, you can just modify my above system for that 1 lbod etc.

    In the way I normally run deeds, I can normally get and fill 2 or 3 larges with about 2 hours of effort. Just takes a bit of cash for bribery... but gold is easy to come by, and you can always sell PoF pretty easily.