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new to stealing

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by catfish, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. catfish

    catfish Guest

    so i made a pvp thief and went out to play.

    Found a guy with 30 pots in his pack. tried to steal... failed

    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed
    tried to steal... failed

    10 straight fails at 120 stealing.


    so my take-away is that there is a limit to the number of stones you can steal. AND, if items are stacked in a stack that is greater than this limit, you cant steal ANY OF THEM!

    is that correct?

    I was hoping i could just steal some random number of pots from his stack.

    sorry if this is all somewhere buried in the faq, but i couldnt find it.
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Its a bit strange, you will always fail above, i think 13stones.

    Below that, quite often you will only steal a few from the stack...but only if you could steal the whole stack.
  3. catfish

    catfish Guest

    that's completely crazy. so all someone has to do to prevent a thief from stealing is carry around pots in groups of 30, or bandages in groups of 300. what a joke and what a useless skill.
  4. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    Its not useless, it about being patient. Stealing bandies, pots etc is good for a laugh but its usualy only for filling time and practice for the big events.

    Set your sights higher than 30 pots :)
  5. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    You can't directly steal items 13 stones or higher, you will fail every time. However, if you RANDOM steal, by targetting the player themselves instead of the item, then you will be successful every time, but it is random and tough to actually steal what you want. This works for stacked items of any amount of stones, even 1000000, haha.

    As far as single items, not stacked, are concerned, stones 1-12 should be directly stolen (unless you have very low stealing, then random steals would greatly increase your chances of stealing high stone items), and 13-15 stone single items should be stolen randomly. This is because 13-15 stone items will cause you to fail 100% of the time if stolen directly. Any higher than 15 stones and it says, "That is too heavy to steal."

    In a test we did, we had a thief with only 54 Stealing and multiple thieves with 120 Stealing all attempting to steal a 15 stone ringmail tunic. The 120's were stealing directly, while the 54 was stealing randomly. The 120's failed every time, while the 54 was successfully stealing it every time.

    So, direct steals are good for 1-12, but anything higher can only be stolen with random steal.

    I've been gone from UO for months due to computer troubles, and my memory is kind of fuzzy. If you want a full detailed description of this and everything else having to do with the thief class, find a member of the P0O guild on Atlantic. Have them bring you to the guild house, where I have 5 books locked down, 173 pages total. Anything you need to know will be in those books.
  6. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
  7. Robthemilt

    Robthemilt Guest

    I'll be putting those books up in my library back in Malas soon too. As well as anything else that i can find (bookwise), Im always looking for more. How to's-, stories, i LOVE guild trash talk books. whatever.
  8. RichDC

    RichDC Guest


    I had no idea about that...Im gna have to start a char on atl jsut to come read those books!
  9. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Haha, yeah I went through a lot of trouble writing those books. They've been on sale at DeadBob's Book Store, but since I haven't been on UO in months, my vendor needs to be restocked. They are on display at our guild house though.

    I don't have them on my vendor for the money, I have them there as a way to distribute them. Kind of amazing though when you think about it...4 books on sale (1 of the 5 books isn't for sale and can only be read at my house) for 50k per book, and I've made over 10mil from book sales alone, lol. I'd set them as "free", but then I'd have punks cleaning out my vendor for no reason.
  10. catfish

    catfish Guest

    what a wealth of info. thanks a ton.