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New To the Game

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by imported_Mavric, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. I just started playing afew days ago. I like the look of it, but all the reading is a pisser, and I always seem to forget where I got my quests from.
    I think that once I get used to the layout of the game that it'll get better, but I'm liking it.

    Any advice for a newbie?

  2. At the bottom in the middle you will see a small gold cup or wine glass looking thing, click it to see your quests and read the quest text to see who gave you the quest or where to turn it in.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your other option is to not be in a chat window and hit "L" key, which will bring up your quest logs and the quests you are on as well as how many you have.

    The colors of the quests show difficulty. Grey means you will get a tiny amount of experience but will be super easy. Green is just your level or slightly below. Yellow is above your level by 1-2 levels and will be a bit more challenging, but still easy to do and will give more XP when turn in. Orange and Red are ones that you will need to level some or get helpt o completely. If you get help and turn them in when red, you get more XP
  4. Madis

    Madis Guest

    Both good suggestions, but, I have one that will help ya a bit more. Add ons in WoW are allowed and looked on with wonder and awe.

    Go to google and type in a search for WoW Matrix. Download it and run it. There is a tab there for all kinds of add ons. A few I would suggest are Lightheaded, double wide and tomtom.

    When you bring up your quest log (if you are running these) instead of the normal 2 panels, you get 3 panels to look at. Left is the different quests you have, center is the one you have high lighted, and the 3rd (on the right), holds comments from wowhead users put there by folks who have already done the quest! They tell ya what to expect, and how to finish it.

    As an added bonus, while you are reading these, when you see 2 numbers in blue, if you click on them, it adds a waypoint to both your mini map and your world map so when you open your world map, it will have a green dot at each location for your quests!

    So you go to an area, gather all the quests you can, open up the quest log, go thru each quest, clicking on the blue coordinates. When you finish doing that, you open your world map, and all the little green dots now show where your quests are.

    Setup a route to follow and you are now good to go.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Try downloading Quest Helper which arranges your quests in the fastest and easiest way possible http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/quest-helper.aspx
  6. GuideGuru

    GuideGuru Guest

    Quest Helper while one of my favorite mods, is not a good idea to start using now. In fact I am not sure if it still works. Blizzard just released an update to their EuLA I believe for add-ons and it did not favor quest helpign add-ons very well. The creator of Quest helper was not happy with Blizzard and has said he will not be updating the add-on anymore.

    Your best bet for a leveling add-on is either going to be

    a.) Carbonite (free)


    b.) A leveling guide with an in-game add-on

    Now if this is your first character I can't say for sure if I would use a leveling guide, unless you have friends at 80 that are waiting for you to level.

    I find that when you make your first character leveling can be fun enough by itself as to not need to use a leveling guide, but again if you wanna just hit 80 fast then there is no better way then using a guide.
  7. Dont walk RUN to cursegaming and download questhelper. it is your first toon so dont be in a hurry but it will take out soooo much frustration from the game. If you need a leveling guild excavationinc.wowstead.com on cenarius is a great place to hang. cause ...Im there and instead of telling you to go look stuff up I will just answer the damn question.If im not there the rest of my guild are the same way cause we boot A holes.:thumbsup: