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new to the tamin world

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by imported_IgotWood, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Hiya tamers [​IMG]
    just got a empty slot and decided to try out the taming life. i know most tamers like the mage route but what are your opinions in this template, be as honest as needed =P

    120 archery
    115 taming
    115 lore
    100 vet
    100 tact
    100 anat
    90 healing... which actually leaves me with quite a few points left over since with equipment i get a additional +60 points
  2. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Well... Most people take magery so they can gate new pets they just tamed. If you can't gate you have to walk your pet home if you can't ride him, or have a friend gate you.

    Magery is also a means of healing your pet while he's not standing next to you. Sometimes it's hard to stay next to your pet and heal it.

    Aside from that it looks ok. Your template of choice really is up to what you want to do with the template.

    If you chose the correct pet for what your hunting you really don't NEED to do any damage yourself. So most tamers just heal their pets. Some mobs are actually too hard for pets to survive with just the vet skill.
  3. joblackjon

    joblackjon Guest

    My favorite char is a Tamer/Bard with SoulStones.

    For taming, put together Tamer/Peace/Disco/Magery. Peace protects the tamer Disco makes the tame easier and Magery Gates you and pet to the stables.

    For PvM, Tamer/Peace/Disco/Resist. Disco the bad guy and Peace instruders. Very powerful template.
  4. DrDolittle

    DrDolittle Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 7, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I have a tamer/archer very similar to what you list but with out healing. Your list totals 735 points so I am assuming you have quite a bit of gear to still have 60 points available. My “extra” skill is chivalry; that works very will with the character.
  5. aye..thnx for replies...im thinkn for pvp throw a dismount then sick the puppy or whatever else i have atm. for extra points i have:
    +20 archery (headress)
    +29 taming (tali, ring/braclet)
    +12 vet (ring)
    +15 lore (tali, braclet)
    and i think a couple of other skills to help along the way. ya i was leaning towards throwing it into chiv as well.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My tamer is pretty close to that too [​IMG] ANd I love playing her

    Though - just wondering, is there any advantage to 115 lore, over 110? You dont get an extra stable slot til 120, so is 115 worthwhile spending skill points on?

    I'm still playing with getting my skill distribution right for me, but i have a lot of fun with my archer/tamer [​IMG] (I only PvM though, not PvP [​IMG])
  7. thank u agin for reply, i don't know anything about tamin..so no idea about lore either =P
  8. minificelle

    minificelle Guest

    I too play a combat/tamer but sword instead of archery.

    Yes, most people choose bard/tamer (effective, especially the disco one but way too passive for me) or the mage/tamer, but combat/tamer are very viable and super fun to play.

    My template in process...
    Tame 110 locked but scrolled to 120 (only use for easier taming and stable slots with jewerly)
    Lore 110 locked but scrolled to 120 (for stable slots)
    Vet 100 locked but scrolled to 110 or even 120 (stable slots too)
    Sword 120
    Tactic 120
    Chiv 95
    Necro 45 (for vamp form with +items)
    With current 700 points (considering to lower some and to add a range 50/60 parry).

    I dont pvp so cant say about this part of the game but here my opinion for pvm:

    As you see, the template concentrates highly on offense and is pretty low on defense, the reason being the pets are tanking for you.
    I choose to use chiv over heal/anat because its cheaper in skill points and far more usefull (sufficient heal/cure because you are not the primary target of monsters, great offensive and convenient travel).
    The necro part is too a great addition making you almost immun to poison,adding life leech and some rege, so in some ways that part is replacing resist spells with added benefits (still bear in mind, its your pets that are tanking).

    Now, how it plays ?

    Well, for hunting, you pretty much destroy everything at light speed, pets+you doing some very high damage. While not being a true combat character, you still can stand your own against mid to high monsters alone, so you can hunt alone or spit targets (your pet on one monster, you on another).
    Now, you have to remember thats you are not a true combat and, if things go bad, run, heal, petball, heal pet and come back to fight or recall [​IMG]

    For the convenience stuff (mark, gate etc).

    2 +15jewels and a book (i use a +12) put you in the 40 45 range in magery.
    Now with mark scrolls, you can just mark in like 2 or 3 tries.
    You can invi with invi scrolls.
    You can even gate with gate scrolls (10% chance) to stable your new tamed pet or just use the trick: tame pet, all stop, all stay, recall in some town, log out, log in and voila, the new pet is now near you, ready to be stabled...
    If you really need to heal from far away, greater heal scrolls...doable, but for sure not as convenient as having magery in the build.

    For taming.

    Thats where combat/tamer are inferior to other templates (no peace, no para) so its all about lead taming.
    But, really, as soon as you have all the pets you want, you never tame again or only 1 here and there to get a better one, so no big deal.
    So, just bash the animal you want until he get low on health and just lead tame.

    Now, for your template, as Teeshy says, there is no benefit to go to 115 tame/lore (no more stable slots). For same amount of skill points, put one at 120 and the other at 110 and its 1 more stable slot. But really, no real points going over 110 tame/lore (use jewels to go to 120 to tame new animals and/or stable) But for normal play 110/110 is all you need.

    I strongly suggest you to add some chiv somewhere, at least 75 points: add so much in both offense/defense and convenience (recall and rez) thats its mandatory for any combat char in my opinion (at least in pvm). Perhaps consider necro too for vamp form and leech.
  9. thank you very much that is exactly what i was looking for...thnx for the recall tip too for unbonded pets awesome !! what in evryones opionion is better 120 taming or lore? and ya chiv i think you are right to throw points into that. sounds like 100 in vet is fine then 2
  10. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    I wouldn't recomend a Cu Sidhe or a Hiryu for PVP. I've tried them both and didn't like the results. Their too easily lead away and too easy to get away from.

    My favorite pvp pets are a Rune Beetle and a Nightmare. You can't run away from their spells and beetles are very quick to jump your target and poison them.
  11. once again ty very much very useful info...i like the idea of that 2 as well ride the nightmare and have beetle in ball i guess? so a dismount, sic beetle/mare on someone should work ok i hope...even though im figurin usually a bunch will gank my pets
  12. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    To pvp with a tamer you need to set up your environment and make a few preperations. First find the area for your ambush. [​IMG]

    You want to cast bless and quickness on your beetle. This will boost his dex so when you say all kill he runs like his tail's on fire to kill your victum. Next invis beetle and mare and yourself. Prepare your bola and wait for your unsuspecting target.

    Hit him with bola to dismount and say all kill and hit your last target macro. If you want hit him with a flamestrike. (If he's still alive! [​IMG])

    The only tactic that you have to really worry about is leading your pets away. Carry pet summoning balls for your mare and beetle and keep them close.

    This pet combo is a virtual player eliminator. I went to Yew gate with a friend and his mare and beetle. We were there for maybe 5-10 minutes and he killed seven orange players. (He was in factions and was their to get silver)

    Lastly don't stay in one place too long. Eventually the players your hunting will get together and hunt you down. In factions however you have 20 minutes before the players you just killed get back to hunting you! (Faction players that get killed by other factions players suffer stat loss for 20 minutes)
  13. awesome wish there was factions here on napa...i was actually gonna start with dismount since im a archer but ya have the all kill/last target ready. Im still tryin to figure out the summonin ballz, haven't really messed with em yet since tamin finally hit 80
  14. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    Pet Summoning balls:

    You get them from the same quest as bags of sending.

    To use them double click the ball then click the pet you want linked to that ball. (In the above case, one for your mare and one for your beetle)

    Then you can just double click the ball and it will bring your pet to you. (there are a few exceptions like they don't work in Doom or the lost lands. You could park a pet at Paupua or Delucia bank and then summon them I think)

    Using them for pvp prevents your pet from being dragged away from you by one player so another can attack you.

    As far as dismount goes I think you have a better chance with a bola then you do with a bow.

    Don't forget to dismount those pesky ninja's too. They get changed back to human form now if they get dismounted in animal form!
  15. once again tyvm [​IMG] i was wondering how you got them back to you after you summoned for the first time. I know its lame but is there any tricks to raising faster then finding a great hart taming it, releasing killn and going to the next one? bugger is slower than anything else i've raised and i thought gm'n poisoning/lumberjackn was slow