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New Travian Games Shroud of the Avatar Website

Discussion in 'Shroud of the Avatar Discussion Hall' started by SotA Stratics, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. SotA Stratics

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Greetings Avatars,

    As many of you know, Portalarium and Travian Games have a Publishing agreement for most EU countries (except for the 3 Baltic states), LATAM and the MENA region.

    As a part of this agreement, Travian Games will add a number of services for players within their publishing territory.

    After the official launch of Shroud of the Avatar on March 27th 2018, Travian Games will operate a dedicated website at https://shroudoftheavatar.game, language specific forum sections and Customer Service in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and (Brazilian) Portuguese.

    After the launch customers from the Travian Games territories will be migrated to the Travian Games services. This transition will neither affect your game account nor your previously obtained pledges, rewards, etc.

    Q: “Will I have to do anything with my account to keep playing?”


    In general, you can simply continue playing with your account. If you want to purchase anything from the new webstore, you need to login to the new website with your existing account and accept the Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Data transfer and Data sharing agreement from Travian Games.

    Q: “Will the website and its content be available in my language?”


    The Website will be available in the languages English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. New content will always be added in English first and we will update the translations of important news and announcements into the supported languages in a matter of days.

    Q: “Will I still be able to access the Portalarium website and store, if I live in a territory from the EU (except Baltics), LATAM or MENA?”


    You will not be able to access the Portalarium website anymore, but we will copy all new content over to the Travian Games website. So you shouldn’t miss out on any news. The forums will be unchanged (see below).

    Q: “Will there be a separate forum for the Travian Games territories?”
    The forum and all its content will remain accessible for everyone and the transition will have no impact on your forum accounts. We are introducing dedicated forum sections for the additional supported languages and Travian Games staff and Community Ambassadors will moderate those sections.

    Q: “Can I already use the store and services on the new website?”


    You can currently already access the new website, if you are living in a territory from the EU (except Baltics), LATAM or MENA. But login and migration of your account will only be able, once Portalarium and Travian Games enable the migration within the next few days.

    Q: “Is the new website final?”

    A: The current version of the website is just the beginning. We will continuously add new features and content to the website.

    Q: “Will flash sales and discounts also be available for me in the Travian Games store as they appear in the Portalarium store?”


    In general Travian Games will not necessarily offer identical promotions as Portalarium, but tailor them for their own territories. But in general, we try to provide a familiar set of sales and discounts, that you are used to.

    Q: “Will EU data privacy laws be accommodated during the transition of user accounts to Travian Games? Which data is going to be shared between Portalarium, Travian Games and potentially other parties?”


    We take data privacy very serious and are fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read up all the details here. (only accessible from EU (except Baltics), LATAM and MENA)

    Q: “After the creation of my account I have moved and now I live in a different territory. Will my account be assigned to a territory based on the country of the account creation or the country I currently live in?”


    If believe, that your account is associated with a wrong publishing territory, please contact customer support and we will look into it.

    If you have any further questions that are related to the transition of your account, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]or the Portalarium support at [email protected]

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