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New (well returning) player question

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Vortex337, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Vortex337

    Vortex337 Guest

    If I go to ea.com and download the game, what if I want to install it on a second computer? With the original I got the disks. Can I just flash the exe files to disc and install on another computer?
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    You can transfer the program via local-network, or flash-drive. You will need more than the .exe. files for it to work though. You'll need to take the while UO Folder, plus if you want to move any macros you may have already created, you will need to move the character files on your My-Documents Folder. I've had no trouble doing this with the legacy client, or the new enhanced client.
  3. Vortex337

    Vortex337 Guest

    Great, I am going to register with my laptop then and then transfer over to desktop once I get it all set-up. I haven't set any Macros or anything as it is going to be a new account. Thanks again for the info, you are quite the help. Does everyone (or most) people still use ICQ?
  4. I do, seems to be the most common way to communicate. If you need any help getting started LMK.

    333-920-092 ICQ ;)
  5. Escobar_TDT

    Escobar_TDT Guest

    Why would you want to download the game when you have the CD you can just patch up?
  6. Vortex337

    Vortex337 Guest

    I had the CD many, many moons ago. Probably soon after UO went public, I haven't played since the first expansion, the new lands ( I think that was what it was called ) I haven't started my account yet, hopefully today but I am just going to download it from EA.com. I want to have it on my laptop and desktop which is where the question came from.
  7. Escobar_TDT

    Escobar_TDT Guest

    Ok, if you "HAD" the CD and don't have it anymore, then it makes sense to download the game. If this is the case you could just download whatever it is that is on EA.com, install it on your desktop then put the downloaded file (probably an .exe) on a CD or flash disk and install it on your laptop.

    Sort of what Tazar said earlier except more dummy friendly. His idea was to take the already installed version of UO, copy the whole UO folder that is on your local disk drive under Program Files and paste it into your laptop. Something similar to this: (C:\Program Files\Ultima Online 2D). I'm not too computer savvy but I think the downside of doing it this way is that it doesn't get registered to your computer. You won't have the option to go to your control panel and uninstall UO, you would have to manually delete the whole UO folder if you wanted to get rid of it....but why would you want to do that? lol

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck.
  8. Vortex337

    Vortex337 Guest

    Yep that is exactly it, I had the CD. I have no idea where it went. But I am going to D/L it from EA and install it on both desktop and laptop. I will play mainly on Desktop but if I travel or anything I want to be able to play on my laptop also. Thank you for the help.