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Newb BOD Question

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Horace, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Horace

    Horace Guest

    Ok guys, so I havent played UO in many many years so excuse the newbness of my question.

    The question is, I have a BOD to fill 15 Exceptional Plate Tunics (no material noted, so I assume you can choose???). I see in the BOD rewards spreadsheet that if I complete 15 copper Exceptional Large that I would get a 120 Power Scroll. Now I have completed 14 exceptional Copper plate tunics, but ran out of ingots and having a hell of a time getting that last one. What would happen if I made an exceptional tunic out of a higher level metal than copper to fulfill the last tunic? Would it give me credit for having completed a copper tunic? I would hope it would given that it is actually higher material, but my inclination is that it wont work. So whats the dealio folks????

    Also, what power scroll do I get? Is it a random one? A Smithy one? Or can I choose? Help a newb out fellas!
  2. Horace

    Horace Guest

    HOLY *&$%!!!!

    So I just read about BODs on the FAQ, sorry didnt do that before. So it appears that with my BOD to make 15 exceptional plate tunics (no material specified) the best I can hope to get is a fuggin prospector's tool, GPA or a set of +3 gloves? Are you KIDDING ME? Not only did I spend a TON of time making exceptional copper plate tunics, but the reward is pretty much useless???? WOW IM SUPER BUMMED!

    It seems to me that some of these BODs would take FOREVER to do!!!! Is all that work really worth it? Even with the really good rewards the magical properties are still random...so you arent even guaranteed to make the bada$$ weapon/armor you wanted in the first place. I just really fail to see how going through all this trouble is worth your time. Seems your better off rolling the dice killing mobs than to mine for 5 years to only get the chance to get the weapon you want. Man im dissapointed!!!!!!!

    Please tell me Ive got it wrong!!!!!
  3. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    15 exec copper platemail small is a dull hammer the large for it is a 120 scroll.
    But you just started you need to begin a collection. It will take a while to build up you're collection but once you do everything becomes worth it and easier.
    Use previous posts on how to get more bods and do youre research. It takes some dedication. Material you will need to either buy or mine. With iron normal bods you can just buy from wep-armor np shops.
  4. Horace

    Horace Guest

    Well the problem is that my BOD did not specify the ingot type. I asked a guy in town about the BOD and he said that I could use any ore type, so I assumed that because the deed didnt say "IRON" (at least I dont believe it did), that I had the choice of what ore type to use. So I figured i would just work on getting the 120 power scroll. I also made the horrible assumption that LARGE was determined by the type of armor your making. I didnt realize that LARGE meant a BOD that required making a full set. Given that I was to make exceptional tunics, how much larger can you get? Obviously I was dead wrong.....

    So essentially it appears I got one of the worst types of BOD....A Small Exceptional Iron Plate Tunic BOD. It has jack squat for return and I wasted 30k gold buying ingots and several hours mining to get the rest. Even if I kept this BOD to fill a LG Exp Iron Plate BOD, Im looking at a Dull Runic Hammer. Whippidy freaking do......Im so pi$$ed right now I want to spit nails. Such a waste of time and coin.....
  5. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    Even though it doesn't give any good reward that is what is called a junk bod which you fill but you give right back to the smith after filling so you can request another bod immediately without having to wait. Dont bother filling large irons deeds it's a waste. Turn in all smalls with no good rewards and sae the goods ones in collection. remmember to request a new one after every turn in and make sure you turn it with a gm or higher smith use ancient hammers if you need boost.
  6. Horace

    Horace Guest

    Yeah, im a GM smith. I guess im just amazed at the number number of ingots its going to take to complete some of these BODs....

    I guess I just dont see how these hammers are THAT valuable.......If the smith could choose which magical properties they were going to add to the weapon I could see the value, but given that the magical properties that get added are totally random, I dont see why you would want to put so much work into trying to get a hammer that you have no assurance will even produce the item your hoping for. Which is why im wondering why you wouldnt just spend time killing mobs for gear instead. Its a crap shoot either way!
  7. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    It's simple. We market them. You see we burn the hammers we get keep what we can use and sell the rest then use that money to buy resources or buy the weapons or armor we do need. Most of the time we just sell the hammers and let others with deep pockets burn through them and sell what they don't need. Either way it gives us a nice lprofit allowing us to buy anything we need instead of just hunting.
    We make a good profit out of this as well as we actually like collecting them most of us hord alot of things bods is all about the collection.
    Most of us have our own miners and we use the resources and sell the rest.
    Some people prefer to hunt but the items that hammers make are always better than what you can loot.
    When imbuing comes along the items we make will be used either for ingrediants or to add properties to already good items.
    It's really very profitable once you get things going. The gold you receive from these sales allow you to buy anything else you need in the game so you can hunt,pvp,decorate,collect,or whatever without a price cap.