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Newbie Archer/Fletcher Gear/Supplies Advice

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by abyssknight, May 27, 2009.

  1. abyssknight

    abyssknight Guest

    It's been a few years (understatement) since I've played UO. From what I can tell the economy has changed quite a bit, and getting started is still just as difficult as it has always been. A few friends coerced me into getting the UO:ML expansion and I'm back in the game.

    I'm building an Archer/Fletcher character and I'm wondering what I need to snag in the way of gear and supplies. I've already picked up a few slayer bows, helpful jewelry and hacked a forest dry of boards.

    I've seen something floating around called a Quiver of Infinity which sounds pretty ominous, and something that I'd definitely like to have. From what I gather though, you need a heritage token to get one of those at this point. Are there any tailor vendors on LS where I can grab a quiver, finite or not?

    As far as armor goes, I'm still using basic drops of studded leather. I don't really know what I'm looking for, so I figured I'd better save my gold.

    Any suggestions would be great. It's been far too long for me, and I'm just sticking to what I know for now: hack tree, make bow, kill ettin, skill up.

    Thanks in advance everyone! :)
  2. GalenKnighthawke

    GalenKnighthawke Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back.

    Depending on when you last played it's likely that so much has changed you should pursue UO as a different, unfamiliar game to the one you knew.

    Try UOGUIDE.com, or here at Stratics, if you want to look up anything specific.

    One thing I'll tell you straight away is that with rare exceptions templates are too-crowded to accommodate crafter/non-crafter combinations so if you want a bowyer/fletcher I'd recommend you make it separate from your archer.

    Unless you want to use a Soul Stone (look that up on UOGUIDE.com, they are kind of neat).

    Hang out in New Haven, grab the equipment people drop on the ground. Some of it is good.

    Quivers.....Last person I saw selling non-special quivers was Joylah at the Salty Daemon vendor mall. I have no idea if we still sell those or not, however. The Salty Daemon is far, far east of the Yew Moongate in Trammel.

    I could see starting a new archer being a pain, because almost all of the really good bows are already in-use, or are atrociously expensive.

    Oh, also try the Luna Bank, sometimes people leave equipment on the ground there.

    You can also maybe get someone to make a quiver for you....I think tailors can make them?

    Try the Community Events. To see some of the content that may have been added since you got back, and to make contacts.

    -Galen's player
  3. abyssknight

    abyssknight Guest

    Thank's Galen. As far as the template goes, I seem to get the reaction a lot. :)

    Here's what I had planned on doing:

    GM Chivalry
    GM Archery
    GM Tactics
    GM Anatomy
    GM Bowcraft/Fletching
    GM Lumberjacking

    So far, I'm in the 60's for archery and 50's for anat/tac. Haven't worked too much with fletching (~40), but did hit 50 lumberjacking last week. Is there anything I'm missing? I've heard a bunch of people mention Bushido to me in regards to the damage chance increase, but that's all.

    I've had decent luck scrounging in the trash at the NH bank. I'll give that a try again. ;) Which, if anyone needs seeds or house deco I picked up a bunch the other evening.
  4. That's similar to my Fletcher. But instead of Bushido, I would recommend Healing skill to heal damage. Otherwise, you are dependent on your Chivalry to heal yourself, and will run out of mana pretty quick. Also, I would start looking for a bow with 30+ mana leech to help replenish mana whenever you use specials.
  5. J.B.

    J.B. Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
  6. Gark

    Gark Guest

    Cap for skills is 720 on an account 4 years and older (seems like more than 4 get screwed a bit). personally i would cap chiv at round 70-75 and put those points and your final 100+ towards heal and anatomy. Minimum 65 in each so as to cure poison half wy decent. Optimum is 90 in each to be able to offer res assistance.

    Pm me here on statics i have several craftable quivers you can pick from.
  7. Mythic

    Mythic Guest

    Here ya go if you decide to go the archer only route, this is the template that I am using and it suits me well,
    Now I already have everything capped where I want it so this could take some time for you to acquire everything you need

    The template Ive been using on my pally archer is(720 points)
    120 archery
    120 tact
    120 anat
    120 med
    110 heal
    70 chiv
    60 focus

    What you would have to settle with for now is more like(700)
    gm archery
    gm tact
    gm anat
    gm med
    gm healing
    gm chiv
    gm focus
    your going to start lowering focus and chiv as you scroll your toon out because as it has already been stated, you currently really only need 70-75 chiv to cast the most effective and used of the chivalry spells on a consistant basis. However the Devs have expressed interest in raising the requirements to cast spells or further tweaking the effects and durations of the chivalry spells.

    Todays archer will also more then likely sacrifice a bit more strength in favor of intelligence and dexterity than what your used to(my archers base strength is 90 of the 255 total base stats I have for example)

    Building a suit is sadly the most important part of the archer experiance. You want a full 70s suit with additional resistance in fire and poison(youll learn why sooner or later) with mana regeneration, mana and stamina increases, and your HCI and other good modifications other then the must haves listed.

    Keep your eyes out for good deals on these pieces of armour as the are almost always the staples of a good archers suit
    Rune Beetle Carapiece(tunic) if ya find one under a mil and you have enough buy it!
    Ring Of the Vile, again if its under a mil its a steal!
    Primer on arms or Totem of the void
    And These next 2 pieces are for when youve really established yourself and have enough gold
    Mace and Shield Reading Glasses
    Crimson Cinture
    And once your really feeling good, get yourself a Gladiators Collar and a balanced bow with 40+ hitspell and 30+ ssi
    All the other pieces Like the gloves sleeves and legs should have the Mods listed above and round out your resists.

    Theres really so much more involved but its time to smoke and go to bed, Gotta get after it again in 11 hours. I hope Ive been more helpful then confusing. I like my mana and hitting folks with back to back to back weapons specials. Thats why I have the Meditation capped and focus rounding out my skills (think Im currenly around 125 hitpoints 160 stamina and 82 mana) Good Good times, Anywho later.