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Newbie looking for a fire beetle...

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by ZifnabATL, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. ZifnabATL

    ZifnabATL Guest

    I've got my mining up to 98 and really need to get myself a fire beetle! What one of those going to set me back? Know any good tamers?

    I'm also looking for advice on making money. Are there any resources to find the going rates for materials (ingots, gems) and smithed armor (only have smithing to 80 atm)

    Up until know I've been concentrating on getting a house and managed to get a Fel mountain side 10x11 2 story. Now working on getting $$ for the design.

    thanks in advance!
  2. If you are going to be around in the next 20 min or so, I will tame you one for nothing.

    I will go tame it, and then take it to Luna, if I see you there, its yours! ;)
  3. ZifnabATL

    ZifnabATL Guest

    logging in now!

    Look for a naked guy with a black hat at the gate
  4. ZifnabATL

    ZifnabATL Guest

    What a sweet heart. Thanks again!
  5. ZifnabATL

    ZifnabATL Guest

    So a gargoyle can fly on board your ship and kill you pet while you stand there helplessly and watch. Who knew? :wall:

    Any chance for another one of those? I'll take better care of it I promise! OMG they make life easier. :p
  6. Hehe...sorry to hear that happened.

    I would be happy to tame another for you. It's too late (early) here tonight, but tomorrow, for sure!