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Newbie questions :)

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Yvainne, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Yvainne

    Yvainne Guest

    Hi All

    I hope it is ok to post questions on this forum but being from NZ I have made Oceania my home and just have a couple of questions that the answers are probably obvious but I just cannot work out what to do hehe

    I am at the moment training my magery and have my initial spells that where given to me and some that I bought from a mage vendor but for the higher circle spells I cannot seem to find them anywhere, are they from special vendors or am I just being totally blind and missing them on the general mage vendors?

    Is there a way of repairing my armor without having to train in blacksmithing? An incredibly kind person gave me a suit of leather armor that eliminates my need for reagents and I would hate to lose it because I can't repair it!!!

    I've seen a few player houses around and player vendors but is there a certain area that has a bigger population of houses/vendors, I haven't gone too far of the beaten track yet being a newbie i'm still in that scaredy cat stage of not wanting to die lots hehe. And likewise is there a certain town that people tend to gather more than any other? I have been to Britain, Vesper and Skara Brae so far on my travels and not seen anyone, but was just curious :)

    Oh and one more thing i've just throught of, I have yet to decide what skills to go along with my magery but was thinking between taming or bard and was just curious on peoples opinion on what they think is better. I have been reading up on both and both sound really interesting but I just can't decide!

    Thanks so much for any help :)
  2. tymbow

    tymbow Guest

    Welcome to the asylum!

    Higher level spell scrolls come from various higher level monsters. You can also buy full spell books cheaply from player run vendors, or more likely a kind soul (me included) will likely give you one free if you ask.

    What you want is a repair contract deed. You can buy them cheaply from player run vendors.

    Oceania is a fairly small shard so it can be a little bare at times, but most people hang out in Luna. Just hop a moongate to get there - it's very safe.

    The eternal question. There are many different template styles depending if you want to PvE, PvM or both. A powerful template is certainly a Tamer/Mage but it really depends on your needs for gameplay style and what you hope to do with your character. You have multiple character slots and can change skills at will so experiment. At minimum you'll want Magery, Meditation and Evaluate Intelligence and usually Resist Spells. For a pure mage common options are Wrestling and Inscription. For a Tamer you'll want Taming, Veterinary and Animal Lore. For a bard, Musicianship, Peacemaking, Provocation and Discordance. Other people will have many other ideas I'm sure.

    Also, see http://www.uoguide.com/ for lots of useful UO information.
  3. Gil-galad

    Gil-galad Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi Yvainne,

    You will not generally find higher level mage scrolls on NPC vendor unless someone has sold them to the NPC.Your best bet is to buy a full spell book of a player vendor or ask a scribe to fill one for you.If you see me in game, I will be happy to get you a full spell book.

    To repair your Armour you can buy repair deeds ( leather Armour requires tailor deeds and metal Armour requires smith deeds) .You will also find these on player run vendors.

    The best place to find vendors is Luna & this is also the best place to find other players.Zento also has a few vendors.

    As to which template to run with magery, there are quite a few templates you can go with, but bard and taming are both good choices.A bard will be easier to advance than tamer, as this is a very slow skill to raise.Some of the bard skills are also slow to gain in.

    You can get a head start in these skills by buying an advanced char slot from UO website.If you decide to purchase an advance character, I would suggest tamer template, as that is the harder one to raise.They cost $29.99 US, a bit pricey but definitely worth it for the tamer.

  4. Yvainne

    Yvainne Guest

    Thanks so much for the quick responses, much appreciated :)

    Am in Luna now browsing, another question has sprung to mind whil looking around but I see lots of armor with 'Self Repair' on them, what exactly does this mean? And i've seen lots of scrolls, for example 'Mythical scroll of Magery (skill 115)' what do these do?

    I apologise in advance now for all the questions, there are new ones springing to mind every minute rolleyes:
  5. tymbow

    tymbow Guest

    Self repair does what it says. When the armour is damaged it repairs itself up to the self repair value.

    The scrolls are called power scrolls. They allow you to raise your maximum skill and stat caps above the default values. A magery 120 scroll for example allows you to train magery up to 120 instead of 100. Note that it does not give you more skill points though. Stat scrolls allow you to raise your maximum stats above the cap.