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Newbie Tamer here

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by marcelom, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. marcelom

    marcelom Guest

    Hello all, first a brief introduction of myself, ive been an uo player for serveral years, past there in the 2000's.. now i am returning to try this so renewed game.. and had the idea to train a tamer treasure hunter.
    I must say i never played a tamer before, i have a little questions that i would like to make, i hope you guys can give me a hand: (sorry if some of them seem stupid, 8 years passed and this UO is really different)

    1) to move around with my pets i have to make gate travels only? is there any other way?
    2) if i look around for already trained pets (not mine), and try to tame them, will this give me increased gains?
    3) i just started the char and went to ice island to tame polar bears and walrus, in like 1 hour of nonstopped taming, i increased only 2%, is this hard to train and will become harder in time? is normal this kind of speed in skill gain?
    4)Does skill gain ONLY work on succesful taming? i noticed i only raise animal lore in the attemps, pretty fast by the way

    Any advice to a newbie tamer to help increased gains? any sugestion will be more than appreciated.
  2. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    #1 - With a fresh tame you have 4 travel alternatives: gate it, moongate it, ride it or walk it. After taming a pet, feed it and put it in the stable. A week to 10 days later, claim that pet and feed it. You will get a message that it "Bonded" with you, meaning: when you recall it recalls with you. The biggest reason for Bonding is when the pet dies it can be resurrected. The pet's ghost will follow you and even recall and log out with you.

    #2 - Each time a critter is tamed by a "different" tamer, that critter's taming resistance increases...get's harder! This is why "polite" tamers always kill their training tames or, at least, rename them so other tamers know they working with already-tamed beasts. If you re-tame a critter that you previously tamed, your success rate is 100% hence no chance to gain skill.

    #3 - You must tame critters at a level appropriate to you taming skill. This calculator will tell you what you need to tame to gain: http://www.tamingarchive.com/main/whattotame.php?skill=98.2
    Once you've found your tame-gain sweat spot critters, you can use this URL to locate the critter spawns: http://uo.stratics.com/hunters/index.shtml

    #4 - Definitely no...you can gain on failures, just not as often.

    A trick: when lore hits 100.0, lock it and you will gain taming better than if you allow lore to increase beyond 100.0. Once you reach the taming level you desire, unlock lore and it will rise easily,rapidly.

    Another trick: there are various jewels that will increase you effective (real taming skill plus augments) taming skill. Try to avoid using these as skill gain becomes more difficult the higher your effective skill is. Use jewels to get into a area that is safe and contains abundant, non-aggressive critters but remove the jewels as soon as possible.
  3. marcelom

    marcelom Guest

    hey thanks for the useful info, now time to make some gains.