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[Newbs] The Sirkus was in town....Luna?

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Helter Skelter, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. So I log in last night and wander around a bit. I step into some new gate in Luna bank and then I am at the Brit training castle or what not. Wow, did they finally move the brit gate from way the heck over there to somewhere closer to town? Cool. I step in that gate and suddenly I am ganked by some sort of lizard things with axes. My newbie shoes and straw hat are no match and I die in a furry of dorkness. I still had newb status, too and I still get ganked. Welcome back to UO, Sirkus!

    So I make my way back to the Luna bank and stand around in my underwear waiting for some old friends to show up and rescue me. Some chick shows up in her underwear (she needed a tan..) and holds a lantern. She takes up a place right next to me. She kept pinching my rear end and winking at me, until I had a wee bit of gas from the pot roast I ate before (that's a different thread on a different forum...). I think she lost interest after that.

    I guess I need to GM Anatomy in order for the hot chicks to dig me.

  2. It took you 20 tries to freaking get your 'young' status turned off, even though I was telling you EXACTLY what to say!
  3. I hereby renounce my newbie status
    I don't want to be a newb anymore
    I hereby revoke my young status, damnit
    I wish to lock this down
    I hereby renounce the young status over my head
    I hereby renounce the young status over my head, please
    I want to go to fel so I renounce my trammieness.
    I hereby declare my opposition to newbness.
    I hereby renounce my new status of being a dork
    I hereby state I wish to be cool
    I hereby renounce the status of my character as being a newb
    I wish to resign from my guild. wtf?
    I wish to renounce my young player status.
    I hereby renounce my status as a young player.
    I hereby renounce my pants.
    I declare my status as a young player to end.
    I renounce my hereby as a player young.
    I hereby renounce.. what the hell is that?
    What do I say again?

  4. longshanks

    longshanks Guest

    very funny regarding the young player renouncement, though it works better at fel yew gate.

    i'm not such a big fan of gas jokes however..., so next time u get the urge to pass wind, do us a favor and mosey over to the stable.
  5. Why this is funny to me, I have no idea. However, it's genius.
  6. Raine_of_BiC

    Raine_of_BiC Guest

    I was catching up on forums today at work (finally a breather in the work load) and laughed so hard at this tears were running down my cheeks. Hilarious.
  7. My work is done here.

    Can I have your stuff? =)

  8. She lives with us. I get her stuff by default.
  9. Yes, but I make a mean Shadowlord pot-roast.

    How that is relevant I am not sure, but it sounded good in my mind.