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newbz just love ettin pownage

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sirkus, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest

    Ok so Sirkus my l33t tram n0x mage has got fencing and such up over 50 and the brit cem is just getting too easy with no gains so we are off to Despise to own some Ettins. First, being a new character, I have to WALK to despise (bah!) as I have no rune and no one at Luna bank (maybe only 4-5 people there) had a rune handy to Despise so KAL ORT POR to brit bank and I am off and running to Despise.

    Its been a while but I remember that Despise is North of Brit and I am too lazy to download UO automap so here I am with my little UO map on in the corner. I pass lots of critters on the way looking for the passage that leads me to despise but I am still young so the “denizens of Britannia” looking at me “menancingly” leave me a alone. So I look like a total newb running around the mountains looking for Despise when I come across a troll. I think “hey man trolls sometimes have t-maps” so I pull out my l33t spell channeling kryss and take on some troll ownage. So I take on this troll and before you know it “poof” you are “no longer of young status in Britannia”. Oh man so as I am finishing off the troll from no where a ettin spawns and starts layin into me as well. Before I can yell “In Vas Mani” the world goes dark, the music sucks, and there I am a newb ghost. I was like so embarrassed to be alive at this point. So I run wildly looking for a wondering healer (never one around when you really need one) and finally bump into one near (of all places) the entrance to Despise. I quickly rez and there I am with no regs and lazy me did not drop recalls into my runebook so wooop-tee-dooo I am like at 5 health, no longer young and ready to die again. Damnit!

    I haul butt back to my rotting corpse and the troll and ettin had wondered off so I could check my corpse. I open the corpse and my bag of regs are gone! Oh man talk about hosed. So I scramble around the grounds a bit and find the regs I need to get off a heal or two and get back up to speed. I quickly equip my rad l33t spell channeling kryss and figure I can finish off that troll I started on .. that sneaky horned booger prolly has my bag of regs and casting “create food” just to piss me off. So I hunt around and find that troll with like 1/5 health bar and take him on. After he knocks we around a bit I kill the booger and loot his corpse… 115 gold… leg of lamb… uncooked at that… what??! No regs? No tmap. Son of a b… ok so now I need to gank me some ettin!

    I run around for what seems an eternity and finally come across the ettin. He has like full health so I figure I need some regs to get off a heal or two. It seems forever but I find what I need and some nightshade (bonus!) and go after the ettin. I start off with the quick Nox spell and poison that two-headed caveman and then start laying into him with my kryss of kewlness. It took a couple of In Vas Mani’s and a little luck, but I whacked the oaf and recovered my bag of regs. Sweet!! I am back in business as a leet tram nox mage again. Then I look at the other items of loot… 203 gold.. cooked rib.. healing potion.. a ring with 15% LRC?!?!?! WOW Ettin loot sure has improved since I played last.. sweet! So I figure its time to own those despise ettin stinkos and proclaim my leetness in level 2 of despise so off I go ..

    Man things have changed!

    *to be continued*
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Excellent tale. Keep posting 'em.
  3. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest

    Thanks. I had forgotten how much fun it is to be a newb. *grin*
  4. A real treat to read, Sirkus


    Thanks for posting it :)