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Newly returned players….

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by eccentricjules, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Newly returned players…. How do you feel about the changes since we’ve been gone?

    This week I returned to Britannia in search of adventure. New changes were here to greet me and those of you that remember me know I will happily rant about them.

    “Those new websites as mention in THIS post”
    Right before my message was replied to someone in game told me about those sites. Wowza where were those two years ago! I guess its one of those things, I hate the idea of someone using en exploit, but I can’t NOT use this great tool. Some may argue that it is only for greater good which is what I would like to think it’s for but my better sense tells me it’s for personal monetary gain. Hey, whoever has the best marketing tool, right? That part of it is only good business sense. It seems players can get lot out of it. I was able to find an item that probably would have taken me days to find in just a matter of minutes. I remember looking for something specific and it taking a month to find it… A tool like this can also drive prices/values up OR bring them down. I think it goes both ways. If it’s a hard to find item there is a better likelihood of selling it to someone in a shorter amount of time so I personally might be inclined to charge more, but on items that are easy to find I would probably charge less because now it’s easier to comparison shop based on price. It also makes it a lot harder to have a vendor at your house… I could see myself as a shopper ignoring my favorite shop in the middle of a forest for the convenience of finding an item faster. I guess I’m not even sure how I feel about it yet, it’s almost too soon to tell!

    The death of PVM?
    What I have noticed is that they nerfed the heck out of PVM. Why do I say this?

    Sending Bags- I thought my sending bag was busted but someone told me they “fixed” them…. Nerfed is more like it. Now with 1 charge per 500gp it’s not worth sending gold to the bank. You’d need a pack animal, tamers get the leg up on this new development. (I say new because I don’t know how long this has been like this but it’s NEW to me).

    Loot – What the heck… I kill a Dragon in Fel and get loot that, last I played, would have been found on a Trammel Moonglow Skelly.

    So with gold not worth looting and crappy loot why even open the corpse? Why PVM at all? Can I no longer happily spend hours killing Dragons or must I go to Doom or do a champ in order to make it worth my time?

    I’ve only been back less than a week. I’m just not sure I like these changes. I went to Shame last night to try to get a Virtue drop, no luck though. If there are any hints/tricks to this let me know…. But this Stratics acct is broken and I can’t accept PM’s (it literally says ACCESS DENIED - they are looking into it).

    As for the rest of you, what new and great things to do have us returning players missed? Thoughts?

    Welcome back everyone!

    -Lady Lavender ICQ 11327323
  2. Gus of Llanowar

    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    well your comeing back in the middle of a event....its been about a month since the end of the last part so we are expecting it to pick up again soon but the last part was really fun and there was alot of good drops and arties that were given out. alot of people even picked up crimson cinctures duing this and many times gold was just left lieing on the floor in piks up to 8 to 10k at a time just because there was just so much to go around. for the best drops in the mean time you can try champ spawns but i think the peerless bosses give the better drops like travisty or mel. our guild does stuff like this frequently. ceck out our web site if your interested. www.chaotic-creed.darkbb.com
  3. Snakeman

    Snakeman Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 13, 2002
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    ** Nice to see ya back too kiddo :thumbup1:
  4. Vision

    Vision Guest

    The most efficient and legit way to get money in UO these days is probably to get a group of 2-3 and chain t2a spawns and hope one of the bigger PvP guilds isn't checking them... If they are checked a lot and that's not an option, then join ROFL and do champ spawns with them... Otherwise go do the peerless bosses but from what I've experienced you can get much more gold through efficient spawning that you can through the peerless loot.

    Make a tamer and train up a decent Greater Dragon and you can do just about anything with a couple of friends.
  5. I am sad that I missed the events... you all know how much I love events. When people come to my house they hardly believe that I actually earned all the event rares I have on display =P

    The loot on monsters may not have been reduced in qty but it has reduced in quality. I remember walking away with bags of stuff to give to my crafter to enhance but killing the same monsters now vs. a year ago yields me only crapola.

    I always did like champs. I think perhaps I just need to find some new friends who will put up with a veteran noob like me! I enjoyed just doing it more than actually getting anything from it. I liked the excitement.

    I do have a tamer but she's dusty. I never quite got a good grip on being a tamer.... or a mage... Hesk used to say anyone could be a mage except maybe me =P I'll never forget that. I have a 67 month acct (only owner) and I'm still a noob. The only char I play is Lavender and I need to work on her suit. My skillz are Swordsmanship 120/Anatomy 115/Tactics 115/Parrying 105/Healing 107/Chivalry 98/Focus 60 - Let me know what I need.

    YAY. I got my Stratics account fixed! I can take PM's now and even use my signature *gasp*

    I want to buy a keep or castle... be on the lookout for me =D
  6. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    The death of pvm as far as the sending bags go... I like that bags of sending have been changed to only allow 500 gp. I think even 2,000 would be reasonable. But since most people using them were sending 10-15k....

    As for the loot being lower quality than what you're used to, that's standard game evolution, IMO. When the game first started, it was difficult for one player to kill a dragon all by themselves. Then slowly the armor got better. The weapons got better (i.e. slayer weapons), and the spells/damage changed (i.e. cold damage and low cold resist).

    So naturally the 'hard' creatures are no longer hard, and thus the loot has been lowered on them accordingly. If this game continues, I would be at all surprised to see ancient wyrms dropping the same crappy loot dragons are dropping now.

  7. *raises hand* I was sending 17k a pop through my bag of sending…. But it was still money I earned and if you are in the middle of a dungeon in fel (I’d much rather hunt in fel) you can’t easily recall in and out to go to the bank. So if I want to earn gold by PVM I will have to do it in Tram or forgo most of the gold. A lot of times I kill to raise my virtues and the gold is a bonus, but I don’t see why people like me should be punished because a handful of people broke the rules. I don’t see how it nerfs scripters anyhow… they can just make a script to do something like recall in, kill 8 monsters, go to bank and then loop it. I’m not sure it would be worth it but they could do it.

    I can agree with you that loot is game evolution, but it seemed to peak and then slide downhill. When I first started playing you simply bought armor, you had a choice of leather or metal, and it was either normal or exceptional… but that was about it. We didn’t have mods and we didn’t really have an indicator of wear, if your helmet broke you bought a new one or fished one out of a monsters corpse. When I had my daughter and stopped playing was after T2A but before AOS and when I came back I ran to my favorite hunting ground (Tram Moonglow graveyard) and was killed… by a mongbat. I was informed by a passerby that my armor was total crap. When they made better armor available they increased intensity on the spawn. Perhaps some of that is whats needed instead of taking us backwards in the loot department. I’ve only been back this week so maybe they have increased intensity in some areas but I used to love to solo Miasma. I would do it for hours and I don’t think that Miasma was intended for solo attacks. I guess time will tell….

    I am excited for Halloween festivities but I have been watching the boards and it sounds like we will get Halloween activities but chances are it will happen AFTER Halloween. Its going to be Pub 56
  8. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    It's the quick-fix UO has almost always provided us. Unfortunately, they don't seem to care if it falls into the category of group punishment. What's funny is that the people who write these scripts and automate this stuff usually just figure out new ways to achieve similar result. It's a game of cat and mouse. Just like working in a jail.
  9. Gawin

    Gawin Guest

    And the sad part of this is EA has 5 cats that there are about 30K mice.. its not a good day to be a cat :)
  10. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    To make matters worse, those 5 cats are spread across 20 different servers.... so... while the cat's away...
  11. Budweiser

    Budweiser Guest

    I have offered you in game to join ROFL Lav....all in all it's a good guild ...we do champs, mels. travs. etc...we have alot of new and vet players...the offer still stands... let me know if you want to join. :) and like i said when i find the spot for a keep ill give it to you...
  12. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    It's official. ROFL is the new /US\.
  13. I got kicked out of /US\ for being your friend =(