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[News] ♥Valentines Day♥

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Katlene, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Everyone met at the west Britain bank and were lead to the farmer cottages over the bridge on the outskirts of town, there we found a lady, sobbing loudly…


    Lorien de Merchante: I just do not know what to do!
    Lorien de Merchante: He died when the terathans invaded Britain
    Lorien de Merchante: *She wails hysterically*
    Propheus: how can we help you?
    Lorien de Merchante: But that is not the least of it!
    Lorien de Merchante: I am to be married!
    Lorien de Merchante: Married tomorrow!


    Katlene: Congratulations
    Propheus: where is your fiancé?
    Lindae: I am a necromancer. I can bring him back as a shambling sin against God if you wish.
    Lorien de Merchante: I just cannot possibly go through with the ceremony without my father's blessing.
    Lorien de Merchante: *She sobs loudly*

    *You see: Sage Lovejoy*


    Lorien de Merchante: What am I going to do!
    Lorien de Merchante: Oh papa!
    Lorien de Merchante: *She sobs*
    Propheus: how can we help?
    Lorien de Merchante: I cannot marry without your blessing, father.
    Sage Lovejoy: What’s all this noise!
    Lorien de Merchante: Oh, I'm sorry, sir!
    Sage Lovejoy: Can't a man get some sleep!
    Katlene: Do we need a psychic?
    Lorien de Merchante: I am just so upset
    Propheus: perhaps you can ask him at his grave site?
    Lorien de Merchante: *She dabs her sodden eyes*
    Sage Lovejoy: Oh dear... what is the matter?
    Lorien de Merchante: My father! He... he... died
    Lindae: For heaven's sake stop crying, woman.
    Propheus: we can protect you if you wish this journey
    Lorien de Merchante: And I am to be married, tomorrow!
    Lorien de Merchante: I cannot without his blessing.
    Lorien de Merchante: *She wails*
    Propheus: how can we get his blessings?
    Sage Lovejoy: Oh I see
    Propheus: talk to us
    Katlene: Calm yourself an ask of us what we can do to help
    Sage Lovejoy: You're in a predicament alright
    Propheus: tell us what to do Lorien
    Lorien de Merchante: I do not know what to do...
    Lorien de Merchante: *She sulks*
    Katlene: Where is he buried?
    Propheus: where was he slain?
    Sage Lovejoy: Well just stop crying
    Katlene: maybe we can speak to him and he can show us a sign of his blessing
    Propheus: may be we can start from there
    Lorien de Merchante: I only have this picture of him... nothing else.
    Sage Lovejoy: I need some sleep...
    Sage Lovejoy: A picture you say?
    Shiel: on the wall...
    Lorien de Merchante: Aye, this portrait.


    Lorien de Merchante: It is all that I have to remind me of him.
    Lindae: Well, then, let us go and dig up graves!
    Sage Lovejoy: Hrm
    Propheus: perhaps we can start there
    Lindae: ...can ask if for blessings!
    Sage Lovejoy: *thinks and seems to consider something*
    Propheus: may be his spirit is still there lingering
    Lorien de Merchante: Can you think of anything I can do, old Sage?
    Sage Lovejoy: I might be able to help you...
    Sage Lovejoy: and me
    Lorien de Merchante: Really?
    Sage Lovejoy: Oh yes
    Lorien de Merchante: What must I do, Sage?
    BBurnyeWest: I shall help you
    Sage Lovejoy: *puffs out chest*
    Sage Lovejoy: I am a person of some repute with what some may call distasteful magicks
    Lorien de Merchante: Oh I see...
    Lorien de Merchante: You think you can assist me...?
    Lorien de Merchante: I would do anything!
    Propheus: Sage what do you have in mind?
    Sage Lovejoy: I do... that painting will help too
    Lorien de Merchante: *She glances at the portrait sadly*
    Sage Lovejoy: I am awaiting delivery of reagents and scrolls from Yew
    Sage Lovejoy: The order included some components that would be integral to such a spell that would be needed
    Lorien de Merchante: It is late, Sage?
    Sage Lovejoy: Well, yes as a matter of fact
    Lorien de Merchante: When will this shipment arrive, sir?
    Lorien de Merchante: I am to be married tomorrow!
    Sage Lovejoy: the delivery is overdue
    Katlene: Could we perhaps get these components for you?
    Propheus: first tell us what they are
    Sage Lovejoy: If it were here today we could get this sorted and I could go back to bed!
    Sage Lovejoy: *oozes gruffness*
    Lindae: Very well, then. Where is this shipment coming from?
    Lorien de Merchante: What should we do, Sage?
    Lorien de Merchante: I cannot possibly marry without my father's blessing.
    Sage Lovejoy: Well, perhaps we might find some of the more adventurous sort in here
    Sage Lovejoy: who obviously cannot abide the wailing either
    Sage Lovejoy: to help us
    Lorien de Merchante: Well... these fellows look able bodied...
    Lindae: Tell us where the ship came from and we shall take to the seas and find it.
    Lorien de Merchante: Could you assist me, fair citizens?
    Lindae: Surely someone can help.
    Sage Lovejoy: They were being delivered by land, not ship
    Katlene: Of course
    Propheus: where may we intercept this shipment?
    Lindae: Then that's why they went missing.
    Sage Lovejoy: But I wouldn't discount pirates
    Lindae: Everybody knows that delivering things by land is foolish.
    Lindae: What route did they take?
    Sage Lovejoy: I don't want to think the worst!
    Katlene: Nothing wrong with pirates!
    Katlene: *coughs*
    Lindae: What route did they take?
    Sage Lovejoy: Let us follow the road to Yew and see if we can hasten the delivery!
    Katlene: We must walk so we do not miss them
    Lorien de Merchante: I am not a wealthy woman...
    Lindae: Ahh, Yew.
    Lorien de Merchante: But I may be able to reward some who assist me.
    Katlene: Signs of cargo or a disturbance
    Propheus: I will try
    Sage Lovejoy: oh ho ho I just want my sleep
    Propheus: Lorien
    Sage Lovejoy: Let us go!
    Lorien de Merchante: Aye?
    Sage Lovejoy: *chuckles*
    Propheus: he is tired
    Sage Lovejoy: I do not leave my hut very often
    Sage Lovejoy: No couriers yet
    Sage Lovejoy: *sighs*

    Everyone headed for the hills and followed the mountain side around on the path till we came across a campsite.


    Sage Lovejoy: Oh dear
    Sage Lovejoy: These look familiar
    Sage Lovejoy: It is not so much the reagents and scrolls I am worried about
    MissEcho: what is it then?
    Sage Lovejoy: but upon each of the five scrolls
    Sage Lovejoy: there was a question
    Sage Lovejoy: One must answer the question to prove that they are of pure heart
    Sage Lovejoy: in order to cast the spell
    Sage Lovejoy: Without them, I cannot cast the spell for the young lass and all is lost
    Antalya: Well, we must find the fiends that robbed them then
    Sage Lovejoy: If we should find any of the questions
    Sage Lovejoy: Make note of their answers in a book!
    Sage Lovejoy: Let us see if these brigands have taken anyone from the delivery
    Sage Lovejoy: We need more cluse
    Vance: Yes! I know they kept some crates here but they mentioned moving them elsewhere.
    Sage Lovejoy: The reagents I need to cast the spell
    Vance: I heard them mentioned a place, made of marble. *Thinks* Circle of marble not too far from here
    Sage Lovejoy: Vance says they took reagents to a place over the mountains
    Vance: Yes! West of here, over the mountain. Release these bonds I beg of you!
    Sage Lovejoy: Great!
    Sage Lovejoy: I need the answers to the questions
    Sage Lovejoy: They are more important
    Vance: Protect me!
    Sage Lovejoy: There should be one of 5 scrolls there
    Sage Lovejoy: a question to answer. Write it in a book
    Sage Lovejoy: and a clue to the other reagents
    MissEcho: what we supposed to be doing?
    Sage Lovejoy: Go to the circle of pillars west of here! Write the answers to the questions in a book and follow the clues!
    Sage Lovejoy: West of here over the mountains!
    Rachael: you are staying here, sage?
    Sage Lovejoy: All this adventuring is too much for me
    Sage Lovejoy: I will return to the young lass and console her
    Sage Lovejoy: *winks*

    With that the sage headed back to the huts while the ‘brave adventurers’ continued on to find all the scrolls.

    The first stop was at the marble pillars, some refer to it as stone henge other as the wisp circle. It is found just to the south of the blighted grove.

    There, a few crates were found with a scroll and a journal nearby.
    On the scroll was a question, and in the journal was a hint to the next location.


    The answer to this was the Grove of love.

    This Led to the shrine of Homare, just south of the moon gate.

    There was the next batch of crates, book and journal

    The answer to this is Lord Brittish

    This led to a small area in Ilshinar north from the Spirituality gate.

    The answer to this is Mu

    Indicated to check at the waterfall which is located to the north of the justice shrine


    The answers are compassion sacrifice and justice

    Hinted to head north of the waterfall to a field of flowers

    The answer is Sudiva.

    After all five of the answers were collected people went back to the hut where the sage and the bride to be waited.

    The sage collected the information and began is spell.

    Sage Lovejoy: Hrm
    Sage Lovejoy: A false start
    Lorien de Merchante: Please, try again Sage!
    Sage Lovejoy: *checks staff is in good order*
    Sage Lovejoy: Right then
    Sage Lovejoy: *waves his arms around and SHOUTS mysterious magicks!*
    Lorien de Merchante: *She peers at the portrait*
    Lorien de Merchante: Father...?
    Yes, my dear, it is me! Oh how I have missed you.
    Lorien de Merchante: Please, can I have your blessing?
    Of course my child, I only want to see you happy. You have my blessing.
    Lorien de Merchante: *She sobs*
    Lorien de Merchante: I love you!
    I love you too sweetheart; you are forever in my heart... I will be watching over you.
    Antalya: *claps for Lorien*
    Lorien de Merchante: *She begins to cry*
    Lorien de Merchante: Oh thank you, Sage!
    Sage Lovejoy: I think the connection is broken
    Lorien de Merchante: I am at peace now, thank you...
    Propheus: he gave her the blessing she needed
    Lorien de Merchante: And thank you, everyone whom assisted.

    One of the prizes handed out for compleating the task

    Thankyou teeshy for this picture
  2. birdinforest

    birdinforest Guest

    Lovely ending.
    Those questions really stumped me.
    Furthermore, I think that will be better if the groom be given a performance.
  3. Petrify

    Petrify Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    No it isn't.

    Try again.
  4. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Did this just happen? Or did I miss something a few months back? :confused:
  5. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    was in feb. ive just had a lot on my plate and have only just come back to playing the game and i also had to put this together like a jigsaw puzzle.

    Ive no idea if the answers are all correct, so if there are any mistakes ill be happy to recieve a pm or msg with the correct answer and amend the story.
    I dont think the british one is right ive a feeliing its Iolo but ive been wrong before. Im not THAT into the game. :spider:
    Also the grove of love answer was a stab in the dark aswell. didnt even know it was there till this event!!
  6. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    Thank you for making the Stratics Oceania forums a useful place to come to for up-to-date happenings on the shard. I'm glad you titled the thread [News] so that we knew we were receiving the very latest in correspondence that would otherwise leave us in the dark about to-the-minute happenings had we not been privy to reading it.

    I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for your diligent reporting of the latest news on the shard :)
  7. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    rather it never be posted up?
    i am the only news reporter for here. and life has a tedancy to throw balls that you can dodge and that happened to me. Things dont always get covered when there is only one person doing something a team of 3 is meant to.
    Im only just starting to get back on top of things so im SO sorry that i didnt get this up the very same day it happened and im so sorry that i even bother doing this.
    There are no kicks for me doing it. i dont get paid, i dont get thanks, i get nothing.
    I do it so the non arsehole variety of people do have something to read if they did miss something or reminise on something they attended, no matter what the time frame is on things being posted.

    It was a very good event, few glitches but they are good events that get everyone there involved and thinking. Was a bit hard for alot of the newer players though.
  8. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    Then dodge them and do our goddamn news.
  9. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    lol @ pet and lol @ this thread
  10. Petrify

    Petrify Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Isn't this article like 2 months late anyway?
  11. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Thankyou captain obvious!
  12. Petrify

    Petrify Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    So... the article is 2 months late?
  13. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    we have already established that.
    You were there so you should know when it occoured and be able to figuredout the time between then and now.
    Would you have rathered it not have been put up at all? Because i can just delete it all. no drama at all.

    I did msg you pet asking for a screen shot of the prize you were given but i had no reply and i couldnt wait any longer then had already gone by with my hiatus, so i omitted any mention of the prizes that were given out.

    From what i can remember there was a bear statuette a necklace and honey pots? Cant give any more information then that.
  14. Petrify

    Petrify Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 17, 2008
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  15. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Oh, I got one of the honey pots, if you want a shot just for "posterity" Katlene =)

    And thanks for the report! =)
  16. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    OH yep can throw a shot into the story here and on the main page!!
    thanks teesh!
    (still have that scroll for you btw hehe)
  17. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Sorry I forgot to do this sooner! Here's the image anyways =)

    Attached Files:

  18. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    thanks teesh!! ive popped it in to both stories!