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[News] 4th of July Recap and Contest Winners

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Stupid Miner, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    A week of 4th of July Fun

    Last week instead of the usual list of community hunts scheduled, Sabina organized some fun events to celebrate the 4th of July week.

    Starting with Tuesdays event we met at Luna Fairgrounds and from there were gated to the Silver Rose Tavern for the dart tournament. We had a nice showing and everyone participated with the following results.

    [​IMG]Mongbat Darts Tournament Winners![​IMG]

    -First Round
    Bavmorda (36pts) Vs Cathbad (40pts) = Cathbad Wins
    Luna du Selene (47pts) vs Cutting Edge (18pts) = Luna du Selene Wins
    Nathan Winfall (21pts) Vs Locke Cole (46pts) = Locke Cole Wins
    Snowdog (26pts) Vs Airmid (20pts) = Snowdog Wins

    -Second Round
    Cathbad (42pts) Vs Luna du Selene (42pts) = Tie breaker = Luna du Selene Wins
    Locke Cole (51pts) Vs Snowdog (41pts) = Locke Cole Wins

    -Third Round (Third place battle)
    Cathbad (27pts) Vs Snowdog (27pts) = Tie
    Cathbad (5pts) Vs Snowdog (5pts) = Tie
    Cathbad (1pt) Vs Snowdog (0pts) = Cathbad Wins

    -Third Round (First place battle)
    Luna du Selene (16 pts) Vs Locke Cole (70pts) = Locke Cole Wins

    -First place = Locke Cole (250K)
    -Second Place = Luna du Selene (100K)
    -Third place = Cathbad (50K)


    On Wednesday there was a “Patriotic Costume Contest” The contestants dressed up in a way that they believe described patriotism, and then gave a short speech explaining their costume, and what patriotism means to them.

    Patriotic Costume Contest Winners!

    -First place = Shadow Wisp (250K) As Benjamin Franklin
    -Second Place = Rachel (100K) As a Stripper
    -Third places = Green Army Man / Sabrina (50K each) As an army man, and a lumberjack respectively.


    On Thursday we had the Archery Contest at Luna Fairgrounds. There were two brackets: One for GM+ Archers and one for lower than GM Archers. In addition to the gold prizes the 1st place winner of each division got his or her name inscribed on a bow in front of the archery range.

    [​IMG]Archery Contest Winners![​IMG]

    First Bracket (Above GM)

    -First Round
    Luna (300 pts) Vs Gaijin (300pts) = Tie breaker = Luna Wins
    Kubla Kahn (220 pts) Vs Ari Gold (310pts) = Ari Gold Wins
    Matilda (130pts) Vs Omega Blue (210 pts) = Omega Blue Wins

    -Second Round
    Luna (210 pts) Vs Ari Gold (250pts) = Ari Gold Wins
    Omega Blue (260 pts) vs Elendil Felagund (220pts) = Omega Blue Wins

    -Third Round (Third place battle)
    Luna (260 pts) Vs Elendil Felagund (300 pts) = Elendil Felagund Wins

    -Third Round (First place battle)
    Ari Gold vs Omega Blue = Ari Gold forfeits match = Omega blue Wins

    -First Place = Omega Blue (200K)
    -Second Place = Elendil Felagund (75K)
    -Third place = Luna (35K)

    Second Bracket (Below GM Archery)

    -First Round
    Kawazu Lothar (67 pts) Vs Briam (77 pts) = Briam Wins
    Anita (50 pts) Vs Sept'r Wavebreak (20 pts) = Anita Wins
    Dark Elves (20 pts) vs Callistra (27pts) = Callistra Wins

    -Second Round
    Briam (32 pts) Vs Anita (35 pts) = Anita Wins
    Callistra (12 pts) Vs Retired (30 pts) = Retired Wins

    -Third Round (Third place battle)
    Briam (69 pts) Vs Callistra (75pts) = Callistra Wins

    -Third Round (Frist place battle)
    Anita (175 pts) Vs Retired (35 pts) = Anita Wins

    -First Place = Anita (200K
    -Second Place = Retired (75K)
    -Third place = Callistra (35K)


    On Friday we met again at Luna Fairgrounds for a Chicken Fight with untrained, unbonded chickens. It was fun to watch as each chicken took their turns pecking away until finally the other would give out. EM Autolycus came for a visit and locked down a
    lantern to congratulate 1st place winner Mr. T and his chicken, Exotic.

    [​IMG]Chicken Fight Winners![​IMG]

    -First Round
    Saber Vs Bear = Saber Wins
    DoLittle vs Crysta = Crysta Wins
    Exotic vs Elora = Exotic Wins

    -Second Round
    Saber Vs Crysta = Crysta Wins

    -Third Round
    Crysta Vs Exotic = Exotic Wins

    -First place = Exotic (250K)
    -Second place = Crysta (100K)
    -Third place = Saber (50K)


    On Saturday there was a Barbecue and fireworks display in front of Luna Fairgrounds. Sabina provided the food, Autolycus provided the booze, and Stupid Miner provided the tables and decorations. Good times were had by all.


    Even during the Summer lull we find community gathering just for fun and thank Sabina for coordinating all of these events!