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[NEWS] A Meeting at Nujel'm Palace

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Sara Of Baja, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    This report was handed to me by a hooded figure who wishes to remain anonymous

    A Meeting at Nujel'm Palace

    Last Saturday evening, a meeting was held at the palace of Nujel'm. Rumor had it, the purpose was to discuss the city states and independent kingdoms throughout the realm, but little else was otherwise known. Sparse information from various people hinted beforehand that the meeting was organized by members of the anti-gargoyle movement, sometimes referred to the Britannian Purity League. This hearsay likely kept many would-be Sosarians from attending, fearing the meeting was yet just another way to incite anti-gargoyle sentiment and doctrine.

    A few people, either out of curiosity or with legitimate reasons or concern of their own, appeared at Nujel'm palace and were greeted by Aldagar Morr, Cicero, and a lone member of The Cartel who kept to the shadows. Faces in the crowd included WildStar of Dawn, Nicholas the Old, and several hooded figures who seemed interested in keeping their identities withheld.

    Morr began by introducing, Dixie, a pixie from East of the Weald in the lands of Ilshenar. The flighty sprite fluttered and danced about as she told those in attendance about a grave tale relating to the gargoyles.


    Dixie addressed the crowd with her squeaky voice, "I hear yew have troubles with garviles. Yew should do something about eeht! My elders tell of a timie when Ilshienar had towns of men. Then the garviles came from the Shrine of Chaos. First they came and kidnappie the littlest fairies for their wings. They roundie up the big fey too, then smashie and put it stew! Ohh noes! It makes me sad to thinkie of it." Dixie concluded by telling everyone, "The garviles took their gold and some still live in the underhalls. Hundredsie years later Lord Blackthorne put garviles in chains. Which is where the no-good stinky, garviles belong! The Fey say never trust a garvile so wicked and vile! Now the garviles will killie yew too unless you getsies them first!"

    Afterwards, Aldagar Morr offered a cloth to anyone needing to wipe away any tears that streaked down their face, however, no one accepted his offer and no one appeared taken by the pixie's story. One anonymous person in attendance commented about making a pixie stew or stealing its wings for the use of a spell. Not in the least bit deterred, Aldagar Morr addressed the crowd once more, resulting in several groans and exasperated looks.

    After a rather long-winded diatribe about how he was supposedly bedridden for weeks, having been ill, and even recently ambushed by several gargoyle assassins outside his estate, he eventually got to the bigger point.

    He continued, "But I digress. We did not call this meeting to detail the heinous and cowardly attack of the gargoyles, but instead to speak of matters concerning all independent Kingdoms. As I look into the crowd before me, I see faces that once opposed our former King, Lord Casca. Some of you were unyielding in your belief that Lord Casca overstepped his authority by requesting all independent Kingdoms seek approval for their sovereignty. You balked, and even chastised him, for his meddling into your private affairs. You shouted, from the four corners of the world, that political oppression was tyranny! You believed then, your very freedom threatened and sovereignty of your lands at risk. If, under Lord Casca, you believed it true, you must, under Queen Dawn, believe it so now! It has become rather apparent that, political dissidence is not allowed under this Regime. The Queen has unjustly targeted Ravenshire because she fears opposition voices to her rule. This tyranny and violation of basic human rights and freedoms should not be tolerated!


    So, before you quickly dismiss my pleas of concern as poppycock or balderdash, I ask you ... What if it were Your lands were being persecuted and subjected to illegal searches? I say this here and now, if you once stoodagainst Lord Casca and his supposed ill-gotten use of autocratic powers,then you Must now stand against Queen Dawn and her unjust tyranny. We must be strong. We must persevere and hold fast. We must unite together. If wedo not, and we let injustice happen in Ravenshire, then we will be no betteroff under the iron-first rule of Queen Dawn as many of you claim it was under Lord Casca. Our one hope lies in resisting the tyranny of the Crown, and standing up for our rights!! Now then. Who among you is with us?"


    Morr paused at the end of his nauseating speech, as if expecting the crowd to erupt in cheers and support but was greeted by only the sound of silence. It wasn't long afterwards when all decorum and civility was lost and shouts and insults were flung by both groups, those in favor of living peacefully with the gargoyles, and those in against any gargoyle adaptation into Britannia society.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In the end, neither faction swayed others of the opposite side to their viewpoint, and several people stormed out from the palace in anger and disbelief. It seems each side is holding true to the beliefs and will not be deterred easily. Which side does your guild stand with? Are you pro-gargoyle, anti-gargoyle, or still on the fence? Have you changed your mind on where you stand? You can register your guild or change your stance with the Event Moderators Seppo and Pallando, at http://goldenbrewtavern.com.

    The incidents described in this post are role-play related to the EM storyline for the Anti-Gargoyle Movement.


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  2. Yalp

    Yalp Guest

    We've watched from afar the rabble of a few attempting to stir up trouble for their own personal gain. We were stunned and appalled when an attempt was made on the life of Count De'Floob, the queens' ambassador to CTDM. It is clear from the actions of a few what blackness lies in their hearts... requiring them to hide in the shadows.

    CTDM and her members stand boldly in the light, offering our hand in friendship to the gargoyle race.