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[NEWS] A Meeting With Ornok the Cyclops

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Joy-ElF, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Joy-ElF

    Joy-ElF Guest

    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the leader of Britannia's newest allies, a group of peaceful Cyclopes rescued from titans and given refuge in Ilshenar by Queen Dawn. In their gratitude, these gentle fellows constructed a Cyclopian Stadium off the coast of the Meer city of Lakeshire and brought their traditional game of Forge Wars to Sosaria. The elder, Ornok, was kind enough to answer some nosy questions from me about his people after a tour of the stadium grounds.


    Joy: Are these types of arenas are common with Cyclopes?

    Ornok: Yes tey is very common. Forge Wars is played all over my home lands.

    Joy: Does your tribe have a leader? like a chief or a council?

    Ornok: We is not actually tribes like te savages or Lizard kin. But I can see how the people of Sorasia is tinking tat.Back on our home we build great towns and cities. It a shame we can never show tem to you.

    Anyways Cyclopes usually have one elder tat leads the community. I was te elder tat watched over my village back in our homelands. My kin here have asked me to do te same wit our new settlment.

    Joy: What is a typical day like here for you?

    Ornok: Well...We all get up wit te sun and eat a big meal. Te morning meal is te largest one for us, and we don usually eat again till te sun goes down. Ten we go about our crafting for te day. Each cyclopes works tere own craft. Tese days we has been working on te stadium mostly and our own rooms. But tere are days when we just have some fun and walk te lands around us. Ten as te sun sets we prepare and eat a small evening meal. After tat we pratice our combat by a big fire most nights.

    Joy: What types of foods do you normally eat?

    Ornok: Well we is not great hunters.So we get most of our food and oter tings by trade.Tere are many kins who are wanting some good crafting or building. Most of our traditional foods are cooked on an open fire. It ain't just roasted meat too. We trade for spices and flavorings, and we is taking care to cook tings right. Some of te most tasty foods you could imagine is prepared over a cyclopes fire pit.

    Joy: Your village was invaded by Titans here recently...why did they invade your home?

    Ornok: Tats someting I could not answer until tese times in sosaria. In my homland, tey don know why te Titans come or why tey take us since we come to Sosaria we has leared a lot more tan we knew. We tink te Titans are te ones tat created us in te begining. Tey is a very old and powerful kin. We tink tey is breeding us on our hidden homelands. So ten tey come to harvest us when we are skilled up. We see te cyclopes here.

    Joy: Is that why we don't see any females of your people?

    Ornok: Yes. Tey don take te wemon from our homeland. When te Titans come, te wemon of te village are killed or left behind. in my old village we sometimes would take in wandering wemon and children. Tey was always left from a Titan attack on ter homes. I lost my wife and son tis when tey came for me. I don know if tey survived.

    Joy: Hopefully they did

    Ornok: Yes. Te cyclopes here Tey has had tere minds tamed and tey work like wit no toughts for te Titans. Tey use tem for crafting and building and fighting. Tat is where me and my kin here were going when we was ambushed. I is sure of tat

    Joy: But the Juka attacked...what was it like being imprisoned in Mistas?

    Ornok: Te Juka don know what to do wit me. Tey are always waiting for me to kill tem but i dont So tey put me to work. Tey tell me to make titan weapons and armor. I don know why but tey was scared. Tat was all on tere faces - everyone.

    Joy: Strange, they couldn't possibly wear or use titan things, could they?

    Ornok: tey ask me to size tem down of course but te craft it is te same It is te craft te Titan scrolls teach us.

    Joy: is it any different from the crafts we use?

    Ornok: I tink so, but I is not seen all of your crafters here. Te titans know everyting, everway to do everyting. Tey never die. Te Cylcopes kin is made for crafting

    Joy: On a lighter note, how is the new village coming along?

    Ornok: We was first living on te shore by te Meer kin near te Zoo and lake. Tey is very good to us. We shouldn't trouble tem like we is. So we is decided to live here instead. We is bulding rooms in here for ourselves to live in. Tis stadium will be our home in sosaria.

    Joy: What was it like having the meer as neighbors?

    Ornok: Tey is kind like we is never seen When tey saw us first tey don run, and tey don scream, and tey don toss stuff at us. Tey can see us for our hearts so tey welcomed us and helped us. Tey gave us every kindness. Te queen of te dawn did good to send us here, Now we is trying to return tat help

    Joy: This seems like a great place for you.

    Ornok: Yes, Not even te titans come here wit all te fairies and etheral kin

    Joy: Those pixies scare off most anything evil.

    Ornok: tey is very fun

    Joy: I don't have anymore questions for you at this moment.....is there anything you'd like to say?

    Ornok: Yes. We know tat te cyclopes you have seen are not very nice, but tey are not true cyclopes anymore. Tey is broken by te Titans. Please don fear te cyclopes kin you meet here. And soon, We is going to open tese doors again very soon.

    Ornok: Did i do good?

    Joy: Yes, you did good.

    Ornok: *smiles*

    Joy: Thank you for speaking with me.

    Be sure to watch the Pacific EM Website: Pacific.uoem.net and the Pacific EM forum on Stratics for upcoming events at the Cyclopian Stadium featuring the different crafting skills.