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[News] A New Beginning!

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    A New Beginning!

    Introducing: EM Borbarad.​

    8 PM Local time. Britain Counselors hall is awaiting his new EM.
    A big crowd gathered to see who this new EM would be after that Eulia had to leave us. Shortly after 8 PM EM Borborad made his first appearance.​


    Everyone welcomed EM Borbarad and was curious what he had in store for us in the future.But he also asked what we wanted.
    Well, some of us collect stamps and others lanterns but most of us collect death robes!
    If we appear several times to help against the evil forces that attack britannia we will be able to join the royal guards!​

    Like every EM ha gave us each a sash.Well .... one appeared magically in out backpack after touching a old mysterious clock.
    It was uhm..... pink?....​


    After wards i had a talk to my tailor. Personally I'm not a big fan of pink.my smith Buchel always wanted a sash but he don't like pink either and he is a gargoyle.Gabrielle is a excellent tailor. And with a few alterations she made Bochel a perfect EM sash.​


    After getting the sash EM Borborad asked if we wanted to have some more fun! Of course we do!
    And then.....Mesanna herself appeared..​


    What a nice and big surprise!She wanted to play a game with us.
    We know Mesanna a little so these games always end... well... deadly!
    Her idea was to play a game called Mesanna Roulette!
    The game was simple..... in a twisted way. Mesanna would call a number and then we trowed some dice. If you where wrong.... well you can guess! It was death robe time!​

    The Counselors hall was a bit small for this game so we ha to go outside.
    But first Mesanna placed a stable master in front of the hall so we can always stable our pets.​


    Time to line up nicely for this twisted game of Mesanna roulette.
    One by one stood before the Dark Queen. 4 she said.. the diced rolled and oops it was wrong. After a snap of Mesanna's fingers the first person dropped to the ground.Mesanna also brought him back to life.
    She gave him a black lantern that he lost. NEXT! Even for a sick game like this the line was long!​


    Several ate dirt before Mesanna and the corpses where piling up before her feet. Here is Miri showing the lantern from loosing against Mesanna.​


    One by one they fell before her until it was Lord Spawns turn.
    With shaken hands he trowed the dice ..... he won! He trowed exactly what Mesanna asked. Spawn lives another day!​

    He got a lantern too but it was a different one!​

    More people faced Mesanna and her roulette but only a total of three beat Mesanna.
    And here is a picture of all three of them.​


    Claire was so kind to give her lantern to Seven. Seven collects all kind of strange looking lanterns.​

    After everyone played the roulette we all thanked Mesanna before she left.
    We also thanked Em Borbarad for this first evening with him.
    Before we all departed he reminded us to come to Queen Dawns funeral.
    To bring some flowers and some small gifts.​

    I hope a lot of people come to this funeral and behave and show respect.
    It is what she deserves on her final voyage.​

    New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.​