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[News] A Report Addressed to Queen Dawn

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Mapper, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Mapper

    Mapper Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 24, 2005
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    Dear Queen Dawn,

    I am taking this opportunity to write to you as we have only conversed very briefly these past few weeks. This is not due to anything more sinister than my increasing workload monitoring the Kingdom and ensuring the safety of your people.

    A brief update is due to you I believe so here it is.

    I held a public meeting last night at which many attended who are keen to see the Kingdom is kept secure. There seem to be four major topics which I shall cover.

    The Exodus Machines.

    These have been sighted across Trammel and other parts of Ilshenar where they are not normally found. After some discussion and conjecture and investigation it would appear that the machines are following some sort of automated script to recover both the books and blueprints which were stolen by Mericles and the machines [or machine parts] which were built using these blueprints by the New Order of Orcs. Already they have recovered ome of these items and locked them down in their home base in Ilshenar. I have found no way to remove them but it does appear that they are simply being stored there *at this time*.

    My recommendation is that we keep the area under observation and make no attempt to interfere with this process other than to ensure the people are kept safe at all times. If however, we come across any of these machines we will try and stop them from returning these items unless you strictly forbid it. [We may just be prolonging the march of the robots that seem relentless in their quest for these items and it does not appear wise to open up a war on a third front at this time.]

    The New Order of Orcs.

    They seem to have been more or less wiped out recently due to the actions of Fynn and the people of your Kingdom. Fynn is to be commended for his actions and his virtuous path to glory and I heartily recommend him for a promotion. His somewhat pompous and officious nature can be a little tiring at times but his heart is in the right place and he follows your orders and the virtues to the exact letter.

    We must remain vigilant and ensure any pockets of these orcs are either contained or neutralised with as little suffering as possible in the ways and lights of the virtues.


    It would appear the religious faction of the New Order made an attempt to resurrect their “creator” recently. There was much chaos and confusion in the darkness and I did not see all events. Your people fought bravely against all the odds and defeated Orcish Shaman, an entire battalion of Orcish grunts and a host of daemons which seemed to have been summoned [appeared? *some words crossed out here*] during the battle.

    The two major areas of concern here are as follows:

    1 - Mericles body disappeared just before I was about to pick it up and move it somewhere safer. Its current location is unknown.​

    2 - We are not sure if the resurrection “ritual” was successful or not.​

    I can only recommend we maintain vigilance towards this occurrence and look for signs of Mericles return or indeed the location of his cadaver. I shall continue to work on this project at your personal bequest.


    There is a new leadership in Vesper who maintains their right to Minoc, which they still refer to as West vesper and during a tense encounter the other night they insist they will not aid the Kingdom unless Minoc is returned to them. However, they did send some troops to observe our battle against the New Order and indeed I am sure if push comes to shove they will ally with us if there is a greater threat to the lands as a whole. A non-aggression pact still seems the best course of action.

    I respectfully suggest you devote some time to considering this matter of Vesper and how it can best be resolved. I note your Ambassadors haven’t been seen in the Kingdom for some time I suggest you might like to make enquiries as to where they are and why they aren’t doing their jobs.

    I will speak to you personally about a matter far too sensitive to put into writing when we next get the chance to spend more than two minutes in the same place at the same time.

    Respectfuly yours,
    Nathan Hawke – Chief of Security

    Report from the EM Website.