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[NEWS] A Stitch In Time

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady Mal, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Lady Mal

    Lady Mal Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 14, 2006
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    From the desk of Joanna Weaver, Administrator, Scribe, and Corporal of The Knights of the Crux Ansata.

    Some of you may have heard of The Timelord. His visits to our world are not always recorded. One of these visits was made known in that famous book authored by the mouse, Sherry. “My Story” continues to prove a delightful tale to readers across the facets. Perhaps one of the most interesting bits in the story is when Sherry speaks to us of The Timelord and the mission he set upon Lord British's shoulders. If you have not read it, I highly recommend doing so.

    I set to paper now new tales of Timelord activity for you, the public, to be aware of. Let these accountings be forever recorded, that future generations to come know that the one they call The Timelord does, in fact, exist. Let them also know that he does not play favorites. No, often do his actions leave sorrow in their wake.


    It all began with the task he set before us, The Crux Ansata. I have told you of how he froze our leader, Lady Danica, to balance his act of freezing Bellatrix, who sought the remains of ancient Zog the Mage. He kept her trapped in a timeless stasis, not to be released until we had served his purpose. And serve we did. Those powerful old bones were discovered in the Painted Caves, on the Felucca facet. They'd been hidden there to keep them from being used for evil. Now, the caves open to all, they must be moved to a more secure location. The fate of our world depended on it.


    The Timelord uttered those words to us often. That ancient custodian, able to travel through space and time across the scattered shards of our shattered world. Tasked to keeping the balance and ensuring the worlds remain, more or less, intact. We soon learned that although he was very powerful, there were some tasks he was not allowed to do. I often wonder who he answers to. Might there be other greater beings in the universe, more powerful than even he? It leaves one much to wonder about.

    We of the Crux Ansata were given the tasks he could not himself perform. With our leader trapped in stasis and the bones of Zog needing a new home, we found ourselves kept busy with what seemed menial tasks until they could be moved.

    One of these tasks was the matter of handling the time rifts. It seems that every time The Timelord pays our world a visit, rifts were created in the fabric of our world. These rifts allowed creatures from between the planes to slip in and wreak havoc. Many times during his visit were we forced to head out and put these monsters to rest. With so much excellent teamwork, the chore was not too difficult for us.


    The more heart-wrenching task (at least I felt so, anyway) was the issue of poor little Addie. It seemed that The Timelord had visited our world during that time when the daemons invaded Magincia. While he was here, he had accidentally frozen four year old Addie as he lay sleeping in his home, in the same manner that he had frozen our Lady Danica. Now, recent events had caused the child to be released from this stasis, left to wander alone on the ravaged isle with none to care for him. You can imagine my horrified surprise when we were told to kill this child in order to preserve the balance of our world's space-time continuum. Our Order was conflicted, should we do as The Timelord desired and kill this innocent child? Or should we take his other option, to guide the child to the Vesper Youth Hostel and see to it he was raised well? The answer was simple for me. My conscience would not rest with this child's blood on my hands. I was grateful to learn most of my fellow Crux felt the same way. The Timelord was most furious with our decision, and he sent many of his beasts in waves to try to force his will.


    In the end, we won out and protected the child. The Timelord, realizing his efforts to be futile, issued us no end of warnings about how the child might, if neglected or raised improperly, grow to be one of our greatest regrets and enemies. These warnings stirred many among us to doubt our decision. But, I ask you readers- can the same not be said for any child? Even as I put these tales to paper, this young boy, spared from a gruesome death, lies slumbering in the Vesper Youth Hostel. I implore all who would show kindness and mercy to pay this poor child a visit. It has not been an easy week for him. He has lost his mother and father and his home, all in the same instant.

    Last night, we gathered at the Crux Ansata headquarters in Jhelom to finally handle the task of relocating and securing Zog's remains. After a few minutes of preparation, we traveled to the Painted Caves in Felucca.

    Immediately, we were under attack by what appeared to be tainted plants and vines. As we worked hard to forge a safe path through this dangerous vegetation, we were attacked from behind by the murderers whom make Felucca their home. Greatly outnumbering them, we were soon able to fight them off and continue with our mission.

    Inside, the caves were littered with corrupted troglodytes that no doubt wanted to maintain their ownership of those ancient remains. We were forced to carve our way through those undeveloped beasts, but once through we were not quite done. It seemed the foul criminals of Felucca were not done adding to our workload, as they returned to further harass our mission. Once disposed, we were free to tackle the newest dark development, an onslaught of Xorinite minions. Finally, having laid the beasts to rest, the bones were collected and we made our way back to Jhelom.

    The Timelord surprised us by giving the Crux Ansata a new hall in reward for our efforts. Once he released Danica from her stasis, he vanished with the remains of the ancient mage, intent on securing them in a safe location.


    Lady Danica was greatly surprised by all that had occurred in her absence. She promoted a few of us, adding us to the ranks of those already promoted. In particular, Lady Faeryl Tyr'athem was promoted from the rank of Corporal to Sergeant for her outstanding dedication to the cause. At last, greatly exhausted, Lady Danica Amandine left us to seek rest.


    This concludes my recounting of The Timelord's activities, for now. He told us he was leaving our world, but I suspect that he will return one day. I remain concerned for Little Addie's fate, and wonder if that planar traveler will return to correct what he sees as a mistake. I suppose that like everything else, only Time will tell.