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[NEWS] A Traitor in the Midst

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Lyconis, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Lyconis

    Lyconis Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
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    A Traitor in the Midst

    Today's gathering was quite gloom indeed. It is now believed that Lord Casca is in league with the agents of corruption. Casca is no where to be found, he is supposedly on "official business".

    We were briefly filled in on this weeks passed adventures. The fine warriors of Sosaria have recently put the "Lady of the Snow's" soul at rest recently. While doing so these warriors battled a horde of creatures in the Tokuno Samurai Dojo. Each of the creatures carried torn and badly damaged maps. These maps show the location of the secret entrance to the Empress' treasuries! Our adventure today is to discover how these creatures obtained the maps.

    The visions of our fine fortune teller "Amelia Varaeli'n" lead us to the Son of the Lady of the Snow. Yusuke Mihamori, Son of the Lady of the Snow, was thought to have died as a young boy. This is far from the truth as we know it now thanks to Amelia. Yusuke was separated by his mother after stumbling into a rift which took him into an icy wastelands. The rift took him to the northern Lost Lands in of the Trammel facet. Luckily some travelers from the city of Jhelom found him and raised him as their own.

    Yusuke introduced us to a Tokunese nobleman, "Tomohori Uta". He spoke of an outsider who is half Tokunese that we may be interested in speaking to. The empress trusts this outsider with secrets of the Tokunese, due to this we will keep his name a secret.

    The half Tokunese outsider told us only four people know of the existence of the entrance to the treasury. It is highly doubtful any of these people would share this secret with anyone. This half Tokunese outsider believed that the Empress has recently entrusted someone from the Britannian royal court with the location of this secret entrance.

    We searched Castle British for any signs to a traitor. After a vigorous search we discovered a moongate that lead us to Blackthorn's Castle. Oddly enough this moongate was located in the room where Omo's arrest orders were originally found. Blackthorn's Castle is currently the location where Lord Casca himself resides. We decided to investigate the closed off Castle. Inside the master bedroom (Lord Blackthorns old bedroom), which we can only assume is where Lord Casca himself sleeps, we found two mostly burnt maps.
    'A Map Draft: It Seems Someone Tried to Burn It... But You Can Make Out The Word "Secret"'
    'A Map Draft: It Seems Someone Tried to Burn It... But You Can Make Out The Word "Zento"'
    We were able make out the words "Secret" and "Zento" from these two maps. It appears someone did a poor job destroying these maps. It may be possible someone is trying to frame our .... Beloved ... Lord Casca, but with the evidence stacking our Lords future does not bold very well.

    We returned to the dwell of the half Tokunese outsiders home to tell him what we had found. It is now believed either Lord Casca or someone close to him, perhaps a high ranking official in the Britannian royal court, is a traitor.

    Tomorrow (July 26th 5pm PST) may be making an appearance while our adventures take us on the Hunt for Lord Casca. We will be meeting Britain Trammel at the Counselor's Guild as usual.​