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(RP) [NEWS] A Winter Wedding

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady Mal, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Lady Mal

    Lady Mal Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 14, 2006
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    The freezing cold month of December was made much warmer last evening. Two people deeply in love joined hands in the bond of marriage. Lady Eclyse Christian and Lord Kaylor McKairin gathered with friends and family in the chapel of the Wisp dungeon in Ilshenar, just north of Honesty moongate. A beautiful arrangement of red and white flowers graced the altar where the pair stood. The bride, in flowing and honest white, her groom in passionate crimson.


    The ceremony was led by Lord EM Bennu, who opened with a touching speech about the importance of trust in a marriage. He presented a couple lengths of cord, one red and one green. A chalice was presented, over which the two lovers were instructed to join hands. As he spoke the words of binding, he wrapped the twine about their clasped hands. The red cord, he said, represented humility. The green cord represented hope. The wine in the chalice stood for bounty and sacrifice.



    It was time now, for their rings to be given.

    Lord Bennu began to pat his pocketless robes, frantically, as if searching for something. The crowd, and no doubt the couple, watched with held breath, wondering if the rings had been misplaced or forgotten.


    Suddenly and with a smile at his jest, he snapped his fingers. Two white gold rings appeared on his pinky. The crowd breathed a sigh of relief, and shared a chuckle, as he gave each of them their ring. We all watched on as the pair exchanged their vows and slipped their rings into place.



    After, they were pronounced husband and wife and ordered to that most traditional of kisses, to which Lord McKairin wasted no time in gracing upon his lovely bride's lips. Then, they turned to thank and address their guests, inviting us all to join them in a nearby room for the reception.

    After the gifts had been given to the new couple and cake had been handed out to each of the guests, the happy pair was gracious enough to give me a few moments of their time for a brief interview.

    “This wedding is the event of the season,” I started with a smile. The bride was so lovely in her gown.

    “Your comin' means everythin' to us,” she said, face full of that wedding glow.

    “Just in time for Christmas, and your attire is divine!” I made a mental note to find out who their tailors were before the interview was concluded. I looked to them both, and began my questions.

    “When and how did you both meet?”

    They looked to each other, and I could tell they were very much in love.

    “In a dream. The answer to a long forgotten prayer.” Kaylor spoke softly.

    “That is very romantic.” I smiled.

    “He turned me from a Minocan brat into somethin' worth havin',” Eclyse offered. I found the words most interesting, I could tell there was a longer story here, but one that was best left for another day.

    “Who was your tailor for the wedding? This dress is exquisite!” Truth be told, I was interested in paying the tailor a visit, for their outfits were quite gorgeous!

    “Thank ye M'Lady....Actually I found a gypsy girl in th' Nujel'm bazaar who made it fer me...” Finding a gypsy tailor in the bazaar might prove to be difficult, a challenge I was well up to!

    “What fabric is this?”

    “She says 'tis made o' flax an' cotton, double bleached,” and she looked down at it, tilting her head as if in wonder of the garment, herself. “Very natural feelin'.”

    “It looks very comfortable,” I agreed, before turning to address Lord McKairin's clothing. “What about milord? Was his attire of the same crafter? It is very dashing.”

    “No. These raimants were especially tailored for me this very night by personal request,” he responded. Aha, I thought, perhaps an easier tailor to find.

    “Who was your tailor sir?” I queried.

    “A most wondrous artisan from Stonegate.” I tried to pry the name from him, but alas he'd not asked the skilled craftswoman. I would have to look into it later. I smiled as I studied them both.


    “Which of you proposed?”

    Kaylor gave a shy grin and looked at Elcyse, allowing her to be the one to answer.

    “Oh he did... Caught me by surprise... He proposed th' night of the Knighting....” To which I nodded, remembering that not long ago she had been knighted. “Under th' stars o' Stonegate, on th' roof of the Hall o' Compassion. T'was beautiful.”

    “It sounds lovely. How long had you known each other?”

    “Several months M'Lady,” Lady McKairin answered.

    “One last question before you return to your other guests,” I promised, “and I truly appreciate this.”

    “'tis no problem My Lady.”

    “You both are human, do you have any words of advice for other human couples seeking to marry?” I looked to each of them. The crowd seemed to stir a bit at my question. Kaylor nodded.

    “Indeed, Joanna. The only truth in this world is that which the love of humanity encompasses.”

    “Thank you, that is very profound.” I wrote his sagely words down as he gazed into his bride's eyes.

    “And you, my lady wife?” he asked of her.

    “There is order t' the universe..an' I 'ave learned that this night... Symmetry in sameness.... Complexity in simplicity... I would not have other than this human, not for the wide world.” The couple leaned close to share a kiss, and I was reminded of my manners. Surely they wanted to not be tending guests, but to begin their honeymoon!

    “Congratulations on your pure union, and thank you for your time,” I said, as I packed my writing implements up.

    “Thank ye for comin' this evening Lady Joanna,” Lady Eclyse smiled, radiant with wedding joy. I nodded and wished them both many blissful years together.

    As I took my leave of the place, I couldn't help but think of the positive note that the year was ending on. What a beautiful way to begin the coming new year ahead!


  2. Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer Seasoned Veteran
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    Aug 19, 2008
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    Congratulations to the newlyweds!