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[NEWS] Aldagar Morr's Gargoyle Protest Speech, and A Reply by Bard Garvin

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Sara Of Baja, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Aldagar Morr started his gargoyle protest meeting November 30th by passing out the following book:

    Propaganda Book
    Author Unknown
    "Keep Britannia clean. Send the gargoyles home!"
    Reasons why the gargoyles should not be allowed in Britannia:
    1. The purity of the human and elven races must be maintained! Think of the children!
    2. Enslavement to their race is a chance we cannot afford to take.
    3. They share similiar physical traits with daemons. Tails. Claws. Wings. Horns. The association is obvious! Gargoyles and daemons likely work together for our ultimate demise.
    4. The gargoyle Queen, Zhah, opened magical pathways between their lands and ours. Her reasons must be malevolent!
    5. They reportedly attack wayward and innocent tourists to the otherwise pleasant dungeon known as Hythloth.
    6. Their "virtue" system is dissimilar than ours, and therefore likely to be deeply rooted in corruption and malice towards us.
    7. They are different from us. Nothing good can come from that!

    Once everyone had a copy of the book, Mr. Morr gave the following speech:



    'Thank you all for coming this evening.

    I will make this brief and then we will get on with the protest festivities that I know each of you eagerly await. We are gathered here this evening under a common cause. A powerful cause that requires integral help from each and every one of you standing here tonight. This cause, that of keeping Britannia clean and pure, is starting as but a mere cloud in the sky. Over time, several more clouds will appear, and shortly thereafter, a few drops of rain will begin to fall. The pitter patter of irregular raindrops will surely turn a steady downpour of falling rain. My friends. As you can imagine. That downpour of falling rain has the potential, no, not potential, the sheer will, to transform into a ravenous thunderstorm that will surely set the skies ablaze. Vast lightning strikes and thunder that will shake the very lands we now stand on. Our cause, my friends, will gain momentum and grow just as the thunderstorm grows from a single solitary cloud in the sky. Our cause will become a movement! A movement that not even Queen Dawn can stand against! My friends... Let our voices be heard across the lands as we shout together:

    Keep Britannia clean! Send the gargoyles home!
    Keep Britannia clean! Send the gargoyles home!
    Keep Britannia clean! Send the gargoyles home!
    Keep Britannia clean! Send the gargoyles home!'

    The speech prompted WildStar to protest by responding 'Keep Britannia Clean! Send the closed-mind home!', and Sally [[email protected]] to throw bacon at Aldagar, hitting him in the face. (Nice throw, Sally!)


    Here's a recount of the meeting written by one of many who oppose Aldagar Moor and his views:

    'The Protested Protest
    by Garvin

    The Gargoyles' advocate, Brother BrLtLsh (BraL TaLSH) of Yew showed up an hour prior to ensure the security of the attendees. Guard placement was entirely for peacekeeping purposes and all remained quiet until 17 before the hour.


    Shortly before the appointed hour, the rabble rouser Morr showed himself and immediately began to distribute propaganda against the gargoyles. His anti-racial sentiments included what to a lay person should seem obviously ridiculous except for his flowery and perfumed oratory. The only good thing I can say of him is the man has a way with words.


    By his horrendous logic, just because they share physical traits with daemons, this equates them as such. Much like humans are equitable to daemons because we all have two eyes, ears, arms and legs and walk on two feet. Humans also have much in common with orcs and titans as we wear the same armor and have the same general construction, cast the same spells and eat the same food. He went on to insist that inclusion of the gargoyle race's traits into our populace would somehow be detrimental and cause horrific mutations. This of course is all speculation on his part, and even were it to come to pass, I would think that a man who chooses to bed a gargoyle would be prepared for the eventuality that his offspring may look like the mother. As would the gargoyle herself be prepared the possibility of a small pink flightless child that only had a cursory resemblance to her forefathers. If we judge on appearance no polymorphed mage will be safe! This is why we have the virtues, this is why we have the system of karmic governance that was put in place. So we can tell who is likely to do us harm.

    He reported false or shakily founded stories of gargoyle atrocity and sees no difference between the hostile nomadic gargoyles of this land and the honorable most intelligent gargoyles of Ter Mer. Morr and Hilda even went so far as to claim that an elderly woman had given birth and a gargoyle had eaten her baby. The odds of either happening are ridiculously infinitesimal (small) and the odds of both? Well, I'd say the odds of both are about as good as imbuing a Soul Seeker with a cooking recipe for Cocoa Butter Puffs.

    About ten minutes into the gathering a (possibly drunken) fellow named RADAR dashed in and began crashing into tables and sending the buffet and liquor flying. He settled down momentarily, however, and the protesting of the protest continued. I only heard two voices of accession during the entire evening to his propaganda and prattle. Hilda and another person whom I couldn't see through the press of bodies.

    The presence of the many guards seemed to keep things mostly peaceable as the town guards were politically shackled and forced to avoid the entire gathering. Some harsh words bordered on violence when Morr began speaking things of a treasonous nature including forcing the queen through mass numbers to change her policy. This in itself is a dangerous thing for a many to say, even in a free society. I pray he comes to his senses before he is placed in the stocks on the bank roof as they did in days of yore. I do not see the Queen herself directing such action as it would be a sign of weakness for her to take notice of such ilk, but her commanders may justly make quite a stink of it and set this man out as an example ... Loudly decrying his treasonous speech! His opinions may be protected, but the act of rabble rousing continued as if he cared not what the laws dictate. Almost the entire audience joined with the cries to send HIM home and ignore his putrid corruption.

    Brother BrLtLsh pointed out a moment later however, as Morr attempted to liken gargoyles to daemons that Morr himself was much like an Imp. Annoying and violent, and best dealt with before more show up. I find this fitting as many adventurers have underestimated the power of multiple imps and chose to ignore them until it was too late and their numbers had grown to a fatal level. I write this now to warn the people of Britannia that danger does in fact lurk on the horizon, but it is not from our new friends the gargoyles, it is from within. As rot spreads through the year's harvest from an ignored vegetable in the pile so does the filth and corruption of the bigot and closed minded. Be wary who you believe, those that cry wolf may in fact be the wolves themselves!

    Bard Garvin,
    In the employ of the Kind BrlTlsh, Master Mage and Scholar'


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