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[News]All Shards Tavern Night Chessy to Baja

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, May 9, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    All Shards Tavern Night Chessy to Baja
    Iron Bandit Inn, Kijustsu Anei Village
    Golden Brew Tavern, Town of Golden
    Wednesday, May 04, 2010
    By: Merik


    Ground breaking ideas were tossed around following the wonderful performance of Neos Day Out at the Golden Brew Tavern, located on the Baja shard. Leaderships from Taverns, Towns and Alliances on both shards began to discuss a few different ideas. What was the main topic of the discussion they were having? The successful event known as the "All Shards Tavern Night". This event was created by Ado The Thief and supported (OOC) by Wildstar, Bam Bam and Gareth. Along with many in game supporters from Chesapeake and Baja players.

    The ultimate goal of this event was to jump between shard taverns. Each community would be able to get a feel for each shards RP style, exchange ideas, test out new events, exchange contact information and more. This Tavern Night would help bridge the gap between shards and ultimately create a group that is willing to support one another on a variety of projects. So far the relations between Baja and Chesapeake has been growing stronger on their own, in a variety of different ways.


    Brigands - Chesapeake roleplayers were extremely excited to be contacted to help this with RP event. Although we cannot release who contacted us or who played who but it was sure a great and relaxing RP event we enjoyed and hope you did as well.


    Savages - As requested the Savages have been working to make a permanent area on the shard. Although their appearances are very erratic, we hope to have them come around a little more to give some variety.


    Ethereal Void Imperium - Without the support and knowledge from one of Bajas own. The towns of the Imperium would not be what they are today. This person helped lay the foundations for the towns which ultimately became the Ethereal Void Imperium. Without their generous donation of Teleport tiles the Chesapeake Community Hub (Player run) may not exist today. This person continues as one of the Imperiums leaders while maintaining establishments, activities and guilds within our community and the Baja community.


    Shard History - I am unsure of how much help Chessy roleplayers were helping defend Britain but we sure did try our best. We have a respect for Baja and its history. One of our own was able to obtain Mesanna's Assassin tool and without question allowed it to be preserved in the Dawn Tower.


    Neos Day Out - The Golden Brew tavern put on the famous play for everyone on the Baja shard and off shard visitors. The play was a smashing hit with great additions and development. All in attendance could not help but laugh at the poor Neo character. Former cast and its script writer from Chesapeake all agree this was by far the best showing of the play.

    All Shards Tavern Night - Golden to Iron

    With all of these wonderful examples of community support and cooperation the creator and leaders of the All Shards Tavern Night unanimously agreed for the Golden Brew Tavern to be one of the official hosts of the Tavern Night. Each community is excited and ready to get things under way. Each tavern is unique in their designs, events, play styles, rules and more.

    Golden Brew Tavern


    The Brew and the resurgent town of Golden are currently run by Kita, Thorin and three other returning members, Brytt, Pasque and Leyf Bolden. All are welcome in the Brew, as long as they observe the main rule: all are welcome in the Brew. No weapons or bloodshed are allowed within the walls of the tavern. The Brew and the Town of Golden are located on the Peninsula north of the Justice Shrine. The Golden Brew is open most evenings after 6pm PST (Shard Time). Members can often be found in town nearby if they are not at the Tavern.

    Iron Bandit Inn


    The Iron Bandit Inn is currently run by Ado the Thief. The tavern resides in Kijustsu Anei Village located at the Homare-Jima moongate. The town is run by the out of game leadership known as the Imperium Founders. The tavern was built as a no rules tavern. All walks of life are welcome in the tavern but beware! It is not always a safe place to be and you might find yourself stuck in the middle of a dispute. It is suggested when leaving the tavern you do not walk alone down the alleyways. The tavern is open every other Tuesday at 8:30pm ET and Thursdays at 8:00pm ET. You can often find inhabitants in the village during the week between 6pm and 1am ET.

    All Shards Tavern Night 9pm ET
    Every Other Tuesday on the Baja shard
    Every other Tuesday on the Chesapeake shard

    Questions/ Information Contact By PM
    Ado The Theif, Wildstar, KitaTalith, Lord Gareth,
    Magdalena Chef or Warderdragon