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[NEWS] An Interview With EM Helios

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by a Rabid Chipmunk, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Lady DevilsOwn and I sat down with Legend's EM Helios for a brief interview yesterday, and lets just say that it was very interesting. He may be more devious than he looks, he is definately one to keep an eye on, see for yourselves.

    Lady DevilsOwn and a Rabid Chipmunk interviewing EM Helios at Brit Counselor's Hall
    <img src="http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/legends/int.jpg" width="433" height="392">​

    Lady DevilsOwn stepped away for a moment, so I got a few questions in while we waited, hopefully she will forgive me.

    <img src="http://uo.stratics.com/shard/reporter_graphics/ruleln_3redlines.gif">​

    Me: So what is it like to be an EM, and in particular Legend's EM?

    EM Helios: Well it's really a lot of fun to be an EM. It's a good deal of work to pull off an event, but it's so much fun to see others enjoying themselves, especially these folks here on Legends they've been really good to me and in return I to them! They are a relatively small community and get along well for the most part. It makes it nice.

    Me: How much prep work goes into a story arc usually? Im sure it is much more than people realize.

    EM Helios: Oh man! Well to think about an event from start to finish, like an arc is a ton of work! I try and leave lots of room for adlib and diffrent directions folks may take things, even the speed of the arc is thought out. To work an arc event takes location, decoration, story lines of course, good and evil characters, and it has to fall in line with life as we know it here.

    Me: On that note how have you allowed us to adlib?

    EM Helios: Well for instance we are near the end of the current story line. Its direction has been heavily influenced by the actions of those who play the shard, Orion the Haunted has appeared many times in Felucca especially.

    With players working against him and even helping him in instances, causing havoc and hiding the actual objective as well. There have been tremendously hard monsters to defeat, of which if folks gave up (which legends never does!) the arc would have moved in a diffrent direction with evil gaining the upper hand, luckily the will of the players has prevailed. As of now the shard has the upper hand in the event... for now... *grins evily*

    DevilsOwn: Helios, I know you cannot go into detail, but as a regular player, on your home shard, do you routinely RP your characters? and which character type do you enjoy the most?

    EM Helios: Aye I do, as much as possible. I am active in the player
    towns and I usually play a discord bard for pvp and a necro for spawning. I have a few red dexxors of course. *smile* I'd say my most used character is the bard though, because it helps in the groups I hunt with.

    DevilsOwn: The EM program, as it currently stands is what a year
    or so old?

    EM Helios: A little over a year old.

    DevilsOwn: Do you feel it is succeeding?

    EM Helios: Tremedously, I feel. It's also great to see it spur the shard
    into player run events like the recent surge of events on our shard. I love what it has done for the game.

    My first memories of the game were being awed by LIVE stuff waiting to see sherry the mouse in the castle getting handed a royal guard sash, then running home like I had gotten an extra christmas or something. *chuckles* I'm humbled to be a part of that for others now.

    DevilsOwn: How long have you lived in the lands?

    EM Helios: Let's see as an EM I've been here just over a year. As a whole, I arrived with the comming of t2a and Trammel that was like 99, I think.

    Me: What would you like to see happen on our shard? Not just in event context.

    EM Helios: Well I'd like to see the community brimmig with good folks, as they are now... just more of em. I would like to see the town recognition take off, grouping like minded guilds and players, working together, and lots more good EM events of course. *grins*

    Another thing I'd like to see is I would really like to use the fairgrounds more
    both with my events and yours (player run). I am working to get the place renovated to be more useable, if that makes sense, I've come up with a way to make Urza's games actually work!

    Me: Last question from me then is, Anything you can hint at upcomming?

    EM Helios: Yes! I can promise one big thing from me, the orc event we missed some time back, we are very log overdue for our orc booties!
    Along with that I've got a pvp event all set to roll out at the proper time. A custom champ spawn contest of sorts see who's got the juice *smile* with any luck it may turn into a monthly thing. Along with those.. Orion the Haunted will either reign supreme or meet his timely demise. My next arc is written and ready when we end there. And of course! a new EM counterpart shall debut very soon!
  2. Lord Urza

    Lord Urza Guest

    Very cool, cant wait to get to meet & know the new EM!