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[NEWS]An Interview with Event Moderator Nestor

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Nh'bdy, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest

    -The follow conversation transpires in the Star Room-

    Nh'bdy : Good evening EM Nestor!
    EM Nestor : Good evening.
    Nhbdy : I'm glad I could finally track you down, it's a pleasure to be here with you.
    EM Nestor : the pleasure is mine
    Nh'bdy : A nice location you've selected, before I let the questions fly, anything you'd like to say?
    EM Nestor : I look forward to this month
    EM Nestor : plenty of fun events
    Nh'bdy : A fantastic starting point! Any hints or spoilers you'd like to drop while you have the people's ears? Er..or eyes, as it were.
    EM Nestor : Well, there is a holiday this month.
    EM Nestor : I would keep the weekend of the 9th clear
    EM Nestor : and daylight saving time will soon be here
    EM Nestor : something special for daylight saving time
    Nh'bdy : What brought you to the EM Program?
    EM Nestor : Well I had been playing for many years 11 I think now
    EM Nestor : and as a player the game was a bit boring
    EM Nestor : but this allows me to do different things
    EM Nestor : and add content for others
    Nh'bdy : Your content seems to be particularly classy, with the Fire Flies and the Fishing Contest, any paticular goals you'd like to fulfill?
    EM Nestor : The main goal is to have events that add fun
    EM Nestor : this is entertainment
    EM Nestor : I do hope the event I lead lend to lore
    Nh'bdy : Speaking of lore, we recently saw a large addition to our realm, any opinions on The Abyss?
    EM Nestor : I wasn't very excited at first, but I love it now
    EM Nestor : I have upgraded all my accounts
    EM Nestor : I think it added a lot of the everyday danger, something we had lost
    Nh'bdy : Danger could be considered somewhat lacking with the loss of the Shadow Lords, any plans to resolve this?
    EM Nestor : I think the next Global Event Arc should address that.
    Nh'bdy : Ooh fantastic!
    Nhbdy : You seem concerned and well versed in the lore of the realm, any particular characters you take a shine too?
    EM Nestor : I was very glad to see Dawn again
    EM Nestor : I so remember getting the comic with the expansion
    EM Nestor : was a great story
    Nh'bdy smiles
    EM Nestor : I have my figure at my desk at work
    EM Nestor : Probably why I never get promoted
    Nh'bdy : Hah! My Blackthorn looms over my desk
    EM Nestor laughs
    Nh'bdy : What about virtues? Do you subscribe to the British way of thinking? If so, what virtues do you claim?
    EM Nestor : The trouble I have with the virtues is that every seems to be on the same side
    EM Nestor : not much fun in that
    EM Nestor : We need an under current
    Nh'bdy : Ahh! An interesting question that leads me with little rebuttal other than this,
    Nh'bdy : Order of Chaos?!
    EM Nestor : I like chaos
    EM Nestor : Chaos is energy
    EM Nestor : Life needs conflict
    EM Nestor : Games need conflict
    EM Nestor : Event Shoots and Ladders has some danger
    Nh'bdy : An enlightening step into an Event Moderator's mind!
    Nh'bdy : How has working with your partner Eris been?
    EM Nestor : I think we make a great team
    EM Nestor : Eris is very solid on the RP side
    EM Nestor : that is my weak area
    Nh'bdy : It's sometimes confusing to see you switch between Event Moderator and Lore characters.
    Nh'bdy : Any characters you've enjoyed playing as of late?
    EM Nestor : I had fun the other night
    EM Nestor : Got to play a senile man
    EM Nestor : The role was not a stretch
    Nh'bdy cracks a grin
    EM Nestor : It's always fun to play heros
    EM Nestor : Dawn and Avery
    Nh'bdy : Dawn has certainly come into her own as a character
    Em Nestor : Yes she is very strong
    Nh'bdy : We also saw the introduction of the gargoyle queen as a character-
    EM Nestor : That may cause issues later
    Nh'bdy : Ooh!? Care to expound?
    EM Nestor : Well, as a queen, the best thing for the kingdom might not always be the most virtuous
    EM Nestor : Heroes do not always make the best leaders
    Nh'bdy : Sounds like we have not only a full month but a full season ahead of us
    Nh'bdy : I only have one question remaining and it is in regards to your lantern.
    Nh'bdy : Trapped Fire Flies, a light source with a tale or a snazzy little hand filler?
    EM Nestor : When I was young, 6-7, I would catch fireflies in a jar. I was thinking of that when I made the item.
    Nh'bdy : A heartwarming and humanizing moment to close on, unless you have anything else to add?
    EM Nestor : Thank you so much for all that you do.
    EM Nestor : The Reporting is Top Notch
    Nh'bdy : I simply do my best to follow the Event Moderators.
    Nh'bdy : Thank you for the interview!

    After a gracious moongate back to the safety of Britain, Nestor promptly exploded into fire and disappeared.
  2. Wastelands

    Wastelands Guest

    Those fireflies WILL be mine.... *maniacal laughter slowly fades as he walks away*